Lost Refuge

This little place is located within the SL18B regions, on Electrify. It’s a collaboration between Solas Enchantment and Silas Merlin.

There’s a circular island at the arrival point, which has rivers running into the water surrounding it.

The place has a very enchanting feel to it, being surrounded by mossy rocks. This area on it’s on is lovely, but there’s more! You might want to take a seat and read through the book on the floor, it gives a clue as to what else may be found.

A small sign labelled “The  Way” becomes a teleporter on first click, so on the second you’re transported to cave down below.

You *could* choose to actually follow the sign and go down under the water on foot, but if you’re familiar with staircases in SL, I’d avoid it.

Down below you’ll find a number of towers associated with the 5 elements and nice little meditation area. If you search around (clues on the book up top) you’ll find a number of circular tablets you can buy for 0L relating to each of the elements. These contain a number of related prop gifts and a copy of the tablets themselves for decor.

Having collected all 5 and a brief meditation, I headed back up, but this time using the spiral ramp instead of the TP because they’re so much easier to go up than down!

Its a lovely little underwater retreat with a nice story to it, so go have an explore before the 18th birthday celebrations end.

Arrival point: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SLB%20Electrify/130/129/22


DJ Anj at SL18B

My great friend DJ Anjoux Herbit played a set at the Second Life 18th Birthday (SL18B) Celebrations on Saturday at Midnight my time, I just had to stay up and attend!

DJ AMaestro himself

A few of his regulars and some new groupies were there too:


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