Midnight Dreams

After seeing several posts online and watching the Destinations Guide video for Midnight Dreams I decided to go have a wander.

The landing point is your usual fair of info boards and the like, heading outside you have a choice of path.

I headed first to the left into a little doorway that you maybe wouldn’t notice unless you’re one of those people that always looks behind you. I found a small tower room, with a fireplace and floor level buttons. Unfortunately TP routing is in effect so these didn’t work for me.

Back out to the path and I went into wooden gates to the right of the arrival point, big arena square space. Presumably for events, was empty at the time of my visit.

Looking across the arena courtyard
Another gate hidden in the dark

Back out to the path I take the remaining path towards the impressive looking metal gates..but as I approached it, I see another gate in the dark next to itSo obviously I headed through to investigate

This leads to another courtyard with a looming mausoleum type building, so I headed on inside. Which takes you into a large throne room.

Clearly another large space for gatherings I would guess, back out and through the main gates.

I went up the stairs and found the doors locked. However as is often the way, the more interesting stuff can be found if you look down alleys.

In the shadow of the castle to the left is a path.

(tries not to think “a path, some stairs, a tunnel” Smegol/Gollum, LOTR )

When you come out you reach a large dock and market area with various buildings.

I headed straight ahead and slowed a I saw the Tavern building.

Thinking “This looks familiar..” I stopped outside and looked up at it..

Those with keen eyes that have read my blog for a while, or RPed with me in the past will know why. I know I shouldn’t be surprised, it’s SL, anyone can have identical copies of stuff. But looking up at it I just saw “my” Tavern, that I ran for 18 Months in SL Gor. I went in and I kinda felt like coming home.

The spectacular view from the Tavern upper balcony

I then took a walk further towards the dock area which looks great.

The Dock

Overall I’m very impressed with the Midnight Dreams region. There’s plenty of space for events and RP, with attention to detail where it matters in RP locations. I’d love to RP here if time and timezones permit.

Below, by way of explanation for my earlier comments..the Elation Tavern, circa 2016-18.

This post was featured on the SecondLife Community Blog on 6th August 2020.