The White Warrior Witch of Petrichor – Scrimshaw Warrens

Each year Fantasy Faire presents a number of Blogger Challenges. This is my attempt at “My New Shiny”, finding a new shop/creator you love.

This one isn’t *entirely* new to me, it’s more a revelation of discovering how much more they create and its amazing!

I liked the look of the eyes and skins that were generously left in the blogger room so I thought I’d have to check out their store. There was a couple of things I didn’t realise however: 1. I’d been to the store on my marathon lap of the Faire on Blogger day and said I’d come back. 2. I already had some of their creations in my inventory.

The prefix of all their items “:[P] :” nagged at me seeming familiar so I searched my inventory and came up with this outfit. I was very surprised since I’d acquired it at Cyber Fair 2020 and hadn’t realised they did other fantasy genre stuff. These “Angelic” bracers also showed up, again another surprise.

So off to their Faire store I went and found some more lovely items this staff, spell book and beautiful skin.

I’d already decided I was going to go with a light look for this when I’d put on the armour and found it was set to white. This skin was just perfect match, since the outfit can be made sheer, I could show it off wonderfully.

This hair is also available at their Faire store, in association with TRAP (who I confess I don’t know of, so something else to check out!). It comes as a single rigged piece or multiple parts you can position yourself. It comes with multiple huds for colouring differed parts and metals.

Location: Scrimshaw Warrens


Main Store Items:  

Faire Store Items:

  • Eyes: :[P]:- Eyes – Pauian
  • Skin::[P]: & []TRAP[] – Amatheia Skin (Femme):// Aleatrice (WHITE)
  • Hair::[P]: & Trap:// Kalari Hair [Rigged-Unisex]
  • Book: :[P]:- Sumoni Books [Blogpack FF 2021]
  • Horns: :[P]:- Verosh RFL
  • Staff: :[P]:- Yaize Staff

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