Mysterious Watcher of Frostweald

They’re scared of her in Frostweald, she’s not entirely sure why.

Maybe it’s the fact she can wear barely anything in the climate that makes them wrap up in furs and boots, but she can’t help it. They have species here that are “cold-blooded” that bask in the sunshine and “warm-blooded” mammals; if there was a description for her race the humans would probably call them “furnace-blooded” or some such nonsense.

She needs the cold in the way that reptiles need sunshine. Which is why she stood on the top of the hill above the town, feet planted deep in the snow and a cold breeze to cool her. Some of the locals can’t comprehend this so they’re scared. Those that did understand the temperature thing were scared of her abailities; this made a lot more sense. Of course the fact they weren’t entirely sure what she could actually do, other than not freeze to death helped a lot to preserve her image of mystery.

Outfit Credis:

  • Hair: Adel – Raven Bell
  • Cloak: :DOBS: Dry Grass Cloak (Female Fit) LG – DOBS
  • Staff: :DOBS: Witch Doctor Staff – DOBS
  • Pasties: Jazabelle – Imperial Party Trooper Pasties – Jazabelle
  • Body & Leg Tattoo: Embrace of the Dragon 90 – ArtToos Ink
  • Arm Tattoos: Arm Scales H OMBRE-arm 100% – ~Flying Horse Head Studios~
  • Pants: AseRiz – Sarina – AseRiz

Non-Faire Iems: