A Petite Problem

“How in all The Fairelands are we supposed to protect something we can’t even LIFT!”

Both avatars are wearing the same mesh petite body and clothes, just in different combinations of ear types, hands and optional parts.

  • Petite Avatar: Allseeing – Fallen Gods
  • Outfit: Nightblood Lady from Bare Rose
  • Egg: ~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 63 “Chronos” – Fallen Gods

Thankyou to Tori Landau for being so patient while I took the photos. Her avatar is the Petite wearing the horned version of the crown that comes with the Petite.

Since the Fairelands fade into the mists again very soon, we will have to wait until the next turn of the wheel  when they  return to find out if the Guardian tracks down and deals with the Collector.

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The Guardian of Opet

From her vantage point above the city of Opet she watches the masses of tourists ebb and flow like a tide. They think the city is a relic, its occupants long deceased and the houses turned to shops for their perusal. They are so wrong, its facade. It was decided long ago to let it fall into disrepair and it’s people to fade into myth and legend, to protect all the races of this world.

There is a polite noise behind her and she turns to see her handmaiden stood in the doorway, holding up the old dumb phone used for emergencies.

She takes the phone and reads the message, once again wishing she could ward her home against the modern radio waves. Glancing at the tourists again, it’s their fault, there would be uproar if their brain-sapping devices didn’t function.

“I think we have another Collector, deal with it” along with the approximation of where the moving Sphere was last stationary.

Another Collector already? It was only a matter of two and a half decades since the last one and he’d almost been successful. It amused her how the relations team had dealt with it; making a movie about a Temple of Doom to pre-emptively dispel any rumors that may have surfaced.

The Spheres needed to remain in their allocated places, guarded in secret by each fae race or magical community.

The occupants of Opet had chosen the best way to hide them was in plain sigh but their history forgotten. Turning their city into a museum had been fairly easy, just don’t touch it for a few millenia.

Explorers and archeologists took the clues they’d left and made a reasonable story about what happened. Even if the time frames really didn’t work. Certainly others came closer to the truth, but were called conspiracy nuts, despite their theories matching the evidence better. The “experts” telling the story didn’t want to be embarrassed and make an entire history that had been taught in schools for decades to be wrong.

But enough dwelling on the past, they’d returned and closed the pyramids to the public for “safety reasons” and restored them to working order. Having left their Sphere hidden with local loyal followers it was returned to its place in the pyramid and protected there.

Somehow remnants of the truth had emerged again and she must take action. She’d been called on simply because she was the closest of the Guardians.

Down to one of the display cabinets she goes, removing her weapons stored in plain sight and replaces it with a photograph and sign preporting the item removed for cleaning. Next was some slightly more modern clothing, her regular clothes that the public assumed was simply a costume, wouldn’t be appropriate.

Modern being a relative term. If she walked down a western city street looking like this, attention would definitely come her way. Here in the desert country a wide hat and a mask against the dust wouldn’t draw a second glance.

Once she was changed, it was time to go on the hunt..

Outfit Credits:

  • DYNASTY from Fallen Gods
  • Boots: *KD* Nut overknees – KD KaliDesigns
  • Crow: CKF_Raven ShoulderPet_Small – CKit Falconry Faire Store
  •  Assassin of Elvenwood -Jazabelle
  • Hat: :Static:: Possessed Gunslinger Hat {Coal} – Static
  • Face mask: Neopreme Mask by Meli Imako

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Featured on the SecondLife Community Blog on Tuesday 3rd May 2022.

The Oracles Message

This continues a series of posts I wrote during last years Fantasy Faire, you may want to read the Collector and Oracle Overseer  posts to catch up.

The Oracle returns to her chambers and retrieves a small metal box and heads to a room at the top of one of the nearby spires. Opening it she removes an old mobile phone and turns it on.

Location: Mythspire Ridge

Of course she could have sent a physical messenger or conveyed her message by arcane means, but it was tiring and this was quicker. “No Service” the screen says. Unsurprised she touched a symbol on the wall that dropped the wards around the spire that blocked the pollution of radio waves that filled the air beyond the valley of Khol Dracys.

She sends her message as quickly as she can, being bombarded with all the modern electrical signals in the air makes her queasy.

The message simply reads “I think we have another Collector, deal with it” along with her approximation of where the moving Sphere was last stationary. Switching off the cursed device and returning to its box, she reactivates the wards and heads for her Chambers to have a bath, she feels dirty from the exposure.

A considerable distance away in the city of Opet there is a jingle and a buzz, the Handmaiden jumps with surprise. The technological relic high on the shelf has been silent for so long and is rarely good news. She takes it down, dusts it off and hurriedly leaves to convey the message to it’s intended recipent.

