Golgothica – Enchanting Woods and Layrinthine Castle

Golgothica is the creation of Hera, mastermind behind the Drune series of Distopian Cyberpunk cityscapes and unbeknown to me til recently, Goatswood that I wrote about briefly before.

The landing point for both Drune: Babalon and Golgothica is now in a skybox, where you choose a TP pad to either.

I usually take my pictures in a single visit but that didn’t work out this time. On my return visit however I saw a well-known figure.

Ground arrival is on a ship

When you get to the ground you arrive on a ship, but wait, who is this? The infamous Inara Pey!

I find the infamous Inara Pey at the prow

She was occupied so I went about my way, down onto the dock.

I went right and up the steps, heading down the street opposite, which seems to a strange green light at the far end.

As I proceed through the dark streets mor becomes visible, there’s a small stream at the end of the road and the light seems to be coming from the far side.

Unfortunately no bridge,so looks like I’ll be getting wet feet.

Not deep water, but enough to be unpleasant I’m sure.

Across the stream I come onto a a path that leads to either side but not towards the lights. What kind of explorer sticks to paths anyway? I push on into the woods looking for the source of the mysterious light.

Who needs paths?

Here I find a number of beutiful little scenes, first a pool watched over by a statue of what may well be the forest deity, Pan.

A forest pool, watched over by Pan

Then another light leads me on into the undergrowth and I come across a natural stone altar covered with candes and flowers.

A rustic altar in a small clearing

From here I can also see some tall columns among the trees and investigate, where I find a much more formal and ornate altar and worship space.

A more formal, but overgrown sacred space.

Beyond the pillars a stone building and torch light can be seen, so I push on out of the woods and up onto the path.

Entrance to the castle, complete with hanging cages outside

Through the gates I go, to find an abandoned cart and only one place to go, up the ramp to the right.

The path leads up and to another gate at the top before opening into a larger open space with lots of possible choices of where to explore.

Another gate of which you will see many, leads you inside.
Plenty of choice where to explore

This is somewhere you can easily get lost, so I won’t deprive you of that joy! Instead I’ll let you find your own way and show some of the places you may find.

There’s a LOT to see here at Golgothica and I have just explored a part of it. You can see in the centre of the picture below the ship where arrived and the woods I came through. Maybe I’ll come back and visit the windmill and the chapel-like building on the opposite corner.

Aerial view of Golgothica from near the NW corner of the region.

Arrival skybox: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blissful%20Summer/131/128/3047

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