Sindara Part 2 – New Runner City

I found Sindaria via a article that led me through to a Blog post about the Cyberpunk area of Sindaria. At the time of writing my previous post on Sindaria, I hadn’t fully read the said blog post, for which I owe the author an apology for seeming rather dismissive of it,when that wasn’t my intention. Anyway onto my visit to this city. Obviously this time I took the other teleport doorway, the one lit with neon.

The teleporter to New Runner City

This brings me to a large circular platform surrounded by skyscrapers with giant ad boards on them (not actual advertising for inworld stores or services, RP related). The one that stood out the most was one for a place called “Galaxy Glub”, so clearly a place I’d have to look at. Nearby is a shuttle landing platform that I headed for.

The shuttle landing platform

Before I left however I thought I’d mention the eco-dome type structure containing a few trees. A nod to the other theme on the region, like the police car in the Elven Woodland area below. At the shuttle platform I hit the big green call button and a shuttle could be heard approaching and landed next to me and I boarded.

The shuttle system is fairly impressive with quite a number of locations it will take you. I picked a location at random and the shuttle tok off and flew me down to a lower level, rather smoothly.

At the bottom I found myself a short distance from the Galaxy Club so I went to investigate. As Secondlife clubs go this was fairly mediocre, but given the region is meant for RP not parties, this is understandable, much more effort has been spent elsewhere.

Back outside I found a teleport station, again with a reasonable number of destinations. This is good, because as I explored I kept finding more to see, similar to Hangars Liquides, but on a smaller scale. I ended up at what appeard to be the rear of the club, near the entrance to another unidentified building. No signage and a locked door. What was beyond this place however I found more interesting.

Rain. Yes I know sounds weird, but when most people try to add weather to a place in SL, it looks dreadful. Not that it’s something you deliberately look for, but it stood out to me because it was so atmospherically accurate and appropriate to the setting.

Rain, that actualy felt like rain.

To my left I saw what appeared to be pink crosses so went to investigate, I guess even cyberpunks need religion, but this seemed more of the Vegas variety.

I headed out in the opposite direction to see how far the rain went and where the road led. The rain didn’t extend far, but the road does, lots of winding bends, leading downhill. The further down you go, the scruffier it gets, more proligic garffiti and the like abound.

I didn’t explore much more of the region beyond this, it would take quite some time with the city being so large. Lots of RP locations everywhere and multiple transport methods to find and get to them. If you like your Cyberpunk RP this is a place to definitely check out. Usually I keep my writing about SL, because making comparisons to PC games is usually like comparing chalk and cheese. However while I was writing this peice I saw a video that mentions the much hyped Cyberpunk 2077 game. I haven’t played the game on any platform so I watched it with inerest to hear a critical analysis. It was mentioned a few times that the linear nature of the game didn’t allow for much aesthetic character customisation or Roleplay in what was meant to be an Roleplaying Game. But to me that’s like trying to hammer a nail with the handle of a screwdriver, it’ll work, but isn’t the right tool. You want to aesthetically customise you character to your hearts desire with few constraints and have freeform RP? Sign up to SecondLife and spend the game price on Lindens (at time of writing that’s about $L 16,400) to customize your avie to your hearts desire. Then visit the cyberpunk location of your choice and RP away. Obviously if you want to go round shooting folk and NPC’s as part of a structured plot, it’s not for you, but if your focus is the “RP” in RPG give it a go. Landing Point: Website: The Cyberpunk 2077 video mentioned: Youtube


Sindaria Part 1 – Elven Woodland

Sindaria – New Runner City as written on a blog post header image that led me here, is a rather misleading title, but not incorrect as I found out. I arrived at the landing point dressed in the sci-fi costume that I wore when exploring The Varune Project, but that didn’t really fit where I ended up.

The arrival point

The landing point is a large uncluttered circular space, just a couple of boards showing suggested attire, brief background and rental info.

Fantasy attire is mandatory, no urban clothing.
Out this way

Head through the only exit and you’ll find two teleporters to begin your exploration.

Pick your path

There are two departure teleport doors from the arrival area, a stone arch and a neon-lit, steam surrounded metal door, which really was a rather obvious clue it goes to the cyberpunk location. Anyway I took the stone archway and landed in an medieval style village.

I headed towards the village, to explore, having a look at a few of the houses, it’s basically a small fishing village.

I went up into the little watchtower to have a better look around the area and was prompted to accept an inworld experie permission to sit my avatar. Upon accepting it, I was teleported to a similar lookout building in a much larger village around a lake. This is where it starts to get impressive, the area is very large, covering multiple regions. Beyond the village there is a beautiful forested area with an orchard then some ruins and rock terrain leading up caves. I started waking around the lakeshore, it’s beautiful from every angle, with lots to see up above.

I then came to the first of the etheral structures to be found here.

In the distance a stone arch with green light on the far side beckons me. This led me into the forested area with so many visual wonders to see.

The first forest clearing

This reminded me so much of the Isle of Shadows Region of Fantasy Faire 2020 I felt I had to include a photo from my Fantasy Faire post here.

Isle of Shadows, Fantasy Faire 2020.

The woodland here however doesn’t develop into a daker tone as you move through it. It reminded me a little bit of Waterfalls and Dreams, (which I must admit I was rather overly critical of the place) but with more forest than water here. I took so many snapshots as I explored this region, so to save overload/boring you like an old holiday slideshow, I’ve just included some of my favourite shots from this area of the forest before I moved on.

I came to another archway and a set of stairs. obviously they both needed exploring. Since there was likely more through the arch, I took the stairs first.

There is an NPC at the top that asks if my soul is pure enough to go through would seem not!

Continuing through the arch take me into the orchard I mentione, I would say it’s possibly intended to be harvested by hobbits, since each tree has a little ladder!

An orchard for Hobbits

In the background you can see a ladder going up into a cave, I just had to explore. At the top of the ladder (sit on it to go up) you enter a windy series of caves winding a very long way up. There are some open parts that give you a good view of the region, this my favourite:

Nearly at the top…

When you move on up the steps you come to the gates of a house built on a floating island.

Glad for the waterproff outfit

Then comes the inevitable incident that happens at least once when I’m exploring a place, I fell off something. Into a pond, a pretty pond, but still thigh deep water.

A more shady area of woodland

I took a rather sloshy walk to the shore then followed it through another area of woodland. This place was far more sheltered, the kind of place that would be lovely to walk through on a hot day. Also down here I found something that made me feel less guilty for walking around an Elven Forest region in a spacesuit. A crashed Police hovercar in the river.

This eased my feeling of desecrating a beautiful forest by walking around in a Sci-Fi outfit!

A short walk further along the river brings me to the entrance to a town, which for some reason (perhaps it was the two npc guards), made me think of Ankh-Morpork.

I really enjoyed exploring this part of Sindaria, it was very relaxing wandering through the pretty landscape on a rainy weekend in the physical world. Anyone liking your Elvish and medieval places should definitely check it out. I’ll probably come back myself to explore the neighbouring region,but properly attired next time. However as the title of the post suggests I’ll be blogging the Sci-Fi cyberpunk part of Sindaria very soon. Landing Point: Website:


Last Chance City

Last Chance City is a post-apocolyptic style urban roleplay region. The storyline that you can read on their website (link below) tells of a computer virus spreading through everything electronic, taking out all services,communications etc. bringing civilization and humanity to it’s basest survival instincts.

The arrival point is in an abandoned underground station… (De-ja-vus?)

but much lighter environment and larger than the Drune station, as you can see from the pictures.

In fact the whole place feels massive due to a good use different height locations. You’ll notice this as soon as you exit the station up the stairs and arrive at ground level.

There’s a bus waiting outside the station, but given tech is out, so we can ignore it

I headed right out the station towards a diner in the distance

Unsurprisingly empty and cleared out of stocks, so I carried on along the road til I came to an intersection that had a run down church on one corner

Opposite was an abandoned house so I thought I’d have a look inside.

