The Candelight Processional

At the end of last week I attended the first of several performances of the Candelight Processional. This was the telling of the Christmas story in music and narration by Patch Linden. Whatever your beliefs regarding this seasonal story,the music works well with the lighting effects and the whole performance is beautifully presented and heart warmingly cheerful to watch.

There are a few more peformances leading up to Christmas the times and locations are as follows:

December 5, 2pm SLT – @ Wedcot
December 9 – 10am SLT – @ Wedcot
December 19 – 4pm SLT – @ Wedcot 

December 22 – 6pm SLT – @ XeoRealms — This special location will only be open prior to the show starting and will close to the general public shortly after the show. 

Wedcot, the American Gardens Theatre: 

XeoRealms, the largest, last show of season:…

Details from original Flickr post by Patch Linden.