SLEA: Love Robot 69

Yesterday evening I attended a show. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was blown away by what I saw.

This is the description I was given:

“Love Robot 69”, created by Chrix & Lalie using the Bloom system, is SLEA’s latest particle show, succeeding “Flower of Evil”. This performance delves into themes of sex robots and AI companions, merging sensuality and technology. A visual journey that encourages reflection on virtual relationships, offering a perspective on the evolution of intimacy in the digital age.

I’ve seen virtual fireworks and numerous particle light shows in Second Life before, but this topped all of them by miles.

Before the show starts there is simply a female avatar rotating in the air. When I use the word “avatar” here I do not mean the forms in which we inhabit the virtual world, I mean the classical interpretation that has existed long before computers. It has a number of definitions, often relating to a god’s form on Earth to the more abstract. In this case I’m going for:

“The physical embodiment of an idea or concept; a personification.”

Although by the end of the show, you may think it’s the former definition!

This creation is roughly twice the height of the average Second Life human avatar. Despite the suggestive title this is a PG presentation, so anyone can enjoy it.

The lights go out, music starts and you’re presented with a stunning display of sound,colour and motion for the best part of an hour.

I took way more snapshots than I could possibly fit here, so I’ve picked a selection to try and illustrate this amazing display.

As it says in the description, this is an SLEA (Second Life Endowment for the Arts) grant funded project and the Lab certainly got their money’s worth this time. It’s a collaboration between Chrix (chrixbed) and Lalie Sorbet that’s definitely worth an hour of your time.

I enquired when the show would be repeated and was told:

“It will be set in the next couple of days [to run] for 3-4 weeks.”

Update 17th Feb 2024: The show is now running on a constant loop, so you can go see it anytime. This means that you could arrive at any point during the presentation, but as a sort of guide as to where you’re at my photos are in chronological order. The video clip at the top and first two images in the gallery are from the start.


SLEA website:

A final Note of Caution. I make no secret inworld of the fact that I have epilepsy. Fortunately however I am not particularly “photosensitive”, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the show. This fantastic display contains rapidly changing lights and motion, if you do suffer from photosensitivity of any kind, watch at your own risk.

I Backed a Dunkey!

That’s not a typo, it’s a quote. A beloved Scotsman I once knew used to say that phrase when he didn’t do well on the horses at the bookies. That fond memory was one of the first things that came into my head when I discovered this new release by Teegle, a Donkey avatar. In light of that memory, a Teegle racecourse seemed like an appropriate location for a photo.

A tune also came to mind, an old Christmas song “Little Donkey” which made me look for a dusty road, which I found on the Desert Oasis Region at the Living Expo.

Whatever thoughts a Donkey avatar brings to your mind, you can get this new release at the Teegle stand at the SL Living Expo.


SL Living Expo 2024 is Open!

Today the doors open to the Second Life Living Expo 2024. To quote their website description:

SL Living Expo is a Relay For Life of Second Life Mega Event, expanding upon the theme of home and garden and refreshing it in new and exciting ways by adding aviation, nautical, activities and experiences to have a glimpse into the way we live and enjoy Second Life. 

It certainly does look like it’s going to be exciting, with a host of events to keep you busy and musical performances across four stages to keep you entertained.

Event Item Credits:

  • You can pick up your own SL Expo shirt at the photo location near the landing hub, linked below in vendors either side of the arches.
  • Glasses: GLEAM: Peeper Shades – GLEAM Event Booth


Pure Emerald

Following on from yesterday’s Pure Contrast post, I’m featuring the Fallen Gods skin Pure Ebony Emerald and full body tattoo Circuit available at Mainframe. While a tattoo like this might suit a cyber themed look, I felt the bronze version with the Emerald green skin called for a woodland setting. Today’s pictures also give a different angle on the Azriel unisex hair from Raven Bell, which is available with their usual selection of colour change HUDs.

Outfit Credits:

Pure Contrast

I had a pretty crappy day in the weird world of Real Life yesterday, so I thought I’d go shopping in the Virtual world to cheer myself up. You can’t beat a little retail therapy occasionally! I ended up at the Midnight Order & Mainframe events collecting the latest offerings from Fallen Gods and others. Today I’m featuring the Pure Ebony Ivory skin with the Widow tattoo which are at Midnight Order, I’ll be following up with the skin from Mainframe very soon.

Outfit Credits:

It’s that time again! Fantasy Faire 2024 dates are announced!

Everyone has had a busy few weeks with festive celebrations and the start of a New Year. None of which I blogged about because, well everyone else was, and given the year I had in 2023, I skipped the “Year Review” post too.

However I couldn’t let today’s news go by without comment. The dates of Fantasy Faire 2024, the event of the Second Life year for many, have been announced. So it’s time to mark your calendar and cancel/make no plans for just under 3 weeks:

18th April – 5th May 2024

Below is the announcement post by Sonya Marmurek.

Somewhere in the Mists the giraffes graze. They reach for the leaves of Yggdrasil, wade in the waters of Glimmering Meadows. On occasion a clip-clop of unicorn hooves can be heard in the distance. A snuffle of a hedgehog under the most royal of shrubberies feels more sleepy than alarmed. The Fairelands winter in the […]

Fantasy Faire 2024, April 18 – May 5

First thoughts on the Second Life Mobile App Alpha

You can’t have missed the news that Linden Lab have released a Mobile App for Second Life for Alpha Testing. If you did, here’s the press releases:

Second Life Mobile – Now in Private Alpha

The Alpha Testing is open to Residents with a Premium Plus subscription, so I put in an application straight away and was accepted.

