The Varuna Project: Entertainment District

I decided to follow up on my post about The Varuna Project and explore the parts I missed out, I really didnt do some parts justice on my ast visit.

The main hub area has 4 exits and I only explored two, or at least thought I had, but seems I missed lots out.

Starting at the hub, 2 sets of escalators up from the landing point,the next exit along was according to a sign, “Inspiration Park” so I headed there.

Looked and shrugged basically. (Sorry S..)

It’s an alcove with some seating and a couple of tree-like metal arches. Not particularly inspiring, I’d say it might be a nice quiet place to reflect or think. Reflection Park would suit better.

The 4th alcove round the curved wall wasn’t even signposted, but doesn’t really need it. It’s a transport point.

By the look of it the idea is a small shuttle/submersible that would carry you through tubes to different parts of the complex. In practical inworld terms, it’s a teleport system.

I tried each of the different destinations to see where I ended up.

The last place I tried was the Entertainment option, thinking I’d covered it already. How wrong I was!

I arrived and was presented with rubbish bags, literally piled up outside,so this is different..

I stepped out into a tight corridor that appeared to dead end not far away. (The owner later commented to me “There no dead-ends at Varuna”.)

There was a lift door however, so I decended

Which took me down to the very lowest level, that I fell to previously and now know is called The Hollows. Since I’d already explored down there, I came straight back up.

When the door opened again I found an opening opposite, dark and featuring pink neon.

Clearly the corridor with rubbish bags wasn’t a dead end, it was a junction. I had a bit of an investigate, though pink neon is usually a bit of a clue, adult entertainment.

Coming out the continuing corridor that seemed much brighter and very promising.

This corridor opens out into a rather large shopping-mall style area.

Across the main floor from me was a coffee shop called “The Joint”,  with a large green neon sign saying “WEED”. I’d suspect their cookies are rather moorish.

Inside was a small dancefloor and the coffee serving counter, nothing too exciting.

Across from The Joint, is a trip club called Voltaic.

Following on into the next room through a circular doorway;

there’s some other vendor booths,but what draws my attention is a train.

Yes of all things, a train car made into a dining area. Maybe there was a nasty accident on the surface and it fell off a bridge or something and got salvaged, who knows.

I took a seat for a moment but the food didn’t look very appetising.

The food didn’t look too appetizing

Outside there is another tunnel, I had a brief look and could see it seemed to go on for quite some distance with various junctions coming off it. Maybe to be explored another day. (I found out later that the private rental accommodation is down the far end, so best I didin’t disturb anyone.)

I took the first door I came to, which was a lift that took me up to a rather classier style of establishment It was as I walked through these rooms I realised my previous mistake. I was directly *above* the club I’d previously visited and had completely missed it!

There’s a fancy piano bar and an observatory bar where the rich could look out at the beautiful oceanscape view while sipping their overpriced drinks.

How I missed the lift outside the club..I don’t know..lured by the neon I guess to see what lay within.

The room I passed on the right on my first visit..

then a cafe

..turns out it isn’t a dead end, there’s a lift at the back of there too.

I began my first post on the Varuna Project with references to Hangars Liquides and Drune, but I didn’t really draw an actual conclusion at the end. I briefly dropped by Hangars Liquides before finishing this post to refresh my memory, glad I did. It reminded me that it’s not quite so shiny (as in darker with more graffiti) as I remembered, especially with EEP implemented now.

The lower levels at Varuna are definitely like Drune in parts, but like Hangars Liquides in others. Having now seen the more luxurious area of the Entertainment District at Varnus Project, the bar put me in mind of the Voodoo club in Drune, but larger and plusher. Whatever your taste or favoured genre of entertainment, you can probably find a setting for it here.

If you didnt take the time to explore The Varuna Project yet, it’s definitely one to be seen. If you did see it already, it’s worth a seconf look.

Landing point:



Region Rating: Adult.
Although most video games classed 15 are more graphic than this place. As with Last Chance City, it’s the potential RP and peoples actions that might require the rating.


The Varuna Project

This place is an amazing deep sea sc-fi roleplay location. That description doesn’t do it justice at all.

