Centaurs Bazaar – Blogger Challenge – Faire Life

Last night I attended the Centaur Bazaar at Necrum Moon and to be honest it was the most beautiful and sedate roleplay I’ve seen in a long time. Usually to make a storyline or plot you have an antagonist of some kind, or situation that raises tension, suspence or excitement. This roleplay was totally different, there was no storyline, it was just a marketplace with people happily trading goods and wares in harmony.

Outfit Credits:

  • Upper body skin and clothes: Dynasty from Fallen Gods
  • Hair: Spectra – Rigged – S.E. Ombre Tempt V1 from Butterfly Kiss Boutique
  • Centaur Body: Jinx : Cen-Lightaur from Jinx
  • Centaur skin applier: *CINNAMON* Jinx Centaur – FF2022 – Jail n Bail exclusive
  • Juggling ball: Jinx : Necturn Moon Hand Orb – Darken Red

[13:02:03] Ava Bloodrose Delaney (Ava Bloodrose): You know what folks? This has been the most beautifully sedate rp I’ve seen in a long time. Other places there’s always some kind of friction as part of a plot or not. Tonight this has just be lovely to watch.[13:02:30] Julala Demina: ((thanks Ava)) 🙂
[13:02:41] Brytestar (Bryte Starlight): ((Thank you Ava!! <3 hats one of my favorite parts about it))
[13:02:45] MiroAIIB: ((come visit us at AOC some time, ava))