The Watcher Roams Nova Nadiya

Having grown tired of the stares of the Frostweald villagers, the Watcher decides maybe It’s time to explore furhter afield. Having heard of an icy lake in a place called Nova Nadiya, she decides to investigate. She may like the cold but she still needs shelter, blizzards are horrid whatever your preferred climate, so she will have to find somewhere before she decides to move.

Entering the area there are signs of Human habitation, hopefully they stay there.

There seems to be a few possibilities for a new home, though having dragons nearby might be an issue. Alternatively they may keep people away and only the most determined would seek her out.

I wanted anothe opportunity to show off these fab items from Fantasy Faire! (Including the new skin since the previous post)
So you need a cute headshot for that too!


Outfit Credits:

  • Skin: M&M – LeLutka Evo – GHOST – Yvaine – Moth & Moon
  • Hair: Adel – Raven Bell
  • Cloak: :DOBS: Dry Grass Cloak (Female Fit) LG – DOBS
  • Staff: :DOBS: Witch Doctor Staff – DOBS
  • Pasties: Jazabelle – Imperial Party Trooper Pasties – Jazabelle
  • Body & Leg Tattoo: Embrace of the Dragon 90 – ArtToos Ink
  • Arm Tattoos: Arm Scales H OMBRE-arm 100% – ~Flying Horse Head Studios~
  • Pants: AseRiz – Sarina – AseRiz

Mysterious Watcher of Frostweald

They’re scared of her in Frostweald, she’s not entirely sure why.

Maybe it’s the fact she can wear barely anything in the climate that makes them wrap up in furs and boots, but she can’t help it. They have species here that are “cold-blooded” that bask in the sunshine and “warm-blooded” mammals; if there was a description for her race the humans would probably call them “furnace-blooded” or some such nonsense.

She needs the cold in the way that reptiles need sunshine. Which is why she stood on the top of the hill above the town, feet planted deep in the snow and a cold breeze to cool her. Some of the locals can’t comprehend this so they’re scared. Those that did understand the temperature thing were scared of her abailities; this made a lot more sense. Of course the fact they weren’t entirely sure what she could actually do, other than not freeze to death helped a lot to preserve her image of mystery.

Outfit Credis:

  • Hair: Adel – Raven Bell
  • Cloak: :DOBS: Dry Grass Cloak (Female Fit) LG – DOBS
  • Staff: :DOBS: Witch Doctor Staff – DOBS
  • Pasties: Jazabelle – Imperial Party Trooper Pasties – Jazabelle
  • Body & Leg Tattoo: Embrace of the Dragon 90 – ArtToos Ink
  • Arm Tattoos: Arm Scales H OMBRE-arm 100% – ~Flying Horse Head Studios~
  • Pants: AseRiz – Sarina – AseRiz

Non-Faire Iems:

The Skin Party – Comedy and Tragedy

Each year at Fantasy Faire Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc releases a pair of limited edition avatar skins. These aren’t just limited to the Faire though, they’re limited to a single 2 hour party(technically called the “Jail n Bail of Alia Baroque”) after which they won’t be available again. It was this party is therefore very well attended. This year I was able to go.

It wasn’t even known where in the Opera Faire region the party would take place, til the last minute. So a number of people gathered in what seemed to be a likely spot for a party, to wait.

Time ticked by and everyone chatted until the dreaded Region Restart Gong sounded. So much for reserving a space in the region.

Everyone returned and made their way to the party’s location, which turned out to be a platform floating above the water. Here we saw the skins displayed and many bought and started wearing them.

This year there were also vendors in the neighbouring region as well, which was good from a fundraising perspective.

Exploring Opera

This Region designed by Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc was kept under wraps for some time. The notice that it was “Finished” was several days after the Faire was open. Those with early access saw a rather amusing sign at the region border with the heading “Dont’t Panic!” (Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy) requesting no photos were taken, but also another Sci-Referene “This is Not the Opera you are looking for”. It was worth the wait though! Here are just a few snapshots of the region, but I suggest you go have an explore and experience it for yourself.

Outfit Credits:

  • Skin:Draco Silver – Fallen Gods Faire Exclusive 2021
  • Hair: Magnolia Hair ~Shimmer~ + [Fantasy] – Raven Bell (Faire Exclusive)
  • Dress: :[P&E]:- Saina – Pack – Leather – Petrichor

Opera Landing point:

Blogger Challenge: My New Shiny – Moon Reflections of Aquarius

I featured a couple of items from Second Moon in a previous post, I couldn’t help wanting to use them again with this dress also of theirs. It’s gorgeously reflective in the right light, such as at the Isle of Aquarius. Second Moon is an old store that’s making a comeback, having originally opened in 2007 but closed in 2013. Now it’s back with some lovely shiny stuff!

Outfit Credits:

Blogger Challenge: I Remember The Rave That Never Happened

It’s tricky to remember something that everyone in attendance will deny it taking place, but as they say “if there’s no pictures, it didn’t happen”. I fortunately do have pictures! This certainly was a challlenge though due to the sheer number of photos I’d taken. But I’d say that’s the sign of a good not-a-party-at-all, if you want to capture every moment.

The New Girl at Flambois Academy

The new girl has arrived at Flambois Academy of Magic and she’s already causing trouble. She has a black eye to show for it, but her opponent came off worse, meaning they got the blame and punishment for the fight.

She pours over the books in the library when anyone’s around, but the feet go up as promptly as they’ve left. It’s not that she’s a slacker, she just has inherited natural power, there’s just not much the books can teach her. Her problem is theory and lore tests, so she learns as much of that parrot-fashion to scrape through, she was admitted on the strengths of her practical skill after all.


Outfit Credits:

Safe Haven Oasis

Emerging from her forest homeland she enters the Oasis town to find it eerily empty, quiet of the hustle and bustle she might have found here normally. She wanders here and there, the stores still open and full of wares for purchase, but no customers as yet. No doubt they will arrive and shower the merchants with coin in the the near future. She hopes a merchant may show themselves, because she’s in need of somethig to cover up from the brighter sun than the shadows of the forest.

According to legend, no visitor has ever voluntarily returned to their old life – but is it really possible?” (Quote from Region description)


Outfit Credits:

The Broken Path of Aquarius

The mermaid loved to swim near the city where the path had been damaged. The magic that had held it in place above the water persisted, so the pieces were suspended in mid-fall below the waters surface. The glow of magic reflected so beautifully through the water it made for a lovely swim.

No-one is quite sure any more what caused the path to break, it must have been a considerable impact to be stronger than the magic, but then the path was only intended for the passage of humans and other land-dwellers. The common speculation is that a visiting giant had tried to cross, given the scale of a statue on the shore. Giants had not been seen in these parts of the Fairelands within living memory and the Fey lived very long lives.

Outfit Credits:

  • Tail Texture: TNNMermaid =Glowing Black= for Nemissa {BOM} – Tir Na Nog
  • Feather top: Feathers on chest – AseRiz
  • Lips: Mermaid Lips 02 – Genus BOM – Second Moon
  • Hair: Mermaid Wet Hair – Second Moon

Non-Faire Items:

  • Skin: SG BOM Skin Clean B – JIale – StarGazer Creations


Children of Stories 2023

Yesterday evening was a Roleplay storytelling session by The Children of Stories as part of their annual adventure. I copied down a couple of the stories to give a taster of their talents.

The Roleplay this year features a gathering of children from previous years stories that have all been mysteriously summoned to Flambois, collectively known as The Gathered and you can read more at the link below:

We gathered then as we gather now, to share stories. Strifeclaw told us about the greed of the Bard King, and the Unweaver’s evil. Dogstar told us about the Mouse and the Knight, a boy who was transformed so he could defeat a powerful Knight.

Some of us knew the legend of the Mouse treasure, but dismissed it as mythical, but with Dogstar’s tale, we were freshly motivated to find it!

[12:25:57] Ðæmøn (Daemon Davidson): The finding of it is a tale unto itself, but find it we did and broke the seal of greed with help from the charity of the gathered peoples of the Fairelands. I’m leaving out a lot of details here, to keep this tale brief.

[12:26:37] Dean Ravencrest (DeanRavencrest): yeh basicly Dogstars stories are probly relevant to whats happening
[12:26:44] Ðæmøn (Daemon Davidson): Next we passed through a mirror to the Spring of Souls, to face the Death Knight. The same evil knight the mouse boy defeated.

The Knight was weary of undeath and lamented the evil choices he had made in life, but would not surrender his sword to us without a challenge. Again this deserves a tale all its own, but in the end we defeated the Death Knight and his army of wraiths and captured his sword.

[12:27:28] Ðæmøn (Daemon Davidson): We had a little run in with Morkus Dreg and the Pawlice, but… ahem… let’s not dwell on that.

[12:28:01] Ðæmøn (Daemon Davidson): There was a journey to another of the Fairelands, an encounter with some annoying ravens, made all the more annoying since Ravens and Magpies are kin. There was a green dragon of corruption that proved to be an illusion of the Bard King’s doing.

[12:28:46] Ðæmøn (Daemon Davidson): Finally, with the artifacts of all four elements gathered, we placed them in position to breach the final seal. But again, we needed the assistance of the people of the Fairelands, whose combined charity and compassion powered the runes to finally break the seal.

[12:29:18] Ðæmøn (Daemon Davidson): The treasure we uncovered was not gold or silver, but rather a sickly boy, the long lost Guardian of Fire. Trapped deep underground, surrounded by water, he was on the verge of death.

12:29:55] Ðæmøn (Daemon Davidson) leans into the next part

12:30:14] Ðæmøn (Daemon Davidson): He died just after we got him out of the chamber, but even as we were comprehending the tragedy, something astounding happened.

His body erupted in flames and floated into the air. Before our eyes, Cale was transformed from the wasted body of a sickly child to an Immortal Phoenix!

[12:30:29] Tepic Harlequin: blimey!
[12:30:31] Fen (Fenrue): \o/
[12:30:34] Brinley Taliesin (BrinleyTaliesin): golly
[12:30:37] Feilong Natas (NatasIfris): hmm phoenix boys are cute too
[12:30:37] Star Porter (StarPorter): Ohhhhhhh, Cale! Wow!
[12:30:41] Strifeclaw (Strifeclaws) blinks
[12:30:49] Feilong Natas (NatasIfris): phoenix even better than every treasure
[12:30:56] Dean Ravencrest (DeanRavencrest): yeh it was pretty gobsmaking if I’m honest

12:31:01] Ðæmøn (Daemon Davidson): And that is how we Magpies, every one of us thieves, learned that some treasures are more valuable than gold.

[12:31:10] Trodden S. Miles (Trodden Miles) nods
[12:31:15] Kie Heartsong: nods in approval

[12:31:18] Ðæmøn (Daemon Davidson): But gold is still shiny, just sayin’

[12:48:01] NettleLarke: You all can call me Rabbit, if you like, and I’ve a story to tell. Some may find it intriguing, some may miss the point, and some may find their own meaning in it. I’m still trying to puzzle out the meaning of it myself. Who wants to hear it?

12:49:31] NettleLarke: Alright then! Be warned… involves dark places and dark things, but only just. Or maybe they’re the very center of it! It depends on what you see in it.

[12:51:14] NettleLarke pulls a ball from her pocket and begins rolling it in her hands as she speaks. “Once upon a time, a long time ago when the stars were young and the world was new….that’s how you begin a tale, isn’t it? Once upon a time, a long time ago when the stars were young and the world was new….a creature dwelt in the bowels of the world, of all worlds. She was a creature of many names, but today, I will call her by the name I know her: Hastele of the Dark Waters….”

[12:53:25] NettleLarke: “Nearly as old as creation, Hastele has power beyond imagining, the power to change, the power of chaos, the power to, one day, possible unmake all things and start them anew, or so the tales say.. But we all know how reliable tales are….

But as a thing with power, true power, over the centuries many came to her seeking favors, trying to make deals. “My brother is ill and we haven’t the means to heal him, perhaps you can?”” Rabbit continues, the ball ever in motion, seeming still in the air as her hands move around it. “And often she would oblige, in her own way. Heal the brother while inflicting similar disease on the supplicant, perhaps, or healing them by giving them a new body, that of a great stag, so he might bound off into the woods and be hunted.”

[12:54:02] NettleLarke: Hastele was cruel in her gifts, is cruel in them.

But then one day…..

….one boy approached here in the deep places. A strange lad, tall and wiry, and mischievous and dark.

[12:54:28] NettleLarke: “What do you seek?” she asked him.

“A great favor” he replied.

12:54:47] NettleLarke: “Indeed? Greater than a kingdom?”

“Yes, greater than a kingdom.”

“Greater than wealth, than power, than glory?”

“Greater than all those things.”

[12:55:52] NettleLarke: “And at this, Hastele leaned forward, intrigued.

“Greater than godhood itself?”

“Greater than that” the boy replied.”

12:56:16] NettleLarke: And the deep-dweller, she of the dark waters considered this for some time, unable to imagine what this upstart could possibly be asking for.

“Ask it.”

[12:57:22] NettleLarke: “And the boy answered “I ask….for your friendship.”

12:58:46] NettleLarke: And Hastele, dark thing for dark waters, dweller of the shadows, thought this over for a time and slowly, for the first time in creation, she smiled a smile, not of malice, not of irony, but a true smile…..and she granted it.

[12:58:59] NettleLarke bobs a curtsey and wheels, stepping away.