The Mermaids Duty

The young Mer goes about her weekly chore, she knows it’s important but she still finds it tedious going up to the temple to collect the artifacts and bring them down to the pedestal that marks the leyline. If the location is so vital, why didn’t they build the massive temple directly over the leyine? So now because of some architectural miscalculation from a distant ancestor she has to bring the Sphere and symbol of the Gods out and place them on the pedestal and watch it as..nothing..happens. After the prescribed amount of time she carries them back to the temple where they are secured once again, til next time she has to do her duty.

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There’s a whole collection of eggs available at Fallen Gods, in 100% RFL Donation Vendors.

Location : Paer Thura


  • Skin::[P]: & []TRAP[] – Amatheia Skin (Femme):// Aleatrice (WHITE) – Petrichor
  • Bra: ::GB:: Wa-bra (Maitreya) (A) Shiro – Gabriel
  • Hair: Raven Bell – Nereid Hair [Fatpack] -Raven Bell
  • Sphere: ~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 117 “Future” – Fallen Gods
  • Symbol of the Gods (Faire Symbol) : Deluxe Quest HUD Box from any Arrival point
  • Tail: Maiteya Mermaid Tail from Meli Imako

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