Dinosaur Hunting at Khol Dracys

Hunting huge reptiles is a tricky business. Some of them are slow and easily escaped from, others will outpace you in seconds. They also have rather tough hides that are definitely more like armour than skin. So you need a strategy, you need somewhere you can get close enough that you can almost look into their eyes,since that’s where you’ve gotta get your arrow. Then somewhere you can retreat to immediately so that any others in the area can’t chase you. So this particular foray is extremely risky, I’m likely to be exposed for longer than I’d like and the entrance to the Scrimshaw Warrens caves behind me is futher then I’d like as well.


  • Sandals:(*<*) 1313 Sharla Sandals – Worn Hide – 1313
  • Dress:  .Viki. Amnerys – Wolf – Del-ka Aedilis
  • Bow&Quiver: CKF RavenSoul_Plain Bow – CKif Falconry (no longer availalbe)
  • Body: Maitreya 5.3
  • Head: Genus Project– Strong Face
  • Skin: Anjelica – Natural (Alabaster by -{The Attic}-
  • Hair: Montana-Reds by Truth

Location: Khol Dracys

Personally I think the best arrival point though is approaching from the Scrimshaw Warrens, where you are greeted by the native animesh inhabitants.