FilmFest with Strawberry Linden

Yesterday was a Fantasy Faire FilmFest event with Strawberry Linden being interviewed by Saffia Widdershins and Chantal Harvey.

They discussed a range of topics around making videos in SecondLife. These included what does and doesn’t class as Machinima (the making of videos by capturing virtual world images and animations). It was very informative and interesting, including some very useful tips and talk of features long gone. Did you know there used to be a Record button in the viewer that let you capture the screen as video? I didn’t!  Maybe we need a campaign to reinstate it via Jiras for Feature Requests! We also saw some of the first videos that Strawberry made.

A Ballerina dance

YouTube link

The reflection on water effect was achieved by a particular Windlight setting, that one of the audience reporte as still being in the viewer, but I haven’t looked for it myself yet.

CatWoman in a Club

YouTube Link

Strawberry was apparently asked a lot where she got that colour catsuit when she released the video. Turns out it was actually Black with Materials enabled and it was the club lighting that created the fantastic effects.

A Bollywood Dance

YouTube link

Saffia asked if Strawberry had trouble finding Bollywood dance in SL back when the video was made. They weren’t very common and the one used was actually a different type of dance that just worked s well with Bollywood music added.

You can watch the recording of the interview with Strawberry HERE.