Centauria Bard Circle

Last night I attended the Bard Circle weekly event held at Centauria, home to the Ancient Order of Centaurs in Second Life.

I’ve written about Centauria before but this was my first visit to the Bard Circle event.

When I arrived about 20 mins into the session it was all very quiet. When I made my presence known, I was greeted warmly (as always at Centauria) and it was explained to me that they were all busy writing. Last night the attendees had been given 15 minutes to write a poem or story on the subject of armour. I chose just to observe and listen. When the time was up, the poems were read out in Voice by either the author (or the event host if the author preferred) as well as being displayed in local chat.

The resulting texts were very entertaining and a few times surprising that some had been able to write so much in such a short time.

The Bard Circle is held each Monday at 1pm SLT at the Centauria Tavern.

You can read the resulting works from last night on the Centauria/Jinx blog: Bard Circle – 18th September 2023.

Header image credit to Tori Landau.