Outside the road turns uphill and at the top I saw a police station and went to investigate.

“POLICE” in sketchy white writing is visible on the building in the distance

The police station has plenty of rooms to explore and provides lots of opportunities, including cells and an outside fenced area.

As well as a police station there’s a Courthouse in the area, so you could roleplay capture through to sentence, if there were still police around. I suspect the gallows may still see occasional use however.

Continuing along the road I came to a collapsed flyover that someone had decided to call home.

From up on the bridge you can see quite a lot of the ruined city

Past the flyover I found the stations of other emergency services, before reaching the imposing doors of what, based on the hazard signs, appeared to be a nuclear facility.

Huge imposing gates..who could refuse?

Walking through the gates it’s rather creepy on the other side.

The gates TP you to a different height, so there’s plenty more to explore in this area.

I went back out and continued my way along the road, to investigate what I’d seen from the flyover.

There seems to be a collection of tables like an abandoned garage sale

Someone with a sense of humour has renamed the pizzeria..

Someone has a sense of humor

Just past here I’m back at the rundown church, having made a circuit of the roadway. This time I stuck my head inside to have a quick look.

There’s lots to see and explore at Last Chance City, with plenty of RP venues. I just made a circuit of one roadway, there may well be lots more TP doors taking you to other locations. But if you want to RP regularly there, I’d recommend you read up on their Lore and rules.

Landing Point: Region Rating: Adult
(Although content could well be classed Moderate or below, it’s the potential roleplay that requires the rating.)

Jacket & Jeans: Urban Agent Rough Street Style by Meli Imako
Boots,Ankle knife and Gun: Cyberpunk Space Combat Suit Set by Meli Imako
Corset: Steel Boned Steampunk Corset by Meli Imako
Hair: Montana-Reds by Truth
Backpack: Wastelands Backpack by DRD

As I mention Death Row Designs (DRD) as maker of my backpack, I thought I’d add that several of the buildings,large parts of scenery as well as little details come from that store. To name just a few parts: The Diner, abandoned house, Courthouse,Flyover bridge…go look for yourself, its impressive.

Time Portal WW1 simulation closing.

I read this morning on Twitter that one of the Time Portal locations in SL, a WW1 simulation was to be closing, so I thought I’d do as the message suggeste. Go have a look before it’s gone!

The location is due to be gone “by years end”, so go check it out. Turn up your sounds and lights down for best experience.

Landing Point:

Drune Crossroads

Drune is back!

I missed the last incarnation of this place, since it doesn’t seem to stay for long, so I’m pleased I got to visit this time around. Hopefully it’ll still be there for you to visit when you read this.

To set the scene this is the land description:

Drune Crossroads
A drift down memory lane, with an eldritch tone. Cyberpunk Streets, Cyber Punk City, Sci Fi, Bladerunner, Lovecraft

So you can expect lots of bright neon lights, dark alleyways and (non-drivable)flying cars.

The arrival point is an Underground (Subway) station.

exit through the ticket barriers up the escalator as you would a real station.

This takes you up into a waiting room

Now we get to the interesting part, exiting this area takes you out into a main street where you are bombarded with the expected neon and shopfronts.

You then come to what must be the proclaimed “crossroads”.

You may have noticed in the last picture in the previous gallery I passed a blue Christmas tree, this becomes relevant when you reach the crosroads.

There’s different coloured trees in different directions, this helps you keep your bearings, when at street level at least. I picked red and went that way.

Drune has lots of little nooks and crannies full of detail, as I walked I saw a sliding door open slightly and had a peek.

This one was a car repair place,not super interesting from my point of view, but illustrates the detail put into the place.

When I got to the end of the road there was a junction

I headed right towards the pink neon lighting a stairwell and wasn’t surprised what I found..a bar with a some rather evocative statues at the entrance and some fun solo dance furniture.