Location: Opet

Outfit Credits:

  • Oracle Outfit: ORACLE female, Silver Ed. +Fallen Gods Inc – Fallen Gods
  • Handmaiden Outfit: DT&T – Dreamer Silks Black
  • Handmaiden Hair: Raven Bell – Luxe Hair
  • Handmaiden skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins – BOM – ERIN oak (old item)
  • Mobile phone: Old Cell Phone – Mesh Place
  • Pose/Animation: Cell Phone Play by Animation Station

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The Oracle Overseer

Something is wrong with a Spheres. She doesn’t know where or what, but something is wrong. The shrine where she stands was built where the leylines from various parts of the Fae races converged. Most of them maintained a connection to the respective Spheres continuously, except the Mermaids obviously. Their airheaded builders putting the temple in the wrong place,but at least it was regularly connected enough to do its job. But something still felt wrong.

There were some that were only occasionally showing up, but from different lines, as if they were moving, perhaps one or more had been stolen. The Web of spheres and leylines must be maintained, or the Egg of Ostara will hatch. With no parent, the bleached bones of the last of its race outside of the Khol Dracus valley curled around it, who knows how it will react.

Image from Gyazo


  • Eggs from  Fallen Gods
  • ~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 01 “A Heart”
  • ~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 63 “Chronos”
  • ~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 66 “Magnum Opus”
  • Outfit: ORACLE female, Silver Ed. +Fallen Gods Inc – Fallen Gods
  • Altar: FAC Pagan Alter from Fairy Angel Creations




Intruder in the Forest


The Centaur patrols the pool below the waterfall, enjoying the cool water on her legs when everywhere else in the forest is warm.

She sees movement in the trees and becomes alert, she relaxes its just a faun come to drink. She doesn’t mind her watch shifts in the summer, she gets to stay cool in the water, it’s the best position to guard the cave behind the waterfall that contains her races sacred Sphere.

She calls out from her cover out of his sight. “Who goes there? What’s your business in this part of the forest?”

She calls out from cover

There is no response and the Human is even looking in a different direction, as if they had not heard. Curious now she comes up onto the shore and partially out of cover, her bow raised and aimed in no uncertain terms at the man..in a flat cap, this is most odd.

She calls again louder this time and the stranger responds this time. “I hope you’re not going to be loosing that that thing at me” he says. “That depends, what are you doing here in this part of the forest? Are you lost?”

He looks rather confused and asks “Am I not still in the park?” she eases the pressure on the string but doesn’t lower it just yet, “Where do you *think* you are? she asks a little concern in her tone now, this guy is clearly not all there. “Avebury?” he replies, clearly coming to the realisation that he wasn’t. Clearly he’s accidentally done something in the stone circle and transported himself to the Faire Lands.

He’s clearly confused, she lowers her bow

She lowers her bow and gestures along a path, “Follow that path you’ll come to a cirlce of stones and there should be a glowing archway, walk through there and you’ll be back where you belong…then you will wake up from this weird dream you’ve been having about Centaurs. OK?” The man looks embarrassed and heads off along the way she had indicated.

She goes back to the waterfall and checks on the sphere behind it, satisifed she assumes her sentry position once again.

She checks on the spere before resume her sentry post


There was a whole collection of eggs available at Fallen Gods, in 100% RFL Donation Vendors. Sadly they are gone now. Perhaps you’ll be able to get some next year!

Location: The Seventh Valley


  • Centaur Body: Jinx : CenLighTaur- Jinx
  • Centaur Coat: Jinx : Fantasy Faire 2020 Special Skin by Cinnamon – Jinx
  • Upper Body Skin: Bifrost – Nirvana – Fallen Gods Inc. FF2021 Ragnarok/Jail n Bail Exclusive
  • Hair: Raven Bell – Nereid -Raven Bell
  • Tattoos: Artoo’s Ryoko: Assassin White Bright – Artoos
  • Bra: ::GB:: Wa-bra (Maitreya) (A) Shiro – Gabriel
  • Bow&Quiver: CKF RavenSoul_Wings2 Bow – CKF Falconry
  • Sphere: ~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 115 “Planetarium” – Fallen Gods


The Mermaids Duty

The young Mer goes about her weekly chore, she knows it’s important but she still finds it tedious going up to the temple to collect the artifacts and bring them down to the pedestal that marks the leyline. If the location is so vital, why didn’t they build the massive temple directly over the leyine? So now because of some architectural miscalculation from a distant ancestor she has to bring the Sphere and symbol of the Gods out and place them on the pedestal and watch it as..nothing..happens. After the prescribed amount of time she carries them back to the temple where they are secured once again, til next time she has to do her duty.

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There’s a whole collection of eggs available at Fallen Gods, in 100% RFL Donation Vendors.

Location : Paer Thura


  • Skin::[P]: & []TRAP[] – Amatheia Skin (Femme):// Aleatrice (WHITE) – Petrichor
  • Bra: ::GB:: Wa-bra (Maitreya) (A) Shiro – Gabriel
  • Hair: Raven Bell – Nereid Hair [Fatpack] -Raven Bell
  • Sphere: ~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 117 “Future” – Fallen Gods
  • Symbol of the Gods (Faire Symbol) : Deluxe Quest HUD Box from any Arrival point
  • Tail: Maiteya Mermaid Tail from Meli Imako

The Demons Lost Secret

It was hard work sorting through the layers of mythogy and history layered on the site of the ruined Chapel. So many peoples had held this spot sacred and look at it now, crumbling stones. This being the latest addition to the place, attempts by modern religion to stamp out worship of the Old Gods.

