Neo Machina

I was scrolling through a Second Life social media feed yesterday when something yellow jumped out at me. It was a post about a location called Neo Machina that was no longer going to be closing. Now I’d not heard of this place, but it seemed to be an urban cyberpunk setting, which just happened to feature yellow neon. Long term readers will get the relevance of this, but not new readers. My long running sci-fi/ cyberpunk roleplay character is a courier for a fictional company by the name of All Mars Zone Interplanetary Shipping (AMZ for short) and their company colours are black & yellow. So I just had to go check the place out.

This Neo Machina is an interpretation by the owner of a much older location of the same name that disappeared a few years ago, in the way Second Life venues sadly tend to.

I had a good wander around this place and it definitely gives you the vibe of the city description below.

NEO MACHINA was once a sprawling and thriving industrial city, ruled by corporate dominance under supervision of the ruthless Authority. In the year 3285 humanity realized their vision in creating engines that could take them to the furthest reaches of the stars, and beyond. What they failed to avoid, and create proper fail-safes for, was the complete degradation of time and space due to the manner of which they travel: Through the synthesis and ignition of dark matter.

Left in the wake of one thousand Life vessels carrying billions of people in Ark Cores off to find new planets and new homes, is a deteriorating planet, and an exploding star. In the atmosphere hangs a wormhole, left behind by the corporations that abandoned the planet under threat of certain doom. All who remain struggle to keep hold of some normalcy of life one hundred years later as the continued threat of total collapse looms above.

Can they rebuild? Will those that remain find a way to survive?

Welcome point notecard

Given the references to long distance travel and struggling for survival, I’m sure there might be a place for AMZ in there somewhere to supply the crumbling planet.

Outfit Credits:

  • Pants:[ContraptioN] Arva Tech Pants – at FaMESHed
  • Boots:[ContraptioN] Arva Boots – at The Warehouse
  • Jacket: Meva Tiz Jacket – Mainstore
  • Eye (Left): Astara – Cyber Eye Augment by ASTRA –Marketplace
  • Backpack: [ContraptioN] Hard Shell Backpack – Contraption Sci-Fi
  • Chin guard: [ContraptioN] x TURB – Jaw Protector – Contraption Sci-Fi
  • Body tattoo: HIATUS – Hive Tattoo – Store link (via Silvia Antorian profile unable to find item)

Arrival Point:

Featured on Second Life Community Blog 6th March 2024