Inferno by Hera

Inferno is the creation of Hera, creator of the Drune series of Dystopian Cyberpunk cityscapes,Goatswood,Golgothica as well as Gigerpunk that I have yet to visit.


This was only out for a week so here it is again.;
I have wanted to do something Hell like for a long time,
then just recently I did something totally unrelated that inspired me.
I have used a very familiar layout which I like because it is just a set
of focal points rather than a whole sim full of space to fill with nothing in particular.

(From Notecard at arrival point)

I however didn’t read the notecard until later, I prefer to be surprised when I visit somewhere new. When you take the teleport you arrive in a suitably dark doorway with a very ominous view.

A few steps foeward out of the shadows and you see, yes it really does look like Hell.

To either side you see a series of rather narrow looking bridges connecting together what are best described as temples.

The centre path is the one I chose though on my journey through the perilous paths.

Here the paths branched off to the other destinations. These little temples were what you would expect here, creepy statues and decor, but not all the same, so it’s worth exploring!

As you can see in the quote from the notecard above, last time this build appeared it was only for a week. I asked Hera how long it would be around this time and the reply was “probably not very long.”

So get a move on if you want to see this place before it’s gone!

(That goes for GigerPunk too apparently, so I and you will have to dash to see that one as well!)

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