Persepolis Docks

In my last post about Persia – The Immortals I only briefly mentioned the harbour, featuring just a view from above. This wasn’t because there’s nothing down there, more that it didn’t seem to fit into the flow of the post. This is because there doesn’t seem to be a way to get down there on foot. I did however explore and snap it, so in the spirit of completeness, I’m sharing those now.

Obviously since this is SL and no path, I did the Lemming thing and just jumped off the wall.

I landed among some wooden barricades, so was grateful I wasn’t wearing their combat hud or that might have hurt!

There’s various marine props about the place, as well as more barricades. This put me in mind of a “Raid Dock” found in SL Gor,but that’s where the similarity ends thankfully.

At the seaward end of the dock is a gangplank leading across to galleon.

The view toward the sea is a beautiful purple sunset
The looming galleon is stricken on the rocks

I crossed the plank to have a brief look inside. Not a lot to see, a bed and some other homely furniture.

Don’t get any ideas about this being a nice quiet spot for a cuddle though, the bed is linked to the hull of the ship, so you can’t sit your avatar on it.


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