Faire Folk: Slick Salvage at Plankbarrow  Harbor

They call her “Slick” not because she’s particularly cool, fast or some shallow reason, it’s simply because her tail scales have a rainbow pattern similar to how the water goes when human boats pass by. It’s not a bad thing though, in a way it gives her an advantage. Her kin won’t swim near the wrecks of the human vessels for fear of getting their shiny scales stained. For her though that’s not a problem and it means she can search the wrecks for salvage in peace. Certainly the murky water of the old harbour isn’t pleasant, but the rewards of salvage can make it worthwhile. She’s heard a fresh wreck has been dropped in the watery junkyard, so it’s time to explore.


  • Tail: Zen Child Designs // Brine – Odyssey Mer Tail Maitreya 1.1 – Faire Store
  • Tail Texture: Brine – Nouveau for Odyssey Mer Tail RFL Oil Slick – Faire Store
  • Arm Tatto: ~FHHS~ Growth-Stems tint black 100% – Faire Store
  • Hands Tattoo: ~FHHS~ Growth- FINGERS tint black 100% – Faire Store
  • Shoulder & Body Tatto: [n.a.p] Leaves Embrace – Faire Store
  • Face Tattoo: [n.a.p] Wildwood Paints v2 – Faire Store
  • Bra: Chorrai – Acantha (Legacy body version worn on Maitreya which fits fine) – Faire Store
  • Hair: Raven Bell – Luxe Hair –Faire Store
  • Skin: Draco [xx]+FGInc.+ Silver PG. – Faire Store

Location: Plankbarrow Harbor