Thoughts on: Return to true Gor: Let’s start with making the meter less dominant

I don’t usually re-blog other people’s posts, I think this may actually be the first time, but this one made me want to.

When I was roleplaying in SL Gor, I really hated the combat element. Not just because I was dreadful at it, but because I like stories and good roleplay allows the creation of great ones which I felt the combat spoiled. I played the local tavern keeper, which gave me a safe place to create those stories, because taverns are traditionally “safe-zones”.

Header image: An old screenshot from 2019 showing a griefer dressed as a Star Wars character,abusing the combat system right outside my tavern in the safe zone.

I’m not sure how I feel about the term “true Gorean”, because Gorean is a fictional term (I’d compare that to calling yourself a Jedi Knight or something) but in this case it refers to role-playing realistically in relation to Gor story-world lore. If the requirement is to have actually read some of the books, then I meet it and what a feat that actually is and shows a players dedication.

I’m glad my old friend Mariko is advocating for a less combat-oriented community, it was a contributing factor to my departure as the nearby panther tribe became more focused on combat than stories.

On the rare occasion I was in the tavern on Friday night or at the weekend you couldn’t concentrate for the noise. I had panther camps on three sides of my location, so there was a ridiculous number of combat meters flooding local chat with messages about who shot who. Which apart from being very annoying, from a story point of view, it was information I’d have no way of knowing from within the tavern compound.

I know meters aren’t going anywhere, too many people like them and non-creative, combat-focused “pew-pewer” players use them to initiate stories by starting fights. It would be nice though if this wasn’t the focus of roleplay in SL Gor. So I invite you to read what Mariko Marchant, a long-time and respected member of the SL Gor community has to say on the matter:

Well if you are a true Gorean and you read some or even all the books of John Norman would you expect that a craftsman, a weapon maker in  a city  would have a document with the standards a weapon should have to be approved? I ask myself, approved by whom? There is no such […]

Return to true Gor: Let’s start with making the meter less dominant

Fandom Con is Here!

The new Mega Event to benefit the American Cancer Society is here! It’s been long-awaited after a schedule change, the doors open at 9am SLT today and runs until 31st July.

There’s lots of activities going on over the 10 day event across the 8 regions, you can find the details on the Events Schedule page of the Fandom Website.

You will find a number of portals at the Welcome Hub that will take you to each of the different regions, I’d suggest creating a Landmark there.

Outfit Credits:

I’m wearing the Silver (with Black options) version of this suit but there’s an Event Exclusive Blue one at the Mindgarden Creations Booth that is a 100% Donation vendor.

The poster says “can be worn with other body types”, which is the case in my photo I’m wearing my regular Maireya body. The outfit parts can be worn sepeartely from the suit, if you wanted a more skimpy look and pasties are provided in the box, if you chose to do so.

Photo Location:

Welcome Hub Teleporters:

Featured on the Second Life Community Blog on the day of publication.

Inferno by Hera

Inferno is the creation of Hera, creator of the Drune series of Dystopian Cyberpunk cityscapes,Goatswood,Golgothica as well as Gigerpunk that I have yet to visit.


This was only out for a week so here it is again.;
I have wanted to do something Hell like for a long time,
then just recently I did something totally unrelated that inspired me.
I have used a very familiar layout which I like because it is just a set
of focal points rather than a whole sim full of space to fill with nothing in particular.

(From Notecard at arrival point)

I however didn’t read the notecard until later, I prefer to be surprised when I visit somewhere new. When you take the teleport you arrive in a suitably dark doorway with a very ominous view.

A few steps foeward out of the shadows and you see, yes it really does look like Hell.

To either side you see a series of rather narrow looking bridges connecting together what are best described as temples.

The centre path is the one I chose though on my journey through the perilous paths.

Here the paths branched off to the other destinations. These little temples were what you would expect here, creepy statues and decor, but not all the same, so it’s worth exploring!

As you can see in the quote from the notecard above, last time this build appeared it was only for a week. I asked Hera how long it would be around this time and the reply was “probably not very long.”

So get a move on if you want to see this place before it’s gone!

(That goes for GigerPunk too apparently, so I and you will have to dash to see that one as well!)

Landing Point:

Mers at Esprit Marina

As any regular readers can’t have missed, it was Fantasy Faire recently. Last year I got all wrapped up in the world of SecondLife Centaurs after the Faire, this year it’s Mers. There was lots of chatter and pictures of forthcoming releases prior to the opening of the Faire so I dived in and bought myself a Mernaid tail.

I wrote a post during the Faire featuring a Mermaid, but felt I now needed to explore more of the undersea world of Second Life. Fortunatley my good friend Sheree who is a regular marine explorer had a good place to check out. The place is called Esprit Marina and Gardens.

There is a Rezzing area here for your marine vehicles, but I was interested in what lay beneath the calm waters of the harbour.

After a little exploring we found this lovely little dance spot to swish around to your hearts contnet.

There was more to see though…

Come bring your tail or scuba gear and see the place for yourself.