A couple of days later I have the app running on my phone and it’s so much better than I’d have expected at such an early stage.

After a few false starts (there are issues with passwords and mine was too complicated) I was able to log in.

The first thing you’re greeted with is a basic movement tutorial:

The movement controls felt a bit like Roblox, which is no bad thing, it means exiting phone gamers will get the hang of it pretty quickly. However I’m not one of those and I was dreadful at playing Roblox, so will need more practice.

My avatar and the skybox around me loaded up surprisingly fast and looked pretty good quality for an Alpha mobile app. Although my avatar does look a little perturbed it’s only because I had been fiddling with face animations on my previous login on my laptop.

Since the skybox was pretty cramped,I thought I should check out some more spacious surroundings, fortunately some are provided. These are accessible from the login screen, or a menu once logged in.

I chose the Nom Nom Cafe Library from the list and hit Teleport. This was an interesting experience, in that your view switches to one form above, as if you are being dropped from a great height to your destination, but looks quite cool.

On the ground the surroundings rezzed in pretty quickly and the place looks quite lovely on a mobile screen.

So far I’ve just tried basic moving about and teleporting to places and I’m pretty impressed with what I’ve seen. The graphics are detailed and didn’t appear to stutter as I moved. However a fairly modern smartphone or tablet is required to run the app, so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. I will have to see how it works on my untidy homestead and other non-showcase locations.

I’ve not tried any kind of communication yet, so I’ll follow up with another post on how well those aspects work at a later date.

If you have a Premium Plus membership and want to give the app a try, you can find the details for applying in the press release above.

Burlesque and more at Libidine

At the weekend I attended a Burleque set at a new-ish club called Libidine. There was a live singer before 2 hours of tunes with DJ’s Anj & Tori that got the party going.

The event gave me a chance to try out something completely different to my usual style.

However outside the club I found a teleporter to the main landing area of the region. Here I learned that Libidine isn’t just this club, it’s an island full of lots of different places to explore and hang out.

A place for lovers to explore and get lost together. Secluded places to explore and enjoy each others company – romantic encounters. Where limits do not exist.

Libidine land description

Go check it out, but remember it’s an Adult rated region.

Credits list:

  • Feathers outfit: PIXEL BOX – Carnival Showgirl Tintable Fitmesh – Mainstore
  • Bootss: PIXEL BOX – Open Secrets Black Lace Boots – Mainstore
  • Skin: Draugr [xx]+FGInc.+ Black Pumpkin – Fallen Gods
  • Hair: Raven Bell – Magnolia Hair ~Shimmer~ + [Fantasy]- Raven Bell
  • Head: LeLUTKA Avalon Head 3.1
  • Body: Maitreya 5.1

Club Location:

Libidine landing point:

Rocking The Majestic

After a rather tedious trip to the libary in my last post, I’ve now got some lovely stuff to show you. More from PixelBox, an absolutely gorgeous skin from Fallen Gods and flying ship from En Pointe.

Today’s outfit is the kind of thing you’d often see me in, steampunk style turned rocker.

The photos were taken on my fabulous flying galleon, created by Ketsui Naidoo. If you’re a Fantasy Faire Fan you’ll notice it looks remarkably like the FaireChylde (the venue for many parties), that’s because she made that too! If you want your own, she currently has a 35% sale on here entire store (excluding very new items) for a whole month.

You do need a bit of space for one of these, because that’s the tower of a full-size castle at the bottom of the photo.

  • PIXEL BOX – Bracelete Bad Girl – Mainstore
  • PIXEL BOX – Guardian Angel Crop Top – Mainstore
  • PIXEL BOX – Punk Leather boots Over the knee – Mainstore
  • PIXEL BOX – Steampunk Mini Shorts Leather with hud – Mainstore
  • Skin: Druid [xx]+FGInc.+ Night Enchantment NB/PG – Photo Contest participation prize
  • Lipstick: TREND Maleficent
  • Hair: ***TRUTH VIP Bliss
  • Ship: Majestic Revived by Ketsui Naidoo – Mainstore Arrival Ship Vendor Location

A Trip to The Library

Flambois Academy has a library, of course it does, it’s an Academy. However it doesn’t have quite what the new girl is after, so she’s off to New Babbage Repository For Medical Arts and Science to try and find what she needs. Maybe some extra credit will offset all the trouble she’s been getting into since she arrived.

Outfit Credits:

  • PIXEL BOX – Vintage Dress round collar v2- Mainstore
  • PIXEL BOX – Wizard Witch Hat- Mainstore
  • PIXEL BOX – Heels Marry Jane- Mainstore
  • PIXEL BOX – Steampunk Book – Scientist notes- Mainstore
  • PIXEL BOX – Book of Shadows with blinking eye- Mainstore
  • Hair: Raven Bell – Magnolia Hair – Raven Bell
  • Lips: MoonMakeup-Morrigan Lips – Shop n Hop Gift
  • Eye applier: REPULSE – Necrosis Eyes – Shop & Hop Gift
  • Skin: M&M LeLutka Evo – GHOST – Yvaine – Dark Brow + Frex V1-Moth & Moon

Photo Location: The New Babbage Repository For Medical Arts and Science: