SL Living Expo – The Amateur Witch

The SL Living Expo in aid of the American Cancer Society and Relay for Life has been open a couple of days now and I’ve been playing with some of the fab stuff you can get there for your SL home. Anyone that’s taken a look at my blog will see I like a good story, so I’ve come up with one to go with the photos.

Standing in her living room of her Victorian town house Ava positions the book stand in the middle of the room, opposite the fireplace where she can see the portrait of her ancestor. The lady had apparently had some unusual talents that no-one would speak of, but up in the attic hidden under some boards the book had been found. Being somewhat tired of housework and curious, Ava had decided to have a read of the book and try out some of the incantations within.

The old lady had included a few pages of basic steps to get set up tucked in the front which she read. This was followed by several pages of cautionary advice that she skipped over like people do with a T’s & C’s page that you find everywhere these days. Flicking through the next few pages of the book, Ava’s eye is caught by the words “Love Spell” and stops to read this one in detail. Glancing up at the portrait on the fireplace, which now seems to be frowning, she begins following the rituals instructions.


  • Room: Part of “Victorian Estate” by The Looking Glass – TLG Event Booth
  • Dress: Ashbourne & Burleigh Spring Blossoms – A&B Event Booth
  • Portrait: Lenore Painting Ornate – Mementos Mori Event Booth
  • Bookstand: Lost Lenore Spellcasting Stand with Animations – Mementos Mori
  • Couch, rug and adjacent decor: LouChara Adrienne Complete Set – Event Booth
  • Sea Grass artwork and rugs: Chloe in Wonderland – Event Booth
  • Abstract art: //Mind & Body, //Something Special, //Swing by A. Rose – Booth

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