Heading through to the back I had a look down at the street below

Next I retraced my steps down to ground level and took the opposite alley that took me to a ground level bar with a somewhat classier feel.

I then took a nearby fire-escape style staircase which seemed to go on for ever, when I reached the top I look over the edge…it’s a long way down!

However up at the top is a whole nother way of seeing the city, via a maze of walkways.

When I reached the apparent end there seemed to fortunately be a lift back down

But when I took it down and followed the subsequent corridor..It led to a locked door!

I had no choice but to go back up and walk around the gangways. But as I said, it’s a bit of a maze and couldn’t find the stairs! I decided to abandon my pedestrian approach that I try to stick to when exploring and took the express route back to the ground, that you could only get away with in SL, jump over the railing. The fall seemed even further than it looked.

Back on the ground I’d landed in what at first glance was a sex venue of some kind, til I read the second line “Cosmetic Surgery”, not what you normally might associate red or pnk neon with, also not a roleplay avenue I’d want to pursue!

On the whole another great incarnation of the cityscape, worth visiting for sure, lots to be found with lots of attention to detail.

Arrival point: Region Rating: Adult
(although it could probaby get away with being rated Moderate, if it weren’t for a few revealing photos on an upper level,since the signage everywhere appears to be merely suggestive and I didn’t find any furniture with adult animations.)

This post was featured on the SecondLife Community Blog on 14th December 2020

Aluvyn skies

This interesting place I came across via a Discord Server called “Seeking Roleplay” where people can chat about roleplay and related topics as well as advertise locations. This is the description given:

Aluvyn Skies… In a world where everything hovers over an ancient Abyss, and one mis-step can mean death… or worse… how will you choose to find your fate? The floating isles of Aluvyn are home to a host of creatures, some familiar, some fantastic, but all are an integral part of the story, and we’re looking for you to join it! Come join us in this unique medieval fantasy world, and see where you fit in – or not… Perhaps it’s your time to make a difference instead of just ‘get along’… Both dark and light creatures fill this universe, and each has their own allure, but you won’t know where your place is unless you try.

It certainly sounded alluring so I went to visit. It’s divided up into a number of different areas, with intriguing names.

[07:59:02] Obibor's Spring: Obibor's Spring is is rich with the scent of rain and river mud. The grass is soft and damp, welcoming to the bare foot. The spring was formed by the God's as one of the ways for residents to claim water, and most wells in the world are filled from one of the springs that are spread around. This specific one is guarded by a Cairn named Obibor. He is gentle, friendly, but protective of the spring. Should anyone try to cause harm to this island, it is said he will remove them rather violently. The spring is open to all who need water....Ava Bloodrose
[07:59:52] The Stone Garden: The Stone Garden is the true geographical center of Aluvyn, as well as the religious center. This island is entirely neutral, no faction or island owns nor operates here. all are welcome to worship and contemplate the universe in the peaceful garden as they walk as close to the gods as one can get. The Stone Garden is thick with magic, and even the plants seem to exhale it. This place is for refreshing oneself, and replenishing the natural pool of energy within one's soul....Ava Bloodrose
[08:10:53] The Traps: The Traps sprawl before you, darkened by greed and a rather think layer of dirt. There is black market trading everywhere you turn, and you might just land yourself with something valuable once in a while. But be wary, you might end up on the pointy end of a blade if you cross the wrong person....Ava Bloodrose
[08:19:57] The Swamps of Vorst: The sound of cicadas, frogs, and the gentle buble of water greets your ears as you enter the swamps. The air is heavy, but somehow still cool in the shade of the cypress trees. Rare herbs and wood can be found among the Swamps, and though the residents of the Swamps are often hearty and strong, they do not prevent wanderers and visitors from traveling and gathering needed materials. You may find them giving sacrifice to Vorst in the depths of the Swamps, or having a cookout around a giant campfire in the village compound....Ava Bloodrose
[08:38:02] The Smog Islands: The heavy scent of incense and opium greet your nose as you enter the Smog Islands. The air is thick with it, and it's hard to tell if the ever lingering fog is a result of the constantly burning incense or if the air here just creates it endlessly. The island is busy with mine workers and traders coming and going, and you get a sense of authority and direction from the imposingly large building that stands over the docks....Ava Bloodrose

Usually I’d insert my images in-between those quotes of local chat, relating to each specific area. However since several times the messages weren’t always triggering when I landed but when I was leaving by the nearest TP arch, it wasn’t always clear which was which. So rather than wrongly organize the images, I’ve made a gallery of all the snaps I took. Of course doing it this way should also be more incentive for you to go explore for yourself.

Landing Point:


Halloween 2020: This is Halloween

“This is Halloween” quite a self confident name/claim for a location I thought when I saw it on the Destinations, so I had to have a look and see if it lived up to it.

It does certainly give you that kind of feel on arrival, the mandatoryhooded ghoulish figure, twisted trees and some pumpkins.

Behind you are some more trees with an inviting path, so that’s the way I headed

Through the trees and a dark hollow log tunnel, leads you to enchanging night view

and of course, the pumkin patch

Following the paths in any direction take you to a variety of spooky sights, I’ll include a few snaps here, but it’s worth having an explore to feel the spooky atmosphere yourself.

Does it live up to it’s namesake title? Well it has all the expected parts, the conclusion I leave you.

Landing point:

Featured on SecondLife Community Blog 19th November 2020

Halloween 2020: Spellbound Academy

Update 16th November 2020:Spellbound Academy to Close!

It’s true. The Spellbound Academy of Sorcery will soon be closing it’s gates for the last time. [..] The main Spellbound game (estimated at around 8 hours of game-play) AND the special bonus game for Premium Peas will close on 31 December, so make sure you finish it soon!


After visits to a few dark and spooky places, I thought a lighter feel and more fun one was needed. So I’m writing about Spellbound Academy, which has a very strong Harry Potter type feel to it.

The Academy isn’t just a place to wander around, it’s an interactive game with searching and tasks to do.

To start playing you need their HUD, which while the signs say you have to Buy it, all I had to do was join the (free) group and click the HUD vendor to get started.

You’ll need to click the various crates around the table as well to get a free wand  before you can get through the gates into the Academy.

The arrival point is like a quaint village centre ringed by stores selling in theme items. The stall holders/shop keepers are NPCs you can interact with.

These pets and wands are optional paid-for gameplay enhancements.

I think a wand is probably the most useful item to acquire if you chose because if you log out and come back another day..

[09:15:02] Spellbound Free Wand V3.3: You have a free wand, but if you leave Spellbound, you'll have to come back here to the donation crate for a new one unless you purchase a wand. have to come back and get another one. But given the wands only cost 75L$ it’s not so bad. The pet owls on the other hand are 499L$ and help you locate crystals. At the time of writing, I’d bought neither item.

When you arrive in the main hall, have a bit of a wander, the layout is fairly simple, with a series of locked doors on two levels that you must collect sufficient crystals to pass through.

First couple of things you will need to do is collect the contents of the chest at the top of the stairs.

Then interact with the tree in the middle of the hall, where the collection of blue crystals shards are. (The tree isn’t pictured on account of it not being there when your first arrive and that I didn’t know it’d vanish later!) Once you’ve pressed all the dialog options, you can begin your search for crystals and start opening doors to other levels.

The first door you’ll be open takes you to a hall with a firey theme, the Ignis house.

In each corner there are boards you can interact with to learn spells, each requiring different amounts of Mana crystals.

Next up is the the Aqua house with watery theme and associated spells to learn.

So far I only explored these first two houses, but from the info at the arrival point, there’s two more to get to:

Its a fun game to spend some time on (potentially a Lot of time!) if you’re into witchy/wizardy type stuff of the Harry Potter style.


Landing point:

Game website:

Halloween 2020: Forgotten Souls

Forgotten Souls is a “abandoned frontier town” type of place with some older and newer elements thrown in. The landing point drops you outside a cemetery, but you can’t enter directly from this side so I took a wander.

