Safe Haven Oasis

Emerging from her forest homeland she enters the Oasis town to find it eerily empty, quiet of the hustle and bustle she might have found here normally. She wanders here and there, the stores still open and full of wares for purchase, but no customers as yet. No doubt they will arrive and shower the merchants with coin in the the near future. She hopes a merchant may show themselves, because she’s in need of somethig to cover up from the brighter sun than the shadows of the forest.

According to legend, no visitor has ever voluntarily returned to their old life – but is it really possible?” (Quote from Region description)

Location: Lost to the Mysts of Time

Outfit Credits:

  • Skirt & Top: (<) 1313 Svge 23 Set – Distressed Rawr -1313 Mocking birld Lane
  • Sandals: (<) 1313 Kammira Sandals – Rawr -1313 Mocking birld Lane