Aluvyn skies

This interesting place I came across via a Discord Server called “Seeking Roleplay” where people can chat about roleplay and related topics as well as advertise locations. This is the description given:

Aluvyn Skies… In a world where everything hovers over an ancient Abyss, and one mis-step can mean death… or worse… how will you choose to find your fate? The floating isles of Aluvyn are home to a host of creatures, some familiar, some fantastic, but all are an integral part of the story, and we’re looking for you to join it! Come join us in this unique medieval fantasy world, and see where you fit in – or not… Perhaps it’s your time to make a difference instead of just ‘get along’… Both dark and light creatures fill this universe, and each has their own allure, but you won’t know where your place is unless you try.

It certainly sounded alluring so I went to visit. It’s divided up into a number of different areas, with intriguing names.

[07:59:02] Obibor's Spring: Obibor's Spring is is rich with the scent of rain and river mud. The grass is soft and damp, welcoming to the bare foot. The spring was formed by the God's as one of the ways for residents to claim water, and most wells in the world are filled from one of the springs that are spread around. This specific one is guarded by a Cairn named Obibor. He is gentle, friendly, but protective of the spring. Should anyone try to cause harm to this island, it is said he will remove them rather violently. The spring is open to all who need water....Ava Bloodrose
[07:59:52] The Stone Garden: The Stone Garden is the true geographical center of Aluvyn, as well as the religious center. This island is entirely neutral, no faction or island owns nor operates here. all are welcome to worship and contemplate the universe in the peaceful garden as they walk as close to the gods as one can get. The Stone Garden is thick with magic, and even the plants seem to exhale it. This place is for refreshing oneself, and replenishing the natural pool of energy within one's soul....Ava Bloodrose
[08:10:53] The Traps: The Traps sprawl before you, darkened by greed and a rather think layer of dirt. There is black market trading everywhere you turn, and you might just land yourself with something valuable once in a while. But be wary, you might end up on the pointy end of a blade if you cross the wrong person....Ava Bloodrose
[08:19:57] The Swamps of Vorst: The sound of cicadas, frogs, and the gentle buble of water greets your ears as you enter the swamps. The air is heavy, but somehow still cool in the shade of the cypress trees. Rare herbs and wood can be found among the Swamps, and though the residents of the Swamps are often hearty and strong, they do not prevent wanderers and visitors from traveling and gathering needed materials. You may find them giving sacrifice to Vorst in the depths of the Swamps, or having a cookout around a giant campfire in the village compound....Ava Bloodrose
[08:38:02] The Smog Islands: The heavy scent of incense and opium greet your nose as you enter the Smog Islands. The air is thick with it, and it's hard to tell if the ever lingering fog is a result of the constantly burning incense or if the air here just creates it endlessly. The island is busy with mine workers and traders coming and going, and you get a sense of authority and direction from the imposingly large building that stands over the docks....Ava Bloodrose

Usually I’d insert my images in-between those quotes of local chat, relating to each specific area. However since several times the messages weren’t always triggering when I landed but when I was leaving by the nearest TP arch, it wasn’t always clear which was which. So rather than wrongly organize the images, I’ve made a gallery of all the snaps I took. Of course doing it this way should also be more incentive for you to go explore for yourself.

Landing Point: