The Valkyrie Guardian

The Valkyrie stands guard at the portal to the Mortal Realm. Not the most exciting of jobs, since the chances of Mortals finding the path that their winged mounts take to bring the souls of dead warriors to Valhallah is pretty slim. But Mortals have now developed their airships, which at least making it a possibility to be guarded against.


  • Building:Stone Gazebo – Atlantean Dreams – Mindgardens Creations
  • Background portal:[.fn] Astral Portal – A Fantastical Notion
  • Armour:*Lurve* Valkyrie Spirit Outift in Coal
  • Dagger: {SolEtLu} – Dismay Dagger
  • Face Tattoo:[n.a.p] Prophet’s Vision – Black – Not a peep
  • Eye applier:[n.a.p] Hoard Eyes – Not a peep
  • Hair: Raven Bell – Celeste Hair -Raven Bell
  • Sheild: *LuLu* FreyaShield_05_UNCOMMON – Enchantment Event
  • Lip Gloss: TREND Makeup – Exotic Lip Gloss
  • Body: Maitreya
  • Head: Genus Project– Strong Face
  • Skin: -{The Attic}- Anjelica – Natural (Alabaster)