About Ava

Ava has been in Second Life since March 2013 but my explorations weren’t so interesting. My inspiration for Ava was from a book by Claire Farrell, so her inworld persona leans to vampyric and gothic style.

Ava Delaney calls herself a hybrid—a living, breathing human who happens to have vampire poison running through her veins.(Thirst (Farrell, Claire. Ava Delaney #1)

I’m using this blog to share some of my experiences in Second Life. Some of my time inworld used to be spent doing Roleplay of different sorts, below is a selection of some of my characters:

About the Blog
Most of my blogging is about places or events from the perspective of a new arrival. It’s about places and experiences in SecondLife, as such I currently have no store sponsors.

If an Event has lots of stuff I like then I might do a blog post about it, featuring those items. Examples being Fantasy Faire, Mainframe and Engine Room. I have been an official Chronicler for Fantasy Faire since 2021.

Click over to my #Featured posts to see my posts that made it onto the SecondLife Community Blog.

Social Contact links: https://linktr.ee/avadelaneysl

Ava’s typist has a real world Masters Degree in Education in Virtual Worlds from University of West of England.