Mers at Esprit Marina

As any regular readers can’t have missed, it was Fantasy Faire recently. Last year I got all wrapped up in the world of SecondLife Centaurs after the Faire, this year it’s Mers. There was lots of chatter and pictures of forthcoming releases prior to the opening of the Faire so I dived in and bought myself a Mernaid tail.

I wrote a post during the Faire featuring a Mermaid, but felt I now needed to explore more of the undersea world of Second Life. Fortunatley my good friend Sheree who is a regular marine explorer had a good place to check out. The place is called Esprit Marina and Gardens.

There is a Rezzing area here for your marine vehicles, but I was interested in what lay beneath the calm waters of the harbour.

After a little exploring we found this lovely little dance spot to swish around to your hearts contnet.

There was more to see though…

Come bring your tail or scuba gear and see the place for yourself.

Water location:
Dock Location:

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