The premise is the surface becoming uninhabitable due to a deadly virus. So a deep sea leisure resort for the wealthiest of the wealthy (which hides a dodgy research facility below) is the last refuge of humanity.

There are a few places/builds in SL that you can judge Sci-Fi builds against, in my opinion there are two main ones: Drune and the other is Hangars Liquides ( I really need to do an updated post on that place). The Varuna project includes elements similar to both.

The upper levels are clean, clinical appearance of sci-fi film settings, similar to Hangars Liquides.

The lower levels are very much like Drune, deteriorated, scruffy and graffitied under neon lights. The difference though is also the size of this area, with lots of winding tunnnels it feels bigger than Drune,despite the actual footprint being only slightly larger.

The landing point is a large circular area with various info boards and signage. It felt simiar to my visit to New Frontiers, except much slicker and streamined. The place isn’t cluttered or overloading you with stuff to read or click on.

There are in fact just 3 boards to look at:

You’ll see in the first image there are large screens at the escalators saying “RP Begins January 10th. Enjoy 🙂 ”

My visit was on 8th January, so no doubt these will have gone by the time of posting, there may also be other changes.

You leave the area via a couple of escalators

At the top of the first one I found a Sushi bar, but what’s more interesting is actually the windows on this level.

A glimpse out these windows gives you a glimpse of the scale of the place.

You might be forgiven for thinkng maybe there were just scenes on the windows

I took the escalator again up to the next level, which is ringed with corridors leading off it.

I thought I’d check them out one at a time, the first one was signposted “Entertainment District”.

Back to the main hub and down the next corridor, this on signposted “NANTEC: Solarium,Pharmasuticals Cybernetics”.

The next level down in the lift however is when things start to go from Strar Trek to Resident Evil, because it’s a lab.

At the back is another innocuous door that you wouldn’t look twice at, but to where it leads

The exit from the lab

Whereupon we find security scanners you have to pass through and more Mr Nice Scientist!

Through the corridor you navigate a couple of glass elevators until you find yourself here…where the place starts to feel much like Drune.

First thing you come to however is what looks to be a booth selling antique diving gear?

Then the place opens up to a series of walkways which I followed around to a surprise discovery.

A Basketball court? This far underwater? Guess they’ve gotta exercise somewhere.

I was rather surpised to see this down here, that when I turned around I fell off the walkway.

Then got a little lost, exploring all the suboceanic environment of corridors and tunnels. You might ask why didn’t I just fly up or something? When I’m exploring a place I try to keep it real, as you would expected to do in a roleplay scenario.

There is lots to see here and I only explored 2 of the corridors off the main hub. Wandering around the place seemed to go on forever, elevators,tunnels and stairways leading into different areas of the seabed structures. This is intended as an organised roleplay region with related rules/codes of conduct. There are factions and clases of characters you can choose to play as. So if you want to RP here, definitely read the website.



Landing point:

Region Rating: Adult.
Although most video games classed 15 are more graphic than this place. As with Last Chance City, it’s the potential RP and peoples actions that might require the rating.


Last Chance City

Last Chance City is a post-apocolyptic style urban roleplay region. The storyline that you can read on their website (link below) tells of a computer virus spreading through everything electronic, taking out all services,communications etc. bringing civilization and humanity to it’s basest survival instincts.

The arrival point is in an abandoned underground station… (De-ja-vus?)

but much lighter environment and larger than the Drune station, as you can see from the pictures.

In fact the whole place feels massive due to a good use different height locations. You’ll notice this as soon as you exit the station up the stairs and arrive at ground level.

There’s a bus waiting outside the station, but given tech is out, so we can ignore it

I headed right out the station towards a diner in the distance

Unsurprisingly empty and cleared out of stocks, so I carried on along the road til I came to an intersection that had a run down church on one corner

Opposite was an abandoned house so I thought I’d have a look inside.

Outside the road turns uphill and at the top I saw a police station and went to investigate.

“POLICE” in sketchy white writing is visible on the building in the distance

The police station has plenty of rooms to explore and provides lots of opportunities, including cells and an outside fenced area.

