About Ava

Ava has been in Second Life since March 2013 but my explorations weren’t so interesting. I became a bloodlines player early on since my inspiration for Ava was from a book by Claire Farrell, but never really played a lot.

Ava Delaney calls herself a hybrid—a living, breathing human who happens to have vampire poison running through her veins.(Thirst (Farrell, Claire. Ava Delaney #1)

One day in August 2016 a friend persuaded me to visit a Gorean RP region. I ended up spending 18 months there as a tavern keeper (among other things) in SL Gor (GE) .

“Lady Ava” Keeper of the Elation Tavern November 2016-March 2018

My time in SL Gor lead me into doing other types of RP, as well as exploring more of SL and I’m using this blog to share some of those experiences.

About the Blog
Most of my blogging is about places or events from the perspective of a new arrival. It’s not a fashion blog, it’s more about places and experiences. However if an Event has lots of stuff I like then I may well blog it. Examples being Fantasy Faire, Mainframe and Engine Room .

Other RP Characters:


Second Life: Ava Bloodrose AvaDelaney Resident (Changed 25/6/2020)

Twitter: @AvaDelaneySL

Email:AvaDelaneySL (at) Gmail (dot) com

Ava’s typist has a real world Masters Degree in Education in Virtual Worlds from University of West of England.