Decadent Isles

I came across Decadent Isles via the Seeking Roleplay Discord server I’ve mentioned before. Usually the words “beach” and “BDSM” in a description would put me off, not really my thing. But given the source, I thought I’d take a look. My opinon changes after a second visit, so do please read to the end so as not to get the wrong impression.

Here’s the description given:

Decadent Isles is more then just another island, an elite resort with thousands of miles of irresistibly blue waters, secret sandbars and secluded beaches, crowned with the perfect blend of luxury and heritage where BDSM is more then just a taboo. Want to join our story? Feel free to come and explore the island and begin your life on the Isles. We are open to how you want to roleplay your story, who your character is and to develop story lines amongst the islanders In short, this is worlds most idyllic setting for relaxation and pleasure. Buy your ticket today and fly away to Decadent Isles Check out our website: Come Fly Away…. The Isles awaits you…

The arrival point is styled like an aerplane, which is a novel change. The premise of the place being a luxury resort island, it makes sense you’d arrrive by plane.

Arrival is in an Aeroplane

There’s also a real-world topical passenger up here:


When you reach the ground you arrive at a harbour which is nicely done with nice detail put into the place.

What you’re immediately faced with though is lots of houses.

These are pretty much all up for rent. There’s not just the main street, off to the left there are other types of homes and properties too.

After wandering around this area I headed back to the main street and walked up to the far end.

Further down the main street

Here you will find a luxury hotel offering all the facilities and services you’d expect from such an establishment.

I found one of the employees out front who told me a bit about the place, what services the hotel offered etc.

I met “Mei” out front.

I then went and took a quick look inside the lobby of the hotel, which looks suitably posh.

Mei informed me that the region had changed hands approximately 2 weeks ago, maybe that explains the amount of rentals everywhere, the new owners might have a lot of cash to recover.

Ignoring the rental aspect, the place is quite pleasant, but given the prominence of houses, public areas to sit and just spend time felt limited, or maybe that’s where “secluded” comes in. The hotel would probably make a very nice setting for a couple to spend some quality time with it’s various facilities, just not to stay, as the upstairs is mostly empty at the time of visiting. However from what I saw, from a new arrivals perspective, the description doesn’t hold up. I’m not sure “BDSM” fits in anywhere.

Or so I thought on my first visit, I was wrong.

“I’m sure there’s stuff I missed, maybe the beaches are there, but the build herds you towards the houses. Usually the Seeking Roleplay ads are very promising, so I’m a little disappointed to find just another beachfront (even if it does have a nice aerplane arrival point). Perhaps once the new owners have implememted changes it will be differnet.”

Is what I wrote. Which was also wrong. ( Any idea how hard it is for a Leo to admit that? So don’t take it lightly.)

Certainly the secluded beaches are in short supply(see below) but if there’s a major taboo you want to act out, best done indoors!

No space left for beach, with all the houses.

After my first visit the words “beyond taboo” in the description nagged at me, which is what made me take another look. I used the Firestorm Viewers “Area Search” feature and did two searches, for “bed” and “bdsm”.

This is when you find out what really goes on behind closed doors! Certainly there are lots of rentals, but all the ones taken had all the naughty furniture you might expect or could imagine. (As a certain friend of mine would say “all their kinky shit”).

On this subsequent visit I also had a chat with one of the owners, Summer. This revealed that the BDSM aspect was intended more as an undercurrent to whatever roleplay you want to do there.

While this kind of setting wouldn’t be my cup of tea, if role-playing someone rich on a luxury resort island appeals to you or any storyline in that type of setting, you’ll find a welcoming group here.

Landing point:

Region rating: Adult

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One thought on “Decadent Isles”

  1. This was not entirely accurate or a fair depiction of this Island, there is not that many rentals open on the sim. I went to the same Sim. I found the place rather exciting, I did not feel herded at all I found the secluded beach rather easy.

    You are correct about the lack of sitting space, but there are plenty of places to rp. If you had bothered to look on the website you might have been more informed as it was quite informative with lore and other things that a typical rper might find useful. Sure that are some open rentals, but that’s good, that means there is a chance for you to invest into a place.
    On my first visit I was able to immerse myself into rp. I found the citizens engaging and in-depth rpers. I found a bdsm club with a little exploration. I cam back to this Sim 3/4 times to get a good gauge of traffic, at the lowest I found 10 people on the sim at any one time during the week, rising to 15 at prime times. On the weekend 17-25 rpers. No BOTS. A true blogger researches and investigates. Have a great day

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