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Last night I attended the Centaur Bazaar at Necrum Moon and to be honest it was the most beautiful and sedate roleplay I’ve seen in a long time. Usually to make a storyline or plot you have an antagonist of some kind, or situation that raises tension, suspence or excitement. This roleplay was totally different, there was no storyline, it was just a marketplace with people happily trading goods and wares in harmony.

Outfit Credits:

[13:02:03] Ava Bloodrose Delaney (Ava Bloodrose): You know what folks? This has been the most beautifully sedate rp I’ve seen in a long time. Other places there’s always some kind of friction as part of a plot or not. Tonight this has just be lovely to watch.[13:02:30] Julala Demina: ((thanks Ava)) 🙂
[13:02:41] Brytestar (Bryte Starlight): ((Thank you Ava!! <3 hats one of my favorite parts about it))
[13:02:45] MiroAIIB: ((come visit us at AOC some time, ava))

Jail n Bail – Julala Demina

Jail ‘n’ Bail is a tradition at Fantasy Faire, whereby a well known resident ends up being arrested by the Pawlice (not a typo) on some spurious charge and people make donations into charity kiosks to pay their bail/bribe the Pawlice. Yesterday was the turn of Julala Demina the owner of Jinx who produce a line of Centaur avatars.

A Walk up the Cloudy Mountain

Arriving at it’s shores the island seems deserted, the only path open to her was into the darkened cave entrance, so cautiously she enters.

Going forward the path widens and there is light ahead, emerging at the bottom of a hillside, there appears to be a marked trail of red stones to be followed.

One cavern after another eventually brings her to the summit of a large rock formation, one of several.


There are bridges joining the stony peaks, dotted with wooden huts, so maybe not so deserted but a least no-one is home right now; she can continue her journey to the brightly coloured sails across the water.

Don’t try this at home folks, Draw distance 400.

Come see what else lurks in the caves under Clouded Mountains, the location for this year’s Quest. The Quest starts on 25th April, for more details see HERE.

FilmFest with Strawberry Linden

Yesterday was a Fantasy Faire FilmFest event with Strawberry Linden being interviewed by Saffia Widdershins and Chantal Harvey.

They discussed a range of topics around making videos in SecondLife. These included what does and doesn’t class as Machinima (the making of videos by capturing virtual world images and animations). It was very informative and interesting, including some very useful tips and talk of features long gone. Did you know there used to be a Record button in the viewer that let you capture the screen as video? I didn’t!