As well as a police station there’s a Courthouse in the area, so you could roleplay capture through to sentence, if there were still police around. I suspect the gallows may still see occasional use however.

Continuing along the road I came to a collapsed flyover that someone had decided to call home.

From up on the bridge you can see quite a lot of the ruined city

Past the flyover I found the stations of other emergency services, before reaching the imposing doors of what, based on the hazard signs, appeared to be a nuclear facility.

Huge imposing gates..who could refuse?

Walking through the gates it’s rather creepy on the other side.

The gates TP you to a different height, so there’s plenty more to explore in this area.

I went back out and continued my way along the road, to investigate what I’d seen from the flyover.

There seems to be a collection of tables like an abandoned garage sale

Someone with a sense of humour has renamed the pizzeria..

Someone has a sense of humor

Just past here I’m back at the rundown church, having made a circuit of the roadway. This time I stuck my head inside to have a quick look.

There’s lots to see and explore at Last Chance City, with plenty of RP venues. I just made a circuit of one roadway, there may well be lots more TP doors taking you to other locations. But if you want to RP regularly there, I’d recommend you read up on their Lore and rules.

Landing Point: Region Rating: Adult
(Although content could well be classed Moderate or below, it’s the potential roleplay that requires the rating.)

Jacket & Jeans: Urban Agent Rough Street Style by Meli Imako
Boots,Ankle knife and Gun: Cyberpunk Space Combat Suit Set by Meli Imako
Corset: Steel Boned Steampunk Corset by Meli Imako
Hair: Montana-Reds by Truth
Backpack: Wastelands Backpack by DRD

As I mention Death Row Designs (DRD) as maker of my backpack, I thought I’d add that several of the buildings,large parts of scenery as well as little details come from that store. To name just a few parts: The Diner, abandoned house, Courthouse,Flyover bridge…go look for yourself, its impressive.

Drune: Babalon

Another district of Drune is unveiled to us!

In a similar style but not ground layout as the previous build (Drune Crossroads), Drune Babalon is full of lights in a dark setting.

Like Crossroads you arrive by tube (Subway), although this time the arrival point is in a carriage rather than on the platform.

You’re not in the wrong place, walk forward!

Unfortunately the TP routing drops you too close to the back of the carriage when using the default camera position. Just take a step forward.

Walk along the carriage til you come to the doors

and step out onto the platform

Exit up the stair into a much smaller lobby leading out onto the street:

I went left and across the street to the purple steps and what looked interestingly like some kind of portal

Which took me into a small club calle “Peaches”. The neon lights change very regularly to different colours, giving the club a different feel from minute to minute, but thankfully not at a fast flickering speed.

Coming back out I saw a weapons shop across the street, a reminder of the dark kind of RP that could be found here.

Maybe it’s close to the station for a reason, but I came prepared with my own.

Along the street I find a club East of Eden, but didn’t go inside

The building across the street was more intruiging..”Jesus Saves..with Drune Central Bank”. I wondered whether I find pews or bank teller cubicles inside.

Turned out it was neither, the church had been converted into a nightclub,the pulpit the DJ Booth.

Out on the street again I see a neon sign for another potentially interesting place to investigate, a Fight Club.

This place wasn’t too surprising on the inside, exactly as it proclaimed.

While I explored it became evident that while the layout of the streets near the station were similar to Crossroads, there was more levels to Babalon. The Crossroads had another level but it was high up above street level, here the levels are more evident, due to a waterway running through the region. This meant there was a lower waterside level.

So obviously I had to explore the lower level and see what trouble may be found.

However before I descended I spotted a tiny detail on the bridge, just some puddles, but is another example of the attention to detail in Drune builds.

Only in SL might puddles deserve a photo, but the detail caught my eye.

As I descended to the lower level I could see some brightly lit places that might warrant later investigation.

Down on the lower level however I found a fun looking Rock Club

But Drune being a Roleplay simulation, it’s unlikely it’ll see any dancing.

Back outside I found there was a walkway that ran underthe bridges, but no way to cross the river without getting wet.

I retraced my steps and crossed over to look at the other places I’d seen. The most brightly lit turned out to be a chinese restaraunt. As you would expect from a Drune build,while not particularly exciting, this wasn’t just an empty facade.

