Ars Vivendia

Vivendia is the latest build by Camilla Runo who built two incarnations of Varsargen and also Skullingtown for Halloween last year. Ars Vivendia has a slightly more serious air to it, more like a peice of clasical art than the other locations Camilla has created. As I explored it felt like I was walking around inside an old painting. It’s setting is of an old Italian town near the sea with fantastic views inside and out.

The landing point is the yard of a small house outside the main town, beautifully rustic.

On the way up towards the town you can see to one side a small island seperated by a narrow stretch of water.

Entering through the open gates is where you really feel like you’re stepping back in time. Inside the town is made up of narrow streets with bightly lit shops, cafes and hotels in an evening setting, so the place feels kind of maical.

Through to the other side of the town there are some other buildings stood apart from the rest.

At the top of the hill is an old church with beautiful stained glass windows and lovely sunset views.

Several of the buildings can be explored inside as well as admired from outside, so come explore for yourself.

Arrival point:

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