There appeared to be some lights in the other direction, so I headed that way and found what appeared to be an old store of some kind.

Place unsurprisingly a bit of a wreck, but some figures ehead so I headed in that direction

Which lead me to some of what must be the Lost Souls the place is named for.

I took some stairs outside a near building to give me a bit of a better view

Seeing that there appeared to just be wasteland beyond the living corpses I went back the other way to see what else the town had to offer.

First stop was obviously the Cemetery

Further along what could only be called the main street was a foreboding building on the opposite side, the Asylum.

I just had to have a peek inside..

At the end of the street there appears some kind of ruined train carriage

Seems someone was living in it for some time, but evidently now a long time ago.

following the road around I found the rear of the main street had some shop fronts

Looking at the decayed shop buildings, I almost missed a stone staircase hidden in the mist

So up I inevitably went to investigate

At the top I found a half collapsed columned structure and within it a rather disturbing scene.

I retraced my steps back out to the main street and decided to see if there was any mysteries behind the store I saw on arrival. Sure enough I found a lake behind it.

Along with a number of other buildings that I’ll leave you to explore!

Landing point:

Featured on Secondlife Community Blog 8th October 2020.

Halloween 2020: Dead Mans Island

My next stop for this Halloween seasons wanderings is Dead Mans Island. The name couldn’t be more accurate, you can hardly turn anywhere without sight of a corpse, grave or some spooky sight. It’s fantastic!

I arrived in the hallway of the the regions spooky mansion, which I don’t think is the intended arrival point, but doesn’t really matter.

My view on first arrival arrival

Behind me is the main entrance leading outside

Entrance hallway

Rather than heading out, first I decided to have a look up the stairs

A creaky staircase with lights on upstairs, is that signs of life?

So I up I go and explore the rooms

Back down stairs I went through into the next room that turned out to be the kitchen, but I don’t think it’s regular food being cooked in this cauldron!

Don’t think I want to know what’s in the pot

Back the other way to the main doors outside, leading to a long pathway out into a dark forest.

Outside the gates I found this cute little night watchmen, although I expect they’d object to “cute”.

Then a glance the other way and ..uh..skeleton musicians?

Anyway straight ahead and uphill is where the path leads

At the top I find a solemn monk statue and some suggestions this is the intended Arrival point.

While I survey the forested and swampy landscape below, something unpleasant is surveying *me*.

So back down the hill to investigate what looked like a mine entrance to my left

Bones outside seem a bit foreboding but I go have a look anyway..more bodies!

Exiting the mine I cross very misty the swamp

On the far side I see a building at the top of the hill

I find it guarded by some fearsome creatures, a large Demon and some Hell Hounds.

Inside I find it was at some point a church, but I don’t think there’s been anything Holy about this place for a long time!

After a respectful moment at the altar I head out again and follow the coastline, when I stop to take a moment to look out across the water, I find a werewolf and his victim lying on the ground.

A werewolf and it’s prey

I move on hastily past so as not to interrupt it’s snack and become dessert. Just in case I duck inside a little mausoleum next to the cemetery gates

I wait inside for a few minutes to make sure he’s not followed me, it’s quite comfy!

Moving on into the cemetery it seems fairly empty, presumably because most of the dead are up and about! The main feature of the graveyard is a single large Angel statue…with no head!

Back out onto the coast path there’s a good view across to the spooky Mansion.

I wandered around the rear of the building to see if there was any more sppoks to be seen. Unsurprisingly there’s another graveyard.

Not so many here, maybe was just the homeowner personal cemetery perhaps? As I was about to head back around to the front door, I saw a light further along the coast

Maybe the houses former inhabitants aren’t at rest at all!

Even the nearby vegetation is looking far from healthy!

Dead Mans Island definitely should be on any Halloween fans list to visit.

Mansion hallway:

Hilltop arrival point:

Deadman’s Island Flickr