Return to Goatswood

Exploring the latest version of Goatswood by Hera, a beautiful location in Second Life.

Back in 2019 I wrote about Goatswood, created by Hera, who has created a wide range of stunning locations over the years. What I visited back then was a reinvention of a much older build; now a larger version is back again for us all to enjoy one again.

As before your arrival point is in a rural railway station, but this is not Goatswood itself, it is a place called Mortchester. You must travel to Goatswood by clicking it’s named platform sign, there’s another sign for Houdstead, but for now I’m headed to Goatswood.

Leave the platform through the station building and you emerge onto the main street.

The layout of the village encourages you to head straight down the main street, but I find usually there’s more interesting stuff if you take a less direct route, so I went down the path to the right. This leads you through to the back of the buildings, where you’ll find various animals before arriving back on the street.

It’s these little details that make Hera’s creations and bring them to life, because many of the houses on the streets are empty shells but give the feeling of a busy place.

Where I came out onto the street was adjacent to the Wild Man Inn so I obviously had to investigate.

The inn is the same one as that from my previous visit, which was to be expected with it being the same village. Here though there is a lovely beer garden out the back where you can enjoy a drink or two if the weathers nice.

Leaving the inn back onto the main street you can see how much larger this incarnation of Goatswood really is.

I shall stop my step-by-step wandering here and just show a few of the places you may see when you come to explore for yourself.

This version of Goatswood is much larger than the one I explored in 2019 and is full of little gems of detail to be found as well as places to just chill out with your friends.

I would suggest bringing a lantern or torch with you, in case it’s dark when you visit, putting your environment settings to Midday may allow you to see where you’re going but some of the atmosphere gets lost. I made seperate visits at different times to experience the different atmospheres of day and night.

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