Nearby however I found a small starirway and followed it up.

On the upper level I found a small cafe and access onto a walkway similar to that of Crossroads, but not quite as extensive.

When I reached the end of the walkway and a brief rest, I took the quickest way down to the ground, off the edge again. The fal being much shorterthan the one in Crossroads!

Back on the ground I found another instance of the Vooddoo club

At the end of my post about Crossroads, I commented that it could probably have got away with a Moderate rating,due to the establishment signage being merely suggestive and absence of adult furniture. So I thought I’d have a look and see if the same was true here.

When I arrived I’d tried a few doors and they seemed to have combination locks keeping the public out, seems I’d just been clicking the wrong part of the lock.

So first stop was a massage parlor, which turned to have functioning massage couches.

Then the more flagrant establishment across from the station..which was pretty much as you’d expect,but more peepshow type than couples animations.

So this district of Drune definitely requires it’s Adult rating. But as you can see, this is just fairly small aspect of the highly detailed cyberpunk build. Which along with bars and clubs, even includes your regular mundane service vendors..

As always we never know how long these builds will stay around, so go check it out before its gone.

Arrival point: (Region Rating :Adult)

Note on lighting: This Drune build uses an EEP shared lighting model, you’ll get a notecard about it when you arrive. If you don’t have EEP viewer thinks might look different.
(Also besides EEP implementation the photos got a whole lot better since the Crosroads post because I got a sweet new laptop with much better graphics!)

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Time Portal WW1 simulation closing.

I read this morning on Twitter that one of the Time Portal locations in SL, a WW1 simulation was to be closing, so I thought I’d do as the message suggeste. Go have a look before it’s gone!

The location is due to be gone “by years end”, so go check it out. Turn up your sounds and lights down for best experience.

Landing Point:

A look back at My 2020 in SecondLife

While we may not all want to look back at 2020 in the Real World, doing so for my Second Life isn’t half as depressing.

Looking at my previous posts over the last year I was actually busier than I thought. I did quite a bit of RP in SL Gor during first few months of  the year tracking down old friends,

Pondering what adventures are to come with my return to Gor

before moving on to a Prison RP  which had me chasing escapees for a few weeks.

I caught up with one of the escapees in a bar


Then along came Fantasy Faire,where this year I was able to have early access the empty lands before the masses arrived.

Empty streets of Fantasy Faire

This was through my involvement with the NeoVictoria Project as opposed to the FF Bloggers (since I didn’t make the official list,maybe next year!)

This gave me a new perspective on the Faire that I wrote about. I also wrote two short stories  based around the Faire as part of their “Faire Folk” challenge, called Under the Pass and Casseopeia. How could anyone not be inspired by the Faire?

I next moved onto a different more futuristic RP, a cyberpunk location inspired by the city of Helix.

The city didn’t survive the RL lockdown,but it has led to a small but thriving group,making a life for themselves in a dusty Martian crater.

Bits of ruined machinery in the dusty crater

Halloween came around fast and all the spooky places sprung up for October and I had great fun blogging some of them.

Shortly before the *actual* date of Halloween arrived I was at a club called Ohana that I’d visited several times in the past and they mentioned Hosting vacancies,so I applied and was taken on after a trial set that went great.

Debut Set at Ohana Rock Club, 19th October

Finally in December I decided I’d try to go along to the SL Book Club readings. I’d seen the Twitter activity about it weekly (who could miss Draxtors enthusiasm?)but never actually got around to attending. I went along two and a half hours early,just intending to have a look and take a Landmark.

I realised I’d unwittingly taken myself hostage,the place was already half full and if I’d left,getting back in wasn’t guarunteed. Fortunately I’d already done my whip around of Christmas advent calendar clicking that day!

Already half-full hours early!

Which pretty much brings this year of Second Life adventures to a close.


I’ve explored more places than I got around to blogging about, so I’ve lots of photos of places that deserve long posts of their own. Maybe I’ll write those next year if the locations are still there in the New Year.

For now I’ve simply made small galleries of some of the different places I didn’t feature on the blog, as well as some one-off snaps,in chronological order:

A storytelling evening at NeoVictoria (3rd January)

Furry Night at Kitty Kaboom (23rd January)

Bikini party at Kitty Kaboom,from PG angle. (13th February)

Hayo as a Tarn (18th May)

Tarns are large birds,ridden by some warriors in the fictional world of Gor.

Sci-Fi Con 2020 (21st May)


Ash Falls (15th July)

Murder City (21st July)

SecondLife 17th Birthday explorations via train (24th July)

Pandemonium (7th August)

Delerium (12 August)


Tea with Sheree (15th September)

Hayo preparing for Halloween (4th October)


Jeep Antics with Sheree and Hayo (11th October)

NeoVictoria 10th Anniversary Roleplays (22-24th November)


Boggying with Nyte after my set at Ohana (19th December)

Boogying with Nyte at Ohana


SecondLife Book Club (16+23rd December)

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Drune Crossroads

Drune is back!

I missed the last incarnation of this place, since it doesn’t seem to stay for long, so I’m pleased I got to visit this time around. Hopefully it’ll still be there for you to visit when you read this.

To set the scene this is the land description:

Drune Crossroads
A drift down memory lane, with an eldritch tone. Cyberpunk Streets, Cyber Punk City, Sci Fi, Bladerunner, Lovecraft

So you can expect lots of bright neon lights, dark alleyways and (non-drivable)flying cars.

The arrival point is an Underground (Subway) station.

exit through the ticket barriers up the escalator as you would a real station.

This takes you up into a waiting room

Now we get to the interesting part, exiting this area takes you out into a main street where you are bombarded with the expected neon and shopfronts.

You then come to what must be the proclaimed “crossroads”.

You may have noticed in the last picture in the previous gallery I passed a blue Christmas tree, this becomes relevant when you reach the crosroads.

There’s different coloured trees in different directions, this helps you keep your bearings, when at street level at least. I picked red and went that way.

Drune has lots of little nooks and crannies full of detail, as I walked I saw a sliding door open slightly and had a peek.

This one was a car repair place,not super interesting from my point of view, but illustrates the detail put into the place.

When I got to the end of the road there was a junction

I headed right towards the pink neon lighting a stairwell and wasn’t surprised what I found..a bar with a some rather evocative statues at the entrance and some fun solo dance furniture.

Heading through to the back I had a look down at the street below

Next I retraced my steps down to ground level and took the opposite alley that took me to a ground level bar with a somewhat classier feel.

I then took a nearby fire-escape style staircase which seemed to go on for ever, when I reached the top I look over the edge…it’s a long way down!

However up at the top is a whole nother way of seeing the city, via a maze of walkways.

When I reached the apparent end there seemed to fortunately be a lift back down

But when I took it down and followed the subsequent corridor..It led to a locked door!

I had no choice but to go back up and walk around the gangways. But as I said, it’s a bit of a maze and couldn’t find the stairs! I decided to abandon my pedestrian approach that I try to stick to when exploring and took the express route back to the ground, that you could only get away with in SL, jump over the railing. The fall seemed even further than it looked.

Back on the ground I’d landed in what at first glance was a sex venue of some kind, til I read the second line “Cosmetic Surgery”, not what you normally might associate red or pnk neon with, also not a roleplay avenue I’d want to pursue!

On the whole another great incarnation of the cityscape, worth visiting for sure, lots to be found with lots of attention to detail.

Arrival point: Region Rating: Adult
(although it could probaby get away with being rated Moderate, if it weren’t for a few revealing photos on an upper level,since the signage everywhere appears to be merely suggestive and I didn’t find any furniture with adult animations.)

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What SecondLife is about for me

Last night I watched Mika Snow interview the inspirational Strawberry Singh, blogger turned Linden. Following on from my post yesterday, I’ve another fun dancing snap. As I said yesterday, to me SL is about friendship, it’s also about Fun!

How people have their fun in SL can vary considerably in a world where pretty much anything is possible, but me right now it’s these simple things.

Strawberry echoed this yesterday, when she said that as a newbie, this was mostly what she (and most newbies) did; Made friends, danced and partied.

