SLEA: Love Robot 69

Yesterday evening I attended a show. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was blown away by what I saw.

This is the description I was given:

“Love Robot 69”, created by Chrix & Lalie using the Bloom system, is SLEA’s latest particle show, succeeding “Flower of Evil”. This performance delves into themes of sex robots and AI companions, merging sensuality and technology. A visual journey that encourages reflection on virtual relationships, offering a perspective on the evolution of intimacy in the digital age.

I’ve seen virtual fireworks and numerous particle light shows in Second Life before, but this topped all of them by miles.

Before the show starts there is simply a female avatar rotating in the air. When I use the word “avatar” here I do not mean the forms in which we inhabit the virtual world, I mean the classical interpretation that has existed long before computers. It has a number of definitions, often relating to a god’s form on Earth to the more abstract. In this case I’m going for:

“The physical embodiment of an idea or concept; a personification.”

Although by the end of the show, you may think it’s the former definition!

This creation is roughly twice the height of the average Second Life human avatar. Despite the suggestive title this is a PG presentation, so anyone can enjoy it.

The lights go out, music starts and you’re presented with a stunning display of sound,colour and motion for the best part of an hour.

I took way more snapshots than I could possibly fit here, so I’ve picked a selection to try and illustrate this amazing display.

As it says in the description, this is an SLEA (Second Life Endowment for the Arts) grant funded project and the Lab certainly got their money’s worth this time. It’s a collaboration between Chrix (chrixbed) and Lalie Sorbet that’s definitely worth an hour of your time.

I enquired when the show would be repeated and was told:

“It will be set in the next couple of days [to run] for 3-4 weeks.”

Update 17th Feb 2024: The show is now running on a constant loop, so you can go see it anytime. This means that you could arrive at any point during the presentation, but as a sort of guide as to where you’re at my photos are in chronological order. The video clip at the top and first two images in the gallery are from the start.


SLEA website:

A final Note of Caution. I make no secret inworld of the fact that I have epilepsy. Fortunately however I am not particularly “photosensitive”, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the show. This fantastic display contains rapidly changing lights and motion, if you do suffer from photosensitivity of any kind, watch at your own risk.