Durty Feckers

Ava entered the village and had a look around, inevitably it being an Irish village, there were two establishments, a pub an a pie shop.

The pub was conspicuously empty

The pub however was mysteriously quiet except for some rowdy tourists outside, A little exploration found a gypsy wagon, also empty.

An empty gypsy wagon

An old stone cross marked the edge of the village, beyond which she could see a tower bathed in green light, a path of glowing clover leaves leading the way.

Onward she went inside and looked in wonder upon the rainbow-drenched cauldron.

A rainbow-drenched caulron surrounded by glistening water

After several moments of wonder, she sees another small light coming from a small arched opeing in the wall.

An enchanting grove lies behind the tower

Beyond she found an enchanting candlelit grove. Perhaps the village resident have all been spirited away?

Come be enchanted by the lovely little village, Ireland.

(The pub did start to get a crowd at a later hour, so come for that too!)

Arrival Point: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wensley/63/188/26


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