I was here though for something that was far older,long forgotten and should not have been. No doubt below the earth there would be remnants of other buildings or worship structures, likely circular. 

The significance of of circles had become distorted over time, commonly accepted as reference to the planet or the cycle of life, death and re-birth, it formed the basis for many variants of nature based religions. They were of course wrong. Old tales and legends talk of circles, but it’s a mistranslation. The correct term is Sphere. They did not refer to theoretical concepts, they were physical objects and I’d found one.

Looking at it now I can understand why there were misunderstandings. Demons had called it the “Zygot”, meaning egg. Which makes much more sense when it’s seen closed.

This particular relic and its accompanying symbol of the Gods was entrusted to my race, Demons. Legends told that each race had been entrusted with one, I’m sure somewhere they might be a Dryad or other fae sat in a comfy chair in the warm, unlike me in a draughty ruin. Regretfully my people had neglected their duty of protecting it. Or had they?

As I sat on the bed in the ramshackle shelter I’d built inside the ruins to provide some shelter, I thought how better? People can’t destroy or steal something if they don’t even know it exists, let alone where it might be found.

So some rather smart soul in the last couple of centuries had buried it, but not just anywhere. The legends also told that these relics needed to be near leylines to serve their purpose and this site was at a junction where two lines crossed. They must have had some human help obviously, the ground would have been freshly consecrated back then and no Demon could have got near the place, let alone bury something in the crypt.

Perhaps maybe that’s exactly where it belongs, or thereabouts. The Human Relations Department may have to try and officialy obtain the land, since the place is long abandoned, but that’s fortunately not my job.

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  • Skin: HEL female + Fallen Gods Inc. FF2021 Ragnarok/Jail n Bail Exclusive
  • Sphere: ~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 59 “The Secret” – Fallen Gods
  • Dress: SF:: Uitzuger – Scarlet Fey
  • Eyes: [n.a.p] Hoard Eyes – Fatpack – Not a peep
  • Boots: //R3D// Boots Runar – maitreya – R3D Studio
  • Hair: Raven Bell -Luxe Hair Front [F1-1] Long -Raven Bell
  • Wooden Chest: Icealand – Chest – Iceland
  • Ruins: TLG – Chapel Ruins – The Looking Glass
  • Shelter: TLG – Dead Mans Island  Castaway Camp – The Looking Glass
  • Cloak: S&P Lilith cloak black – Salt & Pepper Mainstore
  • Body: Maitreya
  • Head: Genus Project– Strong Face


The Earth Sphere

Wandering through the greenery she passes almost unnoticed except by the wildlife. Her dappled skin was perfect for remaining hidden from unwanted intruders.

There’s been a lot more of those in recent times, the humans massacring vast swathes of the precious forests. So many dryads have had to flee their homes to the cries only they can hear of their beloved trees before they are promptly silenced forever.

Little do the humans know that despite these great losses the Faire Folk will survive as they always have, more and more retreating to the Faire Lands each year to rejuvinate them. But would they care if they did know?

One of the keys to keeping the magic of the Faire Folk alive is the Spheres. These artifacts created long ago are sources of great power and different ones were distributed among the different fae races, both light and dark. Apart but connected at a spiritual level with simple instinct to survive.

As far as she knows each race of Faire Folk keeps their Sphere safe and secret place below or next to the symbol of the Gods, as close to a leyline as possible. This is the tradition they were taught and have followed it for generations. She has no way of knowing if they did or not, or if they remembered the importance of the relics, but she prayed they did.

Today she did something that she knew she shouldn’t, but did it anyway. She took the relics from their hiding place and sat with them on the table in front of her, the glowing letters of the symbol of the Gods and the moving tree inside the Sphere calmed and reassured her. She certainly needed that today with the news of another woodland lost.

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Location: The Seventh Valley



  • Skin: [Stargazer] Variety Skin Set BOM – Envy SE
  • Tattoo: *Rainbow Sundae* Dryad Skin Overlay 02
  • Hair: Raven Bell – Nereid Hair [Fatpack] -Raven Bell
  • Dress: (*<*) 1313 Jasnah Dress – Olive – 1313
  • Necklace: [+Oblivis+] Gehenna Key – Oblivis
  • Sphere: ~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 61 “The Golden Leaf” – Fallen Gods
  • Throne: Forest Throne – Wythburn
  • Table: Forest Table: – Wythburn
  • Symbol of the Gods (Faire Symbol) : Deluxe Quest HUD Box from any Arrival point
  • Body: Maitreya
  • Head: Genus Project– Strong Face
  • Lips:TREND – Maleficient Lips Fatpack