The Broken Path of Aquarius

The mermaid loved to swim near the city where the path had been damaged. The magic that had held it in place above the water persisted, so the pieces were suspended in mid-fall below the waters surface. The glow of magic reflected so beautifully through the water it made for a lovely swim.

No-one is quite sure any more what caused the path to break, it must have been a considerable impact to be stronger than the magic, but then the path was only intended for the passage of humans and other land-dwellers. The common speculation is that a visiting giant had tried to cross, given the scale of a statue on the shore. Giants had not been seen in these parts of the Fairelands within living memory and the Fey lived very long lives.

Outfit Credits:

  • Tail Texture: TNNMermaid =Glowing Black= for Nemissa {BOM} – Tir Na Nog
  • Feather top: Feathers on chest – AseRiz
  • Lips: Mermaid Lips 02 – Genus BOM – Second Moon
  • Hair: Mermaid Wet Hair – Second Moon

Non-Faire Items:

  • Skin: SG BOM Skin Clean B – JIale – StarGazer Creations

Location: Lost to the Mysts of Time

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