Ava in Wonderland

My dear friend Sheree Honeyflower told me about the opening of Storybook from the creators of The Lost Unicorn Gallery. She invired me along to the opening event but sadly I wasn’t able to make it to that, but today I have been able to visit and explore the place.

The arrival point is in a small courtyard straddling a river, with beautiful views. Ahead the forest of Storybook, behind the imposing structure of the Lost Unicorn Gallery.

Entering through the arch of greenery we arrive on a cobbled street with a few fun buildings scattered around the place.

I went straight ahead through another arch into the forest where the path curves around through the scenery, past cute little houses and into a truly beautiful fairytale setting.

As you explore the landscape you encounter many set peices of scenes as well as solitary characters from many well known childrens stories. Every turn of the path seemed to bring me to yet another awe inspiring sight and I lost my way in the gorgeousness of it.

Returning to the cobbled street I took another path, heading through a tunnel that brought me out into more forestscape that was just as lovely and contained a few more fairytale characters.

I took so many snapshots it was difficult to choose which to share here, but I hope they inspire you to visit and do your own exploring.

Since the location is all about fairytales, I thought an Alice in Wonderland costume would be most appropriate, but maybe that should be Ava in Wonderland here, since I expect Alice had a much longer dress!

Landing Point:

Outfit Credits:

If you’re interested in a more factual tale of the history of Storybook, you can read “A Storybooks Return” by Inara Pey