The New Guard at House Strife

Standing guard on the street corner she tries to get used to the weight of the swords. She’s trained with them, she’s competent in using them, but wearing them for an extened period of time? Her hips were getting sore. She draws them and gives them a twirl, she’s not meant to draw them unless she’s actually going to use them, but she needs to ease the weight for a moment. How did she end up here? She always thought she’d end up going to the House of Testament, she liked books and history! But oh no, no such luck. When she came of age she took the Test and it said Strife! So she’d done the training, got the House protective tattoos and gear. She really shouldn’t complain, being responsibilbe for the citizens safety was something to be proud of, but why did the swords have to be so damn heavy!

Outfit Credits:

  • Swords: Hellish Blades Dual – Broken Arc
  • Finger Tattoos: IMOGEN FINGERS red – GERMINAL
  • Hair: Luxe Hair [Fatpack] – Raven Bell
  • Face Tattoo: [BB] Elder Futhark – EvoX – 07 – Gebo – Blood – Bryns BOM Squad
  • Eye makeup: [BB] Warpaint – Ambush – Bryns BOM Squad

None Faire Items:

The Calm before The Faire

Well.. that sounds better than Panic…

All around the World there are Second Life Creators beavering away, they have a Deadline. In just under 7 days, Fantasy Faire 2023 will open to the public.

They’re making last minute tweaks, taking product photos, packaging stuff up and of course not panicking.

The room in which you see me and my little flaming friend here is the Fantasy Faire Blogger Room. Right now it’s very quiet, but in a few days, all those boxes on the walls will begin to be filled with all those Creators hard work. That’s so that I and (getting on for nearly 100) other bloggers can show you all the wonderful stuff they’ve made in aid of Relay For Life.

Which is of course to entice you all come to the Faire and buy it all!

Fantasy Faire is the highlight of the Second Life calendar for me and many involved with it. It runs this year from 20th April til 7th May and is a fundraising event for the American Cancer Society.

Outfit Credits:

For anyone wondering, I wasn’t given any special early access to the Blogger room. It’s just always in the same place (outside the Fairelands) and I still have the Landmark from previous years.

Pale Wanderer – Blogger Challenge – Faire Folk

Wandering the land she juggles the vial of suspiciously red liquid sloshing about as she does. Is it blood? Whose is it? What’s that on her lips..?

Outfit Credits:

  • Skirt: -JELLY- Myra Dress – Jezabelle Boutique
  • Top: ::GB:: Cross obi top Black – GABRIEL
  • Potion Bottle: Afterparty – Starry Potion [Right] – Afterparty
  • Skin:Star Mesh – White – Mindgarden Creations
  • Hair: Raven Bell – Nereid Hair – Raven Bell Faire Store
  • Lips:[ KUMIHO ]. j!NX Sauin Zombie – KUMIHO j!NX
  • Hand Tattoos: [ KUMIHO ]. Sauin Dip Dyed Rings v2 – KUMIHO j!NX
  • Facepaint: [BB] Warpaint – Slash – Black (Faded, 100%) – Bryns BOM Squad
  • Upper body pattern: GERMINAL – O’NEILL TATTOO white – GERMINAL
  • Modesty C-String: Assassin of Elvenwood C-String – Jezabelle Boutique

The Hunter in the Dark

Slowly the hunter creeps through the tunnels, looking down on the cavern below. This darkness is her home now, her appearance blending so well with the surroundings she’s almost invisible.

People think wearing black makes you invisible in the darkness, but they’re wrong. Black can make you stand out because darkness isn’t black, its just an absence of light. You just need to blend into the surroundings, with or without light, which her skin does well in these tunnels.

Outfit Credits:
Faire items:

  • Hair: Spectra – Rigged – S.E. Ombre Tempt V1 from Butterfly Kiss Boutique
  • Skin: :[P]:- Nariverus Base F [BOM-Lara] – Marillae from Petrichor
  • Eyes: :[P]:- Onalei Creature Eye v.1.2 from Petrichor
  • Forehead Tattoo:Elder Futhark – SLUV – 01 – Fehu – Blood from Brynn’s BoM-Squad
  • Boots: *LE* Ranger Flat Boots from *LE* Les Encantades

Oh yes..the Boots, I love them! They come with 13 colour options for the boots and straps with 3 options for buckles. You can see them better in my last post The Explorer, but the HUD has just the right dark green to work for this photo too.

Other items: