Shiny Gods

Here is one of the two exclusive skin masterpeices from Fallen Gods. This one is called DYNASY Night Edition and was available only for a few hours during the Jail & Bail of it’s creator Alia Baroque.

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Centaurs Parade 2022

Tonight was the Annual Parade of the Centaurs through (part of) Fantasy Faire. It’s the second time I’ve taken part in this event and it’s always fun.

Before the parade there is always a group photo session of all the Centaurs and variants thereof.

There was quite a lot of photos so I thought a quick flick through them would be easier to get a sense of the event.

The parade itself was pretty chaotic, as any large gathering can be, let alone a galloping one! I did find a spot where I was able to catch a few of them parading past however:


Pale Wanderer – Blogger Challenge – Faire Folk

Wandering the land she juggles the vial of suspiciously red liquid sloshing about as she does. Is it blood? Whose is it? What’s that on her lips..?

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The Guardian of Opet

From her vantage point above the city of Opet she watches the masses of tourists ebb and flow like a tide. They think the city is a relic, its occupants long deceased and the houses turned to shops for their perusal. They are so wrong, its facade. It was decided long ago to let it fall into disrepair and it’s people to fade into myth and legend, to protect all the races of this world.

There is a polite noise behind her and she turns to see her handmaiden stood in the doorway, holding up the old dumb phone used for emergencies.

She takes the phone and reads the message, once again wishing she could ward her home against the modern radio waves. Glancing at the tourists again, it’s their fault, there would be uproar if their brain-sapping devices didn’t function.

“I think we have another Collector, deal with it” along with the approximation of where the moving Sphere was last stationary.

Another Collector already? It was only a matter of two and a half decades since the last one and he’d almost been successful. It amused her how the relations team had dealt with it; making a movie about a Temple of Doom to pre-emptively dispel any rumors that may have surfaced.

The Spheres needed to remain in their allocated places, guarded in secret by each fae race or magical community.

The occupants of Opet had chosen the best way to hide them was in plain sigh but their history forgotten. Turning their city into a museum had been fairly easy, just don’t touch it for a few millenia.

Explorers and archeologists took the clues they’d left and made a reasonable story about what happened. Even if the time frames really didn’t work. Certainly others came closer to the truth, but were called conspiracy nuts, despite their theories matching the evidence better. The “experts” telling the story didn’t want to be embarrassed and make an entire history that had been taught in schools for decades to be wrong.

But enough dwelling on the past, they’d returned and closed the pyramids to the public for “safety reasons” and restored them to working order. Having left their Sphere hidden with local loyal followers it was returned to its place in the pyramid and protected there.

Somehow remnants of the truth had emerged again and she must take action. She’d been called on simply because she was the closest of the Guardians.

Down to one of the display cabinets she goes, removing her weapons stored in plain sight and replaces it with a photograph and sign preporting the item removed for cleaning. Next was some slightly more modern clothing, her regular clothes that the public assumed was simply a costume, wouldn’t be appropriate.

Modern being a relative term. If she walked down a western city street looking like this, attention would definitely come her way. Here in the desert country a wide hat and a mask against the dust wouldn’t draw a second glance.

Once she was changed, it was time to go on the hunt..

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Featured on the SecondLife Community Blog on Tuesday 3rd May 2022.

The Oracles Message

This continues a series of posts I wrote during last years Fantasy Faire, you may want to read the Collector and Oracle Overseer  posts to catch up.

The Oracle returns to her chambers and retrieves a small metal box and heads to a room at the top of one of the nearby spires. Opening it she removes an old mobile phone and turns it on.

Location: Mythspire Ridge

Of course she could have sent a physical messenger or conveyed her message by arcane means, but it was tiring and this was quicker. “No Service” the screen says. Unsurprised she touched a symbol on the wall that dropped the wards around the spire that blocked the pollution of radio waves that filled the air beyond the valley of Khol Dracys.

She sends her message as quickly as she can, being bombarded with all the modern electrical signals in the air makes her queasy.

The message simply reads “I think we have another Collector, deal with it” along with her approximation of where the moving Sphere was last stationary. Switching off the cursed device and returning to its box, she reactivates the wards and heads for her Chambers to have a bath, she feels dirty from the exposure.

A considerable distance away in the city of Opet there is a jingle and a buzz, the Handmaiden jumps with surprise. The technological relic high on the shelf has been silent for so long and is rarely good news. She takes it down, dusts it off and hurriedly leaves to convey the message to it’s intended recipent.

Location: Opet

Outfit Credits:

  • Oracle Outfit: ORACLE female, Silver Ed. +Fallen Gods Inc – Fallen Gods
  • Handmaiden Outfit: DT&T – Dreamer Silks Black – Faire Store
  • Handmaiden Hair: Raven Bell – Luxe Hair – Faire Store
  • Handmaiden skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins – BOM – ERIN oak (old item)
  • Mobile phone: Old Cell Phone – Mesh Place
  • Pose/Animation: Cell Phone Play by Animation Station

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Entering the Faire Auction

Now another first for me this year, I’ve submitted an Auction item. The item in question is a Steampunk Corset pictured above.

The pictured texture is only available in the Auction Fatpack,some of the other individual colours will be available in my Faire Store and are in the gallery below.

The Silent Auction has started and will run through until Saturday, May 7 @ 1pm SLT.

You can bid at Effervescent Clefs

Centaurs Bazaar – Blogger Challenge – Faire Life

Last night I attended the Centaur Bazaar at Necrum Moon and to be honest it was the most beautiful and sedate roleplay I’ve seen in a long time. Usually to make a storyline or plot you have an antagonist of some kind, or situation that raises tension, suspence or excitement. This roleplay was totally different, there was no storyline, it was just a marketplace with people happily trading goods and wares in harmony.

Outfit Credits:

[13:02:03] Ava Bloodrose Delaney (Ava Bloodrose): You know what folks? This has been the most beautifully sedate rp I’ve seen in a long time. Other places there’s always some kind of friction as part of a plot or not. Tonight this has just be lovely to watch.[13:02:30] Julala Demina: ((thanks Ava)) 🙂
[13:02:41] Brytestar (Bryte Starlight): ((Thank you Ava!! <3 hats one of my favorite parts about it))
[13:02:45] MiroAIIB: ((come visit us at AOC some time, ava))

Jail n Bail – Julala Demina

Jail ‘n’ Bail is a tradition at Fantasy Faire, whereby a well known resident ends up being arrested by the Pawlice (not a typo) on some spurious charge and people make donations into charity kiosks to pay their bail/bribe the Pawlice. Yesterday was the turn of Julala Demina the owner of Jinx who produce a line of Centaur avatars.

A Walk up the Cloudy Mountain

Arriving at it’s shores the island seems deserted, the only path open to her was into the darkened cave entrance, so cautiously she enters.

Going forward the path widens and there is light ahead, emerging at the bottom of a hillside, there appears to be a marked trail of red stones to be followed.

One cavern after another eventually brings her to the summit of a large rock formation, one of several.


There are bridges joining the stony peaks, dotted with wooden huts, so maybe not so deserted but a least no-one is home right now; she can continue her journey to the brightly coloured sails across the water.

Don’t try this at home folks, Draw distance 400.

Come see what else lurks in the caves under Clouded Mountains, the location for this year’s Quest. The Quest starts on 25th April, for more details see HERE.

FilmFest with Strawberry Linden

Yesterday was a Fantasy Faire FilmFest event with Strawberry Linden being interviewed by Saffia Widdershins and Chantal Harvey.

They discussed a range of topics around making videos in SecondLife. These included what does and doesn’t class as Machinima (the making of videos by capturing virtual world images and animations). It was very informative and interesting, including some very useful tips and talk of features long gone. Did you know there used to be a Record button in the viewer that let you capture the screen as video? I didn’t!  Maybe we need a campaign to reinstate it via Jiras for Feature Requests! We also saw some of the first videos that Strawberry made.

A Ballerina dance

YouTube link

The reflection on water effect was achieved by a particular Windlight setting, that one of the audience reporte as still being in the viewer, but I haven’t looked for it myself yet.

CatWoman in a Club

YouTube Link

Strawberry was apparently asked a lot where she got that colour catsuit when she released the video. Turns out it was actually Black with Materials enabled and it was the club lighting that created the fantastic effects.

A Bollywood Dance

YouTube link

Saffia asked if Strawberry had trouble finding Bollywood dance in SL back when the video was made. They weren’t very common and the one used was actually a different type of dance that just worked s well with Bollywood music added.

You can watch the recording of the interview with Strawberry HERE.

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