Quest Beginnings.. and straight to The End!

So this year we have a very quaint looking village for our Quest location. It looks far too safe, it must have a dark secret, surely? After all our Quest is called “The Seven Layers of Joy”, which to me isn’t dissimilar from “Nine Circles of Hell”, perhaps the Unweaver can’t count. I’ll play along and dress suitably for the setting and wait until something unpleasant to see the Bard Queen!

Harvest Home

I wrote the above early last week,but then I got carried away with the Quest and forgot to take pictures as I went along!

As it turns out, the layers refer to those of a big cake, so whether it is Hell or not depends if you hate baking or happen to be on a gluten-free diet!

Fortunately since then the Quest Express HUD has been released. For a 5000L$ donation this will let you skip as much or as little as you want of the Quest. Since the Faire is now into Extra Time granted by the Lindens, it’s just in time for you to whiz around and grab all those prizes!

You can grab the Expresss HUD HERE at Fairelands Junction.

I suggest you enable the “auto-accept inventory” option in your viewer before going to the end, to save to having to accept around 139 inventory offers. You’ll likely have to relog twice however for all of them to arrive, due to them all arriving so quickly.


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