Jurassic Park in SecondLife

I saw a link for this place on the SecondLife Twitter feed and decided it was definitely a place to check out. Dinosaurs put me in mind of my “Dinosaur Hunting” post from Fantasy Faire last year, so I dug out the outfit and it seemed to fit the setting of the arrival point perfectly.

When you arrive you’re drop into a large puddle inside a cavern with a loud splash, it’s so simple but very effective at setting the scene. Here you have to find your way out of a small network of tunnels to a Helipad.

I thought to start with that this was the end, but it’s just the beginning of your your Jurassic adventure. Click the yellow copter rezzer and a Jurassic Park helicopter will appear and take you to the next step of your journey.

When you land you’re dropped off outside the Jurassic Park visitor centre, looking very similar to the one from the movie, that I recall.

Heading through the rear exit you have another rezzer, this time for a jeep.

Which drops you at the top of a hill by a waterfall, that overlooks a small valley full off very placid dinosaurs.

You can explore down here, have a go on this fun roundabout ride and get a lift on this little winged Dino for an impressive view.

There’s no easy way out of this valley though, you’ve gotta cross a rope bridge and then get yourself shot from a cannon!

Now things start to get a bit rowdy. We’ve got to the point where the exhibits have decided to leave their cages!

Fortunately there is another helicopter to get you the Hell out of there!

This is one of those places in SL that’s really just lots of fun. Plenty to explore, well thought out, attention to detail and great use of the stuff SL can do. I’d recommend everyone go check it out, whether you liked the movies or not, it’s just good fun, which is the whole point of this virtual world.

Arrival Point: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/River/35/234/2252

Outfit Credits:

Note on the sandals for Maitreya users, if you haven’t upgraded from 5.1 to 5.3 they won’t fit properly.