The Earth Sphere

Wandering through the greenery she passes almost unnoticed except by the wildlife. Her dappled skin was perfect for remaining hidden from unwanted intruders.

There’s been a lot more of those in recent times, the humans massacring vast swathes of the precious forests. So many dryads have had to flee their homes to the cries only they can hear of their beloved trees before they are promptly silenced forever.

Little do the humans know that despite these great losses the Faire Folk will survive as they always have, more and more retreating to the Faire Lands each year to rejuvinate them. But would they care if they did know?

One of the keys to keeping the magic of the Faire Folk alive is the Spheres. These artifacts created long ago are sources of great power and different ones were distributed among the different fae races, both light and dark. Apart but connected at a spiritual level with simple instinct to survive.

As far as she knows each race of Faire Folk keeps their Sphere safe and secret place below or next to the symbol of the Gods, as close to a leyline as possible. This is the tradition they were taught and have followed it for generations. She has no way of knowing if they did or not, or if they remembered the importance of the relics, but she prayed they did.

Today she did something that she knew she shouldn’t, but did it anyway. She took the relics from their hiding place and sat with them on the table in front of her, the glowing letters of the symbol of the Gods and the moving tree inside the Sphere calmed and reassured her. She certainly needed that today with the news of another woodland lost.

There’s a whole collection of eggs available at Fallen Gods, in 100% RFL Donation Vendors.


Location: The Seventh Valley



  • Skin: [Stargazer] Variety Skin Set BOM – Envy SE
  • Tattoo: *Rainbow Sundae* Dryad Skin Overlay 02
  • Hair: Raven Bell – Nereid Hair [Fatpack] -Raven Bell
  • Dress: (*<*) 1313 Jasnah Dress – Olive – 1313
  • Necklace: [+Oblivis+] Gehenna Key – Oblivis
  • Sphere: ~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 61 “The Golden Leaf” – Fallen Gods
  • Throne: Forest Throne – Wythburn
  • Table: Forest Table: – Wythburn
  • Symbol of the Gods (Faire Symbol) : Deluxe Quest HUD Box from any Arrival point
  • Body: Maitreya
  • Head: Genus Project– Strong Face
  • Lips:TREND – Maleficient Lips Fatpack


Dinosaur Hunting at Khol Dracys

Hunting huge reptiles is a tricky business. Some of them are slow and easily escaped from, others will outpace you in seconds. They also have rather tough hides that are definitely more like armour than skin. So you need a strategy, you need somewhere you can get close enough that you can almost look into their eyes,since that’s where you’ve gotta get your arrow. Then somewhere you can retreat to immediately so that any others in the area can’t chase you. So this particular foray is extremely risky, I’m likely to be exposed for longer than I’d like and the entrance to the Scrimshaw Warrens caves behind me is futher then I’d like as well.


  • Sandals:(*<*) 1313 Sharla Sandals – Worn Hide – 1313
  • Dress:  .Viki. Amnerys – Wolf – Del-ka Aedilis
  • Bow&Quiver: CKF RavenSoul_Plain Bow – CKif Falconry (no longer availalbe)
  • Body: Maitreya 5.3
  • Head: Genus Project– Strong Face
  • Skin: Anjelica – Natural (Alabaster by -{The Attic}-
  • Hair: Montana-Reds by Truth

Location: Khol Dracys

Personally I think the best arrival point though is approaching from the Scrimshaw Warrens, where you are greeted by the native animesh inhabitants.

The Magicians of A’dracunas

A year has passed since the spectacular explosion among the stars that was the self destruction of our sister planet, Cassiopeia (a Faire Folk story I wrote last year) by its remaining inhabitants. We mourn their loss but they had let the memories of our origins be forgotten. They had stopped performing the rituals that kept the subterranean beasts of our twin planets where they belonged, underground.

They had become shallow lip service festivals instead of a nescesity for survival. These rituals reinforced the spells of magical confinement enforced on the reptilian beasts that would consume us all.

The responsibility for this fell to the descendants of the original spell casters, that were marked by brightly coloured patches on their skin. It was a pale remnant of ancestors whose bodies were covered in such and could weave great magic. Strangely this didn’t always follow in families, sometimes an unrelated child may be born with the marks, the dormant powers floating around in the population gene pool to surface randomly. Some saw it as blessing others as a curse, but regardless, all knew the child would have to seek us out and be trained for the sake of our races survival.

Most of the time we wore long hooded robes and kept to ourselves, some among the population resented the power we could wield, even if it was much diminished from our ancestors. But twice a year at the Solsices we emerge and perform the required ritual to reinforce the magical barriers that keep us all safe.

Image from Gyazo

Location: A’Dracunas


  • Skirt: ::GB:: koshikimono (F) / – Gabriel
  • Gauntlets: ::GB:: Cross obi tops & Gauntlets / Black – Gabriel
  • Bra: ::GB:: Katahaori 2020 (F) / – Gabriel
  • Skin: :[P]: & TRAP – Kalari Vors Skin [F] – Verrys
  • Tattoos: [ET]: Rainbow Cursed – Stage 1 – Arms (System/BoM)
  • Tattoo: :[ET]: Rainbow Cursed – Stage 3 – Torso (System/BoM)
  • Eyes: 1. **CC** – Arcane Chill Eyes & FX – Coles Corner
  • Halo effect: **CC** – Arcane Chill Halo – Coles Corner
  • Hand effect: 4. **CC** – Arcane Chill Hand FX – Coles Corner
  • Lip Gloss: TREND – Maleficient Lips – Fatpack
  • Animations via “FAC Pagan Alter” from Fairy Angel Creations

Valhallah – The Ritual


Ava reaches the valley of Valhalla weary but energised by the sight of the great waterfalls and towering statues, she is home.

Rounding the bend in the path she sees the waterfall in it’s full glory and the platform at that top which is her destination.

Her destination awaits
Glad to be home

She scales the mighty steps for the first time in a long time and enters one of the great halls.

She takes a moment to refresh herself and change out of her travelling clothes before taking a seat in the hall.

She doesn’t intend to spend long there, she knows she has a ritual to prepare for! Once she feels rested somewhat she leaves the hall and makes her way to high platform of the tree.

On her way down she pauses to admire the valley in all it’s glory.


Travelling clothes:

  • Outfit and face tattoo: :SF: Tove – Scarlet Fey
  • Necklace: VENGE ‘Mjolnir’ Necklace – Venge
  • Backpack: Girls Backpack from Meli Imako
  • Hair: Raven Bell – Luxe -Raven Bell

Ritual Outfit:

  • Dress: *PSS* Elfen Song – PSS
  • Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai – Fisk – earring – Silver
  • Hair: Raven Bell & !R! – Percival Hair & Ryme Circlet -Raven Bell

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The Valkyrie Guardian

The Valkyrie stands guard at the portal to the Mortal Realm. Not the most exciting of jobs, since the chances of Mortals finding the path that their winged mounts take to bring the souls of dead warriors to Valhallah is pretty slim. But Mortals have now developed their airships, which at least making it a possibility to be guarded against.


  • Building:Stone Gazebo – Atlantean Dreams – Mindgardens Creations
  • Background portal:[.fn] Astral Portal – A Fantastical Notion
  • Armour:*Lurve* Valkyrie Spirit Outift in Coal
  • Dagger: {SolEtLu} – Dismay Dagger
  • Face Tattoo:[n.a.p] Prophet’s Vision – Black – Not a peep
  • Eye applier:[n.a.p] Hoard Eyes – Not a peep
  • Hair: Raven Bell – Celeste Hair -Raven Bell
  • Sheild: *LuLu* FreyaShield_05_UNCOMMON – Enchantment Event
  • Lip Gloss: TREND Makeup – Exotic Lip Gloss
  • Body: Maitreya
  • Head: Genus Project– Strong Face
  • Skin: -{The Attic}- Anjelica – Natural (Alabaster)

Fantasy Faire Folk: Under the Pass

Alara had heard the trembling and vibrations in the ground as she slept during the daylight hours. They got stronger the closer she got to the mountains and home.

She had seen machinery on a large scale sometimes pass nearby as she traveled at night. What were the surface-dwellers doing?

Rather than taking the cave entrance into the centuries old subterranean city her people called home, she decided to investigate what was going on. She climbed the slope in darkness, to a position where she could look down on the surface settlement and froze with shock.

They had always mined the rock miles above her home, but never had she seen a drill of that size! She looked down into the crater trying to visualize the layout of the city below. If they dug much further they would start to uncover old entrance tunnels!

The giant drill that threatens her subterranean home.

She descended the slope away from the settlement towards the nearest entrance, she must warn her people. No doubt some would already be scared by the inevitable increased noise, but she suspected the Elders would be dismissing it as just more mining if they had no idea what was above them. Stopped for now, but inevitably that drill will start again.


  • Outfit: Venetia
  • Mask: Mucronate Mask – Torn Black by [CX]
  • Skin: Classic Vamp Skin by Snow
  • Hair: Raven Belle – Luxe Hair

Location: Lost in the Mysts of Time



This fictional piece was written for Fantasy Faire 2020 Faire Bloggers Challenge “Faire Folk”

Fantasy Faire Folk: Cassiopeia

Visitors may think that the large serpentine statutes around Cassiopeia are just that, statute. They would be wrong.

The statues are meant to be a warning reminder of the planets largest natural predator. Although they have not been seen for a long time and have almost become myth. Yet the evolutionary evidence of the humanoid population cannot be denied, having dark patterned skin that would allow them to blend into natural terrain like a chameleon.

Evidently the humanoid population did not evolve from apes.

Custom dictates bright coloured clothing only be worn in private, going against this is frowned upon particularly by older generations. They say all stories are based on a grain of truth and the same can be said for customs originating from necessity. In this case it was survival.

A question that remains unanswered though is why each serpent statute is accompanied by what those of Earth would call an Angel? Do they represent an alien race? Perhaps a visiting race that destroyed the serpents, to allow the humanoids to thrive. Were they guardians against the serpents, or their keepers? The answers are no doubt long lost.

The serpent statues of Cassiopeia


  • Spacesuit:Space Cadet Bodysuit by {REC} at Agra Adara, Fantasy FaireSkin: Wild Space Skin Set from Stargazer CreationsHair: Raven Belle – Luxe Hair

This fictional piece was written for Fantasy Faire 2020 Faire Bloggers Challenge “Faire Folk”