Water location:
Dock Location:

Ava’s Outfit Credits:

The Watcher Roams Nova Nadiya

Having grown tired of the stares of the Frostweald villagers, the Watcher decides maybe It’s time to explore furhter afield. Having heard of an icy lake in a place called Nova Nadiya, she decides to investigate. She may like the cold but she still needs shelter, blizzards are horrid whatever your preferred climate, so she will have to find somewhere before she decides to move.

Entering the area there are signs of Human habitation, hopefully they stay there.

There seems to be a few possibilities for a new home, though having dragons nearby might be an issue. Alternatively they may keep people away and only the most determined would seek her out.

I wanted anothe opportunity to show off these fab items from Fantasy Faire! (Including the new skin since the previous post)
So you need a cute headshot for that too!


Outfit Credits:

  • Skin: M&M – LeLutka Evo – GHOST – Yvaine – Moth & Moon
  • Hair: Adel – Raven Bell
  • Cloak: :DOBS: Dry Grass Cloak (Female Fit) LG – DOBS
  • Staff: :DOBS: Witch Doctor Staff – DOBS
  • Pasties: Jazabelle – Imperial Party Trooper Pasties – Jazabelle
  • Body & Leg Tattoo: Embrace of the Dragon 90 – ArtToos Ink
  • Arm Tattoos: Arm Scales H OMBRE-arm 100% – ~Flying Horse Head Studios~
  • Pants: AseRiz – Sarina – AseRiz

Mysterious Watcher of Frostweald

They’re scared of her in Frostweald, she’s not entirely sure why.

Maybe it’s the fact she can wear barely anything in the climate that makes them wrap up in furs and boots, but she can’t help it. They have species here that are “cold-blooded” that bask in the sunshine and “warm-blooded” mammals; if there was a description for her race the humans would probably call them “furnace-blooded” or some such nonsense.

She needs the cold in the way that reptiles need sunshine. Which is why she stood on the top of the hill above the town, feet planted deep in the snow and a cold breeze to cool her. Some of the locals can’t comprehend this so they’re scared. Those that did understand the temperature thing were scared of her abailities; this made a lot more sense. Of course the fact they weren’t entirely sure what she could actually do, other than not freeze to death helped a lot to preserve her image of mystery.

Outfit Credis:

  • Hair: Adel – Raven Bell
  • Cloak: :DOBS: Dry Grass Cloak (Female Fit) LG – DOBS
  • Staff: :DOBS: Witch Doctor Staff – DOBS
  • Pasties: Jazabelle – Imperial Party Trooper Pasties – Jazabelle
  • Body & Leg Tattoo: Embrace of the Dragon 90 – ArtToos Ink
  • Arm Tattoos: Arm Scales H OMBRE-arm 100% – ~Flying Horse Head Studios~
  • Pants: AseRiz – Sarina – AseRiz

Non-Faire Iems:

The Skin Party – Comedy and Tragedy

Each year at Fantasy Faire Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc releases a pair of limited edition avatar skins. These aren’t just limited to the Faire though, they’re limited to a single 2 hour party(technically called the “Jail n Bail of Alia Baroque”) after which they won’t be available again. It was this party is therefore very well attended. This year I was able to go.

It wasn’t even known where in the Opera Faire region the party would take place, til the last minute. So a number of people gathered in what seemed to be a likely spot for a party, to wait.

Time ticked by and everyone chatted until the dreaded Region Restart Gong sounded. So much for reserving a space in the region.

Everyone returned and made their way to the party’s location, which turned out to be a platform floating above the water. Here we saw the skins displayed and many bought and started wearing them.

This year there were also vendors in the neighbouring region as well, which was good from a fundraising perspective.

Exploring Opera

This Region designed by Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc was kept under wraps for some time. The notice that it was “Finished” was several days after the Faire was open. Those with early access saw a rather amusing sign at the region border with the heading “Dont’t Panic!” (Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy) requesting no photos were taken, but also another Sci-Referene “This is Not the Opera you are looking for”. It was worth the wait though! Here are just a few snapshots of the region, but I suggest you go have an explore and experience it for yourself.

Outfit Credits:

  • Skin:Draco Silver – Fallen Gods Faire Exclusive 2021
  • Hair: Magnolia Hair ~Shimmer~ + [Fantasy] – Raven Bell (Faire Exclusive)
  • Dress: :[P&E]:- Saina – Pack – Leather – Petrichor

Opera Landing point:

Blogger Challenge: My New Shiny – Moon Reflections of Aquarius

I featured a couple of items from Second Moon in a previous post, I couldn’t help wanting to use them again with this dress also of theirs. It’s gorgeously reflective in the right light, such as at the Isle of Aquarius. Second Moon is an old store that’s making a comeback, having originally opened in 2007 but closed in 2013. Now it’s back with some lovely shiny stuff!

Outfit Credits:

Blogger Challenge: I Remember The Rave That Never Happened

It’s tricky to remember something that everyone in attendance will deny it taking place, but as they say “if there’s no pictures, it didn’t happen”. I fortunately do have pictures! This certainly was a challlenge though due to the sheer number of photos I’d taken. But I’d say that’s the sign of a good not-a-party-at-all, if you want to capture every moment.