The Watcher in the Forest and the Taur Parade

It’s that time of year again, the Fairelands are accessible to the Mortal realm, she has mixed feelings about it though. They ramble all through the land wandering here and there, sometimes inadvertently trampling things in their haste to explore and purchase Faire trinkets.

The positive side of their visiting however is the energy they bring with them. From the little squeals and smiles as they see something they find beautiful, or the thrill of a purchase that brings them joy, all the way up to their noisy parties. All of this positive energy combined, by the time they depart, it will be enough to sustain the Fairelands until they return in a year’s time.

One of their regular activities she likes to watch is the Centaurs Parade. Although these days it’s not just Centaurs, they have a whole menagerie of creatures making up their numbers.

For a long time they stand, waiting as their kin gather and their numbers grow, ready for their procession through the Forest. She must depart before they do though, that’s when she might be spotted, by one of the Taurs or more likely one of the Mortal observers also watching.

Watcher Outfit Credits:

  • Face Tattoo: PunkinBlend- Hatmehyt Tattoo Evo X (Green) – Faire Store
  • Skin Overlay: [Cubic Cherry] {Abyss} suit darkness JADE v2 (bom) – Faire Store
  • Skin: Druid [xx]+FGInc.+ Primal Spell (Event Item only)
  • Arm Tattoo layer: ~FHHS~ Growth- FLOWERS tint 100% – Faire Store
  • Clothing: Fairy Mermaid Outfit – Green – Crious Kitties – Faire Store
  • Necklace: Portal: Rana Necklace – Faire Store
  • Hair: Raven Bell – Nereid Hair –Faire Store
  • Pose: Astalianda – Moon Magic 2 – Faire Store

Featured on the Second Life Community Blog on 3rd of May 2024.