The New Guard at House Strife

Standing guard on the street corner she tries to get used to the weight of the swords. She’s trained with them, she’s competent in using them, but wearing them for an extened period of time? Her hips were getting sore. She draws them and gives them a twirl, she’s not meant to draw them unless she’s actually going to use them, but she needs to ease the weight for a moment. How did she end up here? She always thought she’d end up going to the House of Testament, she liked books and history! But oh no, no such luck. When she came of age she took the Test and it said Strife! So she’d done the training, got the House protective tattoos and gear. She really shouldn’t complain, being responsibilbe for the citizens safety was something to be proud of, but why did the swords have to be so damn heavy!

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