Ava is now waaay beyond the newbie phase at age 7 in SL, but I still love a good party. So much so I recently took a hosting job at Ohana Rock Club, which is great! The picture above was taken at one of my hosting shifts by Tina Twine, who labelled it “Hip-Grinding at Ohana”. To twist a Forest Gump quote “That’s all I should say about that!”

Ohana arrival point: Region Rating: Moderate.

Featured on SecondLife Community Blog 24th November 2020.

Aluvyn skies

This interesting place I came across via a Discord Server called “Seeking Roleplay” where people can chat about roleplay and related topics as well as advertise locations. This is the description given:

Aluvyn Skies… In a world where everything hovers over an ancient Abyss, and one mis-step can mean death… or worse… how will you choose to find your fate? The floating isles of Aluvyn are home to a host of creatures, some familiar, some fantastic, but all are an integral part of the story, and we’re looking for you to join it! Come join us in this unique medieval fantasy world, and see where you fit in – or not… Perhaps it’s your time to make a difference instead of just ‘get along’… Both dark and light creatures fill this universe, and each has their own allure, but you won’t know where your place is unless you try.

It certainly sounded alluring so I went to visit. It’s divided up into a number of different areas, with intriguing names.

[07:59:02] Obibor's Spring: Obibor's Spring is is rich with the scent of rain and river mud. The grass is soft and damp, welcoming to the bare foot. The spring was formed by the God's as one of the ways for residents to claim water, and most wells in the world are filled from one of the springs that are spread around. This specific one is guarded by a Cairn named Obibor. He is gentle, friendly, but protective of the spring. Should anyone try to cause harm to this island, it is said he will remove them rather violently. The spring is open to all who need water....Ava Bloodrose
[07:59:52] The Stone Garden: The Stone Garden is the true geographical center of Aluvyn, as well as the religious center. This island is entirely neutral, no faction or island owns nor operates here. all are welcome to worship and contemplate the universe in the peaceful garden as they walk as close to the gods as one can get. The Stone Garden is thick with magic, and even the plants seem to exhale it. This place is for refreshing oneself, and replenishing the natural pool of energy within one's soul....Ava Bloodrose
[08:10:53] The Traps: The Traps sprawl before you, darkened by greed and a rather think layer of dirt. There is black market trading everywhere you turn, and you might just land yourself with something valuable once in a while. But be wary, you might end up on the pointy end of a blade if you cross the wrong person....Ava Bloodrose
[08:19:57] The Swamps of Vorst: The sound of cicadas, frogs, and the gentle buble of water greets your ears as you enter the swamps. The air is heavy, but somehow still cool in the shade of the cypress trees. Rare herbs and wood can be found among the Swamps, and though the residents of the Swamps are often hearty and strong, they do not prevent wanderers and visitors from traveling and gathering needed materials. You may find them giving sacrifice to Vorst in the depths of the Swamps, or having a cookout around a giant campfire in the village compound....Ava Bloodrose
[08:38:02] The Smog Islands: The heavy scent of incense and opium greet your nose as you enter the Smog Islands. The air is thick with it, and it's hard to tell if the ever lingering fog is a result of the constantly burning incense or if the air here just creates it endlessly. The island is busy with mine workers and traders coming and going, and you get a sense of authority and direction from the imposingly large building that stands over the docks....Ava Bloodrose

Usually I’d insert my images in-between those quotes of local chat, relating to each specific area. However since several times the messages weren’t always triggering when I landed but when I was leaving by the nearest TP arch, it wasn’t always clear which was which. So rather than wrongly organize the images, I’ve made a gallery of all the snaps I took. Of course doing it this way should also be more incentive for you to go explore for yourself.

Landing Point:


Fun with Friends at Shazzam

I realised that my blog that is supposedly “Chronicles of Ava’s SecondLife Adventures” misses out quite a lot. It’s become more of a Destinations blog, which is fine, I like visiting new places and writing about them. But I just wanted to show other stuff I do as well when not exploring, so here’s a snapshot from yesterday. Hanging out at a club with some great friends, which is one of the most important things about SL for me. Friendships. From Left to Right: Me,Sheree and Abby.