Reflecting in The Old Tunnels

Swimming through these old tunnels always makes her think about all the people that must have passed through here before the water rose. Her people have seen the rusted remains of the vehicles that ran on the rails in ancient times past, it always makes her reflective of what the world was like back then. Where were they going to and where from? It must have been awfully noisy compared to the quiet stillness that fills them now. Now it’s just a safe playground for young Mers due to the narrow entrances large predators can’t enter.


  • Tail:Riptide Mermaid Tail (Maitreya) + {Aii & Ego} – Faire Store
  • Tail Skin: [Floro] Abyssal Tail Mod – Faire Store
  • Tattoo: [Floro] Abyssal Flesh – Arms Purple – Faire Store
  • Tattoo: [Floro] Abyssal Flesh – Chest and Neck Purple – Faire Store
  • Head: BeSpoke – Deep Sea Siren – Head (f) (EVO X) – Faire Store
  • Body & Head Skin: BeSpoke – Deep Sea Siren (F) EVO X – Andiron – Faire Store
  • Bra: :: ANTAYA :: Coral bra FATPACK – Faire Store
  • Hair: Azren Hair – Shaved –Raven Bell Faire Store