Roleplay: Setting up shop

Here I continue my Sci-Fi roleplay that started in Helix City then Hellas Planitia crater. There’s a change in the story Lore here, in line with that of the Helix owners story. Previously the roleplay was set on Mars as an outpost/frontier community and luxury goods or supplies were shipped from Earth. Now Mars has become more developed and the frontier is out beyond our solar system (exact location not specified).

Ava has arrived in the frontier town and found premises to use as a shipping office. The shipment of business essentials (see post) has also turned up and she’s ready to open up shop.

2022/02/16 07:50:22] ViçṮФЯiâ: we all got houses and started explroing the land and all the humans ran to the woods. there al hill people now then thwre is a townys
[2022/02/16 07:51:39] Ava Bloodrose Delaney (Ava Bloodrose): /me rolls her eyes "oh great, the desert dwellers became Hill Billies!"
[2022/02/16 07:51:47] ViçṮФЯiâ: me and seffy went up to ask question and got guns pionted at us. so now seffy is straped[2022/02/16 07:52:19] Ava: maybe I should go chat to these fools
[2022/02/16 07:52:21] ViçṮФЯiâ: and me to i got stonefish out
[2022/02/16 07:52:53] ViçṮФЯiâ: that is what we was trying and it got heavy fast
[2022/02/16 07:53:50] Ava: However I suspect it may well be that they're the kind of folks that don't like you unless you're 100% Human
[2022/02/16 07:53:55] ViçṮФЯiâ: oh and lomax is very nice. he owns the junk shop and you could find all types of stuff there

[2022/02/16 07:54:57] ViçṮФЯiâ: called me rasist but they dont know what i've been thought. i dont trust a lot of human

[2022/02/16 07:56:06] Ava: How can *you* be the racist, when you are the one being mistreated?
[2022/02/16 07:56:22] ViçṮФЯiâ: oh and thankyou for makeing shorld my bike mad it here
[2022/02/16 07:56:27] Ava hugs Vic[2022/02/16 07:56:37] ViçṮФЯiâ: smiles

[2022/02/16 07:57:31] ViçṮФЯiâ: its just how my life gos. see the horns and think danger. but im a big softy
[2022/02/16 07:58:33] Ava: Well, I didn't personally do it, like your bike, I got loaded up on the ship as bous stuff forthe grunts to sell

[2022/02/16 07:59:51] ViçṮФЯiâ: there is so much going on when we was shoved of the ship i lost it and i had to ask people and you know there no help i had to steel it form inpownd
[2022/02/16 08:00:13] ViçṮФЯiâ: oh and my old cred stick works here
[2022/02/16 08:00:24] ViçṮФЯiâ: i had money
[2022/02/16 08:00:36] ViçṮФЯiâ: just could not use it in hellas
[2022/02/16 08:01:09] Ava: Well that's a bonus!

[2022/02/16 08:02:13] Ava: well now I'm kinda defrosted and office set up, I should probably start looking for customers, who would you suggest?
[2022/02/16 08:03:39] Ava: If lots can be found in hte junkyard, there must still be stuff that *can't* ?
[2022/02/16 08:06:19] ViçṮФЯiâ: maybe link up with muddy hes got a shiping corpo building. but i dont know what he ships. maybe set up a order link with lomax so he can get more then junk to
[[2022/02/16 08:08:15] ViçṮФЯiâ: i dont think the hill people use the town much and i dont know how thay got ....OH yes there is cows and goat in the hills i never seen befer
[2022/02/16 08:09:00] Ava scans the barcodes on the various crates with her eye augment to find the one she wants while vic replies, then places her palm on a crates reader to open it. Rummages inside and come back round with a couple of small packets
[2022/02/16 08:09:45] Ava holds up a pack of cigarettes to vic "here, catch" and tosses it to her
[2022/02/16 08:10:11] Ava: junkyards don't usually have those I suspect
[2022/02/16 08:12:12] ViçṮФЯiâ: atches it and looks at them . i think so lot of people smoking here. i dont like the tobbacoo just weed
[2022/02/16 08:14:06] Ava: Well I had the office put some in the crates because they were in high demand at Hellas
[2022/02/16 08:14:40] Ava: I had orders for them by the crate, til the dumb helix grunts came along
[2022/02/16 08:15:58] ViçṮФЯiâ: i do feel that there is ways to make money here like old helix
[2022/02/16 08:16:23] ViçṮФЯiâ: im starting up my weed growing again but im selling it this time
[2022/02/16 08:16:45] Ava: very smart
[2022/02/16 08:17:22] Ava points at the pack in vics hand "well now you can cut it with baccy"
[2022/02/16 08:18:22] ViçṮФЯiâ: i found a old hydorponic set up and got it working with all the stuff penny showed me
[2022/02/16 08:19:39] Ava: well that's cool, a proper set up is what you need, if you're gonna sell it
[2022/02/16 08:19:45] ViçṮФЯiâ: oo ok will do or freak the cigg tube and make weed ciggs to sell
[2022/02/16 08:21:03] Ava: but if you're selling the stuff, doesn't that then make your kit valuable? Is it secure where you have it?
[2022/02/16 08:21:22] ViçṮФЯiâ: lomax is down for some weed but making the hill people trust me that all im doing it trying to sell weed with out them trying to shoot me
[2022/02/16 08:21:51] ViçṮФЯiâ: yes it is right in my house

[2022/02/16 08:21:56] Forcefield: whispers: Warning shield is raised

[2022/02/16 08:22:02] ViçṮФЯiâ: no one can get to it i think
[2022/02/16 08:22:13] Ava taps a button on one of her cuffs..
[2022/02/16 08:22:40] Ava points at the forcefeild she'd activated, secure *enough* though?
[2022/02/16 08:23:33] ViçṮФЯiâ: well i dont have one of them inmy place
[2022/02/16 08:23:53] Ava: my point was, that could be arranged
[2022/02/16 08:23:55] Ava smiles
[2022/02/16 08:24:08] ViçṮФЯiâ: just my doors and not telling a lot of people
[2022/02/16 08:24:25] ViçṮФЯiâ: oh smiles

[2022/02/16 08:24:36] Forcefield: whispers: Shield is down

[2022/02/16 08:24:38] ViçṮФЯiâ: i will have to show you my place
[2022/02/16 08:24:55] ViçṮФЯiâ: so you get a idea what im up to
[2022/02/16 08:24:57] Ava taps the button again to deactivate it
[2022/02/16 08:27:22] ViçṮФЯiâ: i think seffy lives above you to
[2022/02/16 08:28:05] Ava: does she? Getting in there is da,m awkward with the door hidden around the back
[2022/02/16 08:29:33] ViçṮФЯiâ: yes but i think she likes it that way not easy to find[2022/02/16 08:31:58] Ava: I'll have to try catch her sometime. I thought I might have had to rent it, so I had somewhere other than the office to sleep
[2022/02/16 08:34:03] Ava: So I get these company-issue bunks to sleep on
[2022/02/16 08:34:09] ViçṮФЯiâ: nods smiles i got a top floor place
[2022/02/16 08:34:27] ViçṮФЯiâ: and it had a little landing dock to for my bike[2022/02/16 08:35:52] Ava: I will have to come visit your place for sure at some point soon


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