Neo Machina

I was scrolling through a Second Life social media feed yesterday when something yellow jumped out at me. It was a post about a location called Neo Machina that was no longer going to be closing. Now I’d not heard of this place, but it seemed to be an urban cyberpunk setting, which just happened to feature yellow neon. Long term readers will get the relevance of this, but not new readers. My long running sci-fi/ cyberpunk roleplay character is a courier for a fictional company by the name of All Mars Zone Interplanetary Shipping (AMZ for short) and their company colours are black & yellow. So I just had to go check the place out.

This Neo Machina is an interpretation by the owner of a much older location of the same name that disappeared a few years ago, in the way Second Life venues sadly tend to.

I had a good wander around this place and it definitely gives you the vibe of the city description below.

NEO MACHINA was once a sprawling and thriving industrial city, ruled by corporate dominance under supervision of the ruthless Authority. In the year 3285 humanity realized their vision in creating engines that could take them to the furthest reaches of the stars, and beyond. What they failed to avoid, and create proper fail-safes for, was the complete degradation of time and space due to the manner of which they travel: Through the synthesis and ignition of dark matter.

Left in the wake of one thousand Life vessels carrying billions of people in Ark Cores off to find new planets and new homes, is a deteriorating planet, and an exploding star. In the atmosphere hangs a wormhole, left behind by the corporations that abandoned the planet under threat of certain doom. All who remain struggle to keep hold of some normalcy of life one hundred years later as the continued threat of total collapse looms above.

Can they rebuild? Will those that remain find a way to survive?

Welcome point notecard

Given the references to long distance travel and struggling for survival, I’m sure there might be a place for AMZ in there somewhere to supply the crumbling planet.

Outfit Credits:

  • Pants:[ContraptioN] Arva Tech Pants – at FaMESHed
  • Boots:[ContraptioN] Arva Boots – at The Warehouse
  • Jacket: Meva Tiz Jacket – Mainstore
  • Eye (Left): Astara – Cyber Eye Augment by ASTRA –Marketplace
  • Backpack: [ContraptioN] Hard Shell Backpack – Contraption Sci-Fi
  • Chin guard: [ContraptioN] x TURB – Jaw Protector – Contraption Sci-Fi
  • Body tattoo: HIATUS – Hive Tattoo – Store link (via Silvia Antorian profile unable to find item)

Arrival Point:

Featured on Second Life Community Blog 6th March 2024

SLEA: Love Robot 69

Yesterday evening I attended a show. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was blown away by what I saw.

This is the description I was given:

“Love Robot 69”, created by Chrix & Lalie using the Bloom system, is SLEA’s latest particle show, succeeding “Flower of Evil”. This performance delves into themes of sex robots and AI companions, merging sensuality and technology. A visual journey that encourages reflection on virtual relationships, offering a perspective on the evolution of intimacy in the digital age.

I’ve seen virtual fireworks and numerous particle light shows in Second Life before, but this topped all of them by miles.

Before the show starts there is simply a female avatar rotating in the air. When I use the word “avatar” here I do not mean the forms in which we inhabit the virtual world, I mean the classical interpretation that has existed long before computers. It has a number of definitions, often relating to a god’s form on Earth to the more abstract. In this case I’m going for:

“The physical embodiment of an idea or concept; a personification.”

Although by the end of the show, you may think it’s the former definition!

This creation is roughly twice the height of the average Second Life human avatar. Despite the suggestive title this is a PG presentation, so anyone can enjoy it.

The lights go out, music starts and you’re presented with a stunning display of sound,colour and motion for the best part of an hour.

I took way more snapshots than I could possibly fit here, so I’ve picked a selection to try and illustrate this amazing display.

As it says in the description, this is an SLEA (Second Life Endowment for the Arts) grant funded project and the Lab certainly got their money’s worth this time. It’s a collaboration between Chrix (chrixbed) and Lalie Sorbet that’s definitely worth an hour of your time.

I enquired when the show would be repeated and was told:

“It will be set in the next couple of days [to run] for 3-4 weeks.”

Update 17th Feb 2024: The show is now running on a constant loop, so you can go see it anytime. This means that you could arrive at any point during the presentation, but as a sort of guide as to where you’re at my photos are in chronological order. The video clip at the top and first two images in the gallery are from the start.


SLEA website:

A final Note of Caution. I make no secret inworld of the fact that I have epilepsy. Fortunately however I am not particularly “photosensitive”, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the show. This fantastic display contains rapidly changing lights and motion, if you do suffer from photosensitivity of any kind, watch at your own risk.

Burlesque and more at Libidine

At the weekend I attended a Burleque set at a new-ish club called Libidine. There was a live singer before 2 hours of tunes with DJ’s Anj & Tori that got the party going.

The event gave me a chance to try out something completely different to my usual style.

However outside the club I found a teleporter to the main landing area of the region. Here I learned that Libidine isn’t just this club, it’s an island full of lots of different places to explore and hang out.

A place for lovers to explore and get lost together. Secluded places to explore and enjoy each others company – romantic encounters. Where limits do not exist.

Libidine land description

Go check it out, but remember it’s an Adult rated region.

Credits list:

  • Feathers outfit: PIXEL BOX – Carnival Showgirl Tintable Fitmesh – Mainstore
  • Bootss: PIXEL BOX – Open Secrets Black Lace Boots – Mainstore
  • Skin: Draugr [xx]+FGInc.+ Black Pumpkin – Fallen Gods
  • Hair: Raven Bell – Magnolia Hair ~Shimmer~ + [Fantasy]- Raven Bell
  • Head: LeLUTKA Avalon Head 3.1
  • Body: Maitreya 5.1

Club Location:

Libidine landing point:

Nostalgia by Cica Ghost

It’s that time again to wander, slightly bemused at what we see, around another wonder by Cica Ghost. This latest creation is called “Nostalgia” as usual it’s best to let the pictures speak for themselves because there is a lot to explore here:

So it’s just as well there’s a few places to sit and enjoy the view.

Landing point:

Outfit Credits:

  • Corset: PIXEL BOX – Gothic Vintage transparent lace garter corset – Pixel Box
  • Choker: PIXEL BOX – Gothic Vintage Neck Lace Chocke r- Pixel Box
  • Skirt: PIXEL BOX – Gothic Vintage Skirt Cage – Pixel Box
  • Accessories: PIXEL BOX – Gothic Vintage Boots Gloves Legwarmers – Pixel Box
  • Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Milk ELIANE skin & shape (EVO-X) from WoW Skins
  • Head: LeLUTKA Avalon Head 3.1
  • Hair: Tsveta GIFT – Sintiklia
  • Body: Maitreya 5.1

Return to Goatswood

Exploring the latest version of Goatswood by Hera, a beautiful location in Second Life.

Back in 2019 I wrote about Goatswood, created by Hera, who has created a wide range of stunning locations over the years. What I visited back then was a reinvention of a much older build; now a larger version is back again for us all to enjoy one again.

As before your arrival point is in a rural railway station, but this is not Goatswood itself, it is a place called Mortchester. You must travel to Goatswood by clicking it’s named platform sign, there’s another sign for Houdstead, but for now I’m headed to Goatswood.

Leave the platform through the station building and you emerge onto the main street.

The layout of the village encourages you to head straight down the main street, but I find usually there’s more interesting stuff if you take a less direct route, so I went down the path to the right. This leads you through to the back of the buildings, where you’ll find various animals before arriving back on the street.

It’s these little details that make Hera’s creations and bring them to life, because many of the houses on the streets are empty shells but give the feeling of a busy place.

Where I came out onto the street was adjacent to the Wild Man Inn so I obviously had to investigate.

The inn is the same one as that from my previous visit, which was to be expected with it being the same village. Here though there is a lovely beer garden out the back where you can enjoy a drink or two if the weathers nice.

Leaving the inn back onto the main street you can see how much larger this incarnation of Goatswood really is.

I shall stop my step-by-step wandering here and just show a few of the places you may see when you come to explore for yourself.

This version of Goatswood is much larger than the one I explored in 2019 and is full of little gems of detail to be found as well as places to just chill out with your friends.

I would suggest bringing a lantern or torch with you, in case it’s dark when you visit, putting your environment settings to Midday may allow you to see where you’re going but some of the atmosphere gets lost. I made seperate visits at different times to experience the different atmospheres of day and night.

Outfit Credits:

Inferno by Hera

Inferno is the creation of Hera, creator of the Drune series of Dystopian Cyberpunk cityscapes,Goatswood,Golgothica as well as Gigerpunk that I have yet to visit.


This was only out for a week so here it is again.;
I have wanted to do something Hell like for a long time,
then just recently I did something totally unrelated that inspired me.
I have used a very familiar layout which I like because it is just a set
of focal points rather than a whole sim full of space to fill with nothing in particular.

(From Notecard at arrival point)

I however didn’t read the notecard until later, I prefer to be surprised when I visit somewhere new. When you take the teleport you arrive in a suitably dark doorway with a very ominous view.

A few steps foeward out of the shadows and you see, yes it really does look like Hell.

To either side you see a series of rather narrow looking bridges connecting together what are best described as temples.

The centre path is the one I chose though on my journey through the perilous paths.

Here the paths branched off to the other destinations. These little temples were what you would expect here, creepy statues and decor, but not all the same, so it’s worth exploring!

As you can see in the quote from the notecard above, last time this build appeared it was only for a week. I asked Hera how long it would be around this time and the reply was “probably not very long.”

So get a move on if you want to see this place before it’s gone!

(That goes for GigerPunk too apparently, so I and you will have to dash to see that one as well!)

Landing Point:

Mers at Esprit Marina

As any regular readers can’t have missed, it was Fantasy Faire recently. Last year I got all wrapped up in the world of SecondLife Centaurs after the Faire, this year it’s Mers. There was lots of chatter and pictures of forthcoming releases prior to the opening of the Faire so I dived in and bought myself a Mernaid tail.

I wrote a post during the Faire featuring a Mermaid, but felt I now needed to explore more of the undersea world of Second Life. Fortunatley my good friend Sheree who is a regular marine explorer had a good place to check out. The place is called Esprit Marina and Gardens.

There is a Rezzing area here for your marine vehicles, but I was interested in what lay beneath the calm waters of the harbour.

After a little exploring we found this lovely little dance spot to swish around to your hearts contnet.

There was more to see though…

Come bring your tail or scuba gear and see the place for yourself.

Water location:
Dock Location:

Ava’s Outfit Credits:

80 Days of Star Wars

Camilla Runo has created a new build for us to explore once again. This one is a little different though, it’s SciFi inspired, more specifically the planet Tatooine from Star Wars. 80 Days is the name of the group Camilla uses for all her builds and to let people know about what she’s building, so doesn’t reflect the time the installation will be open. The landing point is in a comfy SciFi styled lounge area, with a conveniently located TP pad to get you to where you need to go.

Here we land in a small courtyard mostly occupied by a small craft and possibly it’s owner and droid, I climb up onto a raised for a better look.

No obvious sign of any Imperial forces yet,so I head on through the archway to see who or what may be seen on this dusty rock of a planet.

As darkness draws near it might be good to get off the street.

Come sunrise it’s time to have an explore of the surrounding area outside the town.

Now just to wait for the Imperials to land and watch as the locals just ignore them.

Outfit Credits:

Landing Point:

Happy Place by Cica Ghost

Sometimes I get to see them, sometimes I miss them, but Cica Ghosts creations are always impressive. I saw Isabelle Cheren’s video of “Scribbled” and I just had to check it out. However by the time I got there, it had ben replaced by another new masterpeice by the name of “Happy Place”.

Happy Place definitely does have a happy vibe to it, very whimsical as we have come to expect. I’ll shut up now and let the pictures speak for themselves, before you go visit!

Landing Point:

Outfit Credit: SIGRID in Purple from JANGKA