A Petite Problem

“How in all The Fairelands are we supposed to protect something we can’t even LIFT!”

The two are stood in the chamber looking at, what is to them, a giant jewelled egg. “There’s a Collector  out to steal them all or sommat, we’ve gotta be extra protective of it and stuff..” says the second. “Well lets hope they don’t come for this one while we’re on duty then, or there will be trouble!” replies the first.

Both avatars are wearing the same mesh petite body and clothes, just in different combinations of ear types, hands and optional parts.

Thankyou to Tori Landau for being so patient while I took the photos. Her avatar is the Petite wearing the horned version of the crown that comes with the Petite.

Since the Fairelands fade into the mists again very soon, we will have to wait until the next turn of the wheel  when they  return to find out if the Guardian tracks down and deals with the Collector.

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