The Wiki Wizzard of Whispering Pages

Apparently Humans have these things called “Wiki”s, they’re meant to answer basic or frequently asked questions about a particular subject, in theory.

This Wizards answers are always right however, though she doesn’t know where they come from. She just opens one of her books at random and the answer to somebody’s question will just be there, even if she didn’t entirely understand what they were asking. Sounds great you may think, she knows everything, but alas no. None of her books will provide such answers to her own questions or questions about her. This is obviously most frustrating, things like “Where will my next meal come from?” would be very useful to know for a wandering Wizard, so she doesn’t walk a day’s journey in the wrong direction. The books do seem to impose certain other caveats too, if someone wealthy asks “Where can I get gold?”  it’ll likely say “You’ve got enough!” if a person in need were to ask, it would provide advice for them to earn it within their capabilities. So they don’t always provide the answers people wanted, more what they needed. This sometimes resulted in angry people, or grateful people that would provide her with dinner and a bed for a night or two.

What question would you ask?

(Inspired by a comment by Amaya in the Fantasy Faire Discord)



Featured on the Second Life Community Blog on 29 April 2024

Reflecting in The Old Tunnels

Swimming through these old tunnels always makes her think about all the people that must have passed through here before the water rose. Her people have seen the rusted remains of the vehicles that ran on the rails in ancient times past, it always makes her reflective of what the world was like back then. Where were they going to and where from? It must have been awfully noisy compared to the quiet stillness that fills them now. Now it’s just a safe playground for young Mers due to the narrow entrances large predators can’t enter.


  • Tail:Riptide Mermaid Tail (Maitreya) + {Aii & Ego} – Faire Store
  • Tail Skin: [Floro] Abyssal Tail Mod – Faire Store
  • Tattoo: [Floro] Abyssal Flesh – Arms Purple – Faire Store
  • Tattoo: [Floro] Abyssal Flesh – Chest and Neck Purple – Faire Store
  • Head: BeSpoke – Deep Sea Siren – Head (f) (EVO X) – Faire Store
  • Body & Head Skin: BeSpoke – Deep Sea Siren (F) EVO X – Andiron – Faire Store
  • Bra: :: ANTAYA :: Coral bra FATPACK – Faire Store
  • Hair: Azren Hair – Shaved –Raven Bell Faire Store

A Night at The Circus

Tonight was the Jail n Bail of the Lindens and Moles. The Lindens having been dragged off to perform in the Circus need to be bought back to keep our grid running! They had some insane prizes up for auction; a Full Region paid for a year and Family Name Change, which I’ve never heard of, but you were bidding on a Custom Last name of yourself and 10 invited friends! That sold for 100K L$ (406 USD / £386), which when you work it out and divide it up by 11 names..that was quite a steal and I wish I’d had the nerve to bid!

A last minute update… the Lindens have extended the Faire by 2 days, so it will now stay open until the 7th of May.


Preparing for the Faire

In the days leading up to the Faire things get pretty busy for the Merchants, finishing items, making posters and putting it all in thier booths. The other thing they do is add an item or two to the Blogger room. For the Bloggers it’s a time of anticipation, we’ve seen WIP photos, what final gems are we going to get this year? Also there’s the question of an outfit for Faire exploring, preferrably made from Faire items. So what I’m showing you today is a mix of new stuff from the blogger room that you’ll be able to buy this year and some purchased items from last years Faire.


Faire Items:
(Links will be provided when Fantasy Faire opens on the 18th)

  • Face Tattoo (white flecks) : K9nnor – [EVOX] Soft Spots – Faire Store
  • Face Tattoo (eyeshadow) : XS Primal EvoX Thunder Veins – 1 – Black – Faire Store
  • Arm Tattoos: ~FHHS~ Growth- DOTS tint black 100% – Faire Store
  • Arm Tattoos: ~FHHS~ Growth- STEMS tint black 100% – Faire Store
  • Hand Tattoos: ~FHHS~ Growth- FINGERS tint black 100% – Faire Store
  • Hair: Raven Bell – Magnolia Hair ~Shimmer~ + [Fantasy] –Faire Store
  • Backdrop: Folklore & Fable : The Arwen Fantasy Faire Garden House 24 – Faire Store

Faire 2023 Items:

  • Dress: KD Lua ripped dress Lara
  • Body Tatto: Artoos Ink – Embrace of the Dragon 70 – SL Tattoo Layer BOM
  • Boots: UNA. Dove Boots

Pure Emerald

Following on from yesterday’s Pure Contrast post, I’m featuring the Fallen Gods skin Pure Ebony Emerald and full body tattoo Circuit available at Mainframe. While a tattoo like this might suit a cyber themed look, I felt the bronze version with the Emerald green skin called for a woodland setting. Today’s pictures also give a different angle on the Azriel unisex hair from Raven Bell, which is available with their usual selection of colour change HUDs.

Outfit Credits:

Pure Contrast

I had a pretty crappy day in the weird world of Real Life yesterday, so I thought I’d go shopping in the Virtual world to cheer myself up. You can’t beat a little retail therapy occasionally! I ended up at the Midnight Order & Mainframe events collecting the latest offerings from Fallen Gods and others. Today I’m featuring the Pure Ebony Ivory skin with the Widow tattoo which are at Midnight Order, I’ll be following up with the skin from Mainframe very soon.

Outfit Credits:

Burlesque and more at Libidine

At the weekend I attended a Burleque set at a new-ish club called Libidine. There was a live singer before 2 hours of tunes with DJ’s Anj & Tori that got the party going.

The event gave me a chance to try out something completely different to my usual style.

However outside the club I found a teleporter to the main landing area of the region. Here I learned that Libidine isn’t just this club, it’s an island full of lots of different places to explore and hang out.

A place for lovers to explore and get lost together. Secluded places to explore and enjoy each others company – romantic encounters. Where limits do not exist.

Libidine land description

Go check it out, but remember it’s an Adult rated region.

Credits list:

  • Feathers outfit: PIXEL BOX – Carnival Showgirl Tintable Fitmesh – Mainstore
  • Bootss: PIXEL BOX – Open Secrets Black Lace Boots – Mainstore
  • Skin: Draugr [xx]+FGInc.+ Black Pumpkin – Fallen Gods
  • Hair: Raven Bell – Magnolia Hair ~Shimmer~ + [Fantasy]- Raven Bell
  • Head: LeLUTKA Avalon Head 3.1
  • Body: Maitreya 5.1

Club Location:

Libidine landing point:

A Trip to The Library

Flambois Academy has a library, of course it does, it’s an Academy. However it doesn’t have quite what the new girl is after, so she’s off to New Babbage Repository For Medical Arts and Science to try and find what she needs. Maybe some extra credit will offset all the trouble she’s been getting into since she arrived.

Outfit Credits:

  • PIXEL BOX – Vintage Dress round collar v2- Mainstore
  • PIXEL BOX – Wizard Witch Hat- Mainstore
  • PIXEL BOX – Heels Marry Jane- Mainstore
  • PIXEL BOX – Steampunk Book – Scientist notes- Mainstore
  • PIXEL BOX – Book of Shadows with blinking eye- Mainstore
  • Hair: Raven Bell – Magnolia Hair – Raven Bell
  • Lips: MoonMakeup-Morrigan Lips – Shop n Hop Gift
  • Eye applier: REPULSE – Necrosis Eyes – Shop & Hop Gift
  • Skin: M&M LeLutka Evo – GHOST – Yvaine – Dark Brow + Frex V1-Moth & Moon

Photo Location: The New Babbage Repository For Medical Arts and Science:

Gothic Vintage from PixelBox – EVERYTHING ON SALE!


As one of my favourite steampunk/gothic stores, I couldn’t help but to shout about it and put one of their outfits together to show you. In fact they have stuff on sale in multiple places right now. At the Mainstore and on Marketplace they have their Fall Sale where everything is 99L$. On top of that everything at their Halloween Shop & Hop booth is 50% off.

The Halloween Shop & Hop closes on 5th November, but the Mainstore sale doesn’t close until the 15th, so you have plenty of time to grab a bargain!

I think I’ll be bringing you a few more PixelBox outfits in the near future!

Outfit Credits:

  • PIXEL BOX – Gothic Vintage transparent lace garter corset – Mainstore
  • PIXEL BOX – Gothic Vintage Skirt Cage – Mainstore
  • PIXEL BOX – Gothic Vintage Neck Lace Chocker – Mainstore
  • PIXEL BOX – Gothic Vintage Boots Gloves Legwarmers – Mainstore
  • Eye applier: REPULSE – Necrosis Eyes – Shop & Hop Gift
  • Skin: M&M LeLutka Evo – GHOST – Yvaine – Dark Brow + Frex V1-Moth & Moon
  • Hair: Raven Bell – Lavender Hair – From Engine Room
  • Eye Makeup: +KP+ Suffer Eyeshadow Gray – Knife Party
  • Lip gloss: +KP+ Slick Lips // Lel Evo X 5- Knife Party

Marketplace store:

Shop & Hop booth:

Bloody Angels

It is said that on All Hallows Eve the barrier between the realms of the living and the dead is at its thinnest. Who’s to say that other such barriers become thin, perhaps between the realms of Angels and Demons?

Maybe the Angels go and play in Hell, or the Demons in Heaven? Do younger Angels dare each other to go take a selfie in Hell without getting caught? They’d need to dress the part so they don’t stand out. They also have to dim their natural aura so they don’t light the whole place up, which was a skill difficult to master for some.

The Demons really don’t like this game the Angels play, but there’s not much they can do about it. The touch or any physical contact of an Angel will turn most demons to dust like a vampire in the midday sun, even just their aura is painful. All a demon can hope to do is chase them away, or have human slaves attempt to capture and drag them to a crossing point. They did try an assortment of projectile weapons against the Angels, but generally this turned out to be pretty futile.

So while the Angels play their games, the Demons just go torment the Living instead.

Outfit Credits: