The Skin Party – Comedy and Tragedy

Each year at Fantasy Faire Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc releases a pair of limited edition avatar skins. These aren’t just limited to the Faire though, they’re limited to a single 2 hour party(technically called the “Jail n Bail of Alia Baroque”) after which they won’t be available again. It was this party is therefore very well attended. This year I was able to go.

It wasn’t even known where in the Opera Faire region the party would take place, til the last minute. So a number of people gathered in what seemed to be a likely spot for a party, to wait.

Time ticked by and everyone chatted until the dreaded Region Restart Gong sounded. So much for reserving a space in the region.

Everyone returned and made their way to the party’s location, which turned out to be a platform floating above the water. Here we saw the skins displayed and many bought and started wearing them.

This year there were also vendors in the neighbouring region as well, which was good from a fundraising perspective.