Valhallah – The Ritual


Ava reaches the valley of Valhalla weary but energised by the sight of the great waterfalls and towering statues, she is home.

Rounding the bend in the path she sees the waterfall in it’s full glory and the platform at that top which is her destination.

Her destination awaits
Glad to be home

She scales the mighty steps for the first time in a long time and enters one of the great halls.

She takes a moment to refresh herself and change out of her travelling clothes before taking a seat in the hall.

She doesn’t intend to spend long there, she knows she has a ritual to prepare for! Once she feels rested somewhat she leaves the hall and makes her way to high platform of the tree.

On her way down she pauses to admire the valley in all it’s glory.


Travelling clothes:

  • Outfit and face tattoo: :SF: Tove – Scarlet Fey
  • Necklace: VENGE ‘Mjolnir’ Necklace – Venge
  • Backpack: Girls Backpack from Meli Imako
  • Hair: Raven Bell – Luxe -Raven Bell

Ritual Outfit:

  • Dress: *PSS* Elfen Song – PSS
  • Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai – Fisk – earring – Silver
  • Hair: Raven Bell & !R! – Percival Hair & Ryme Circlet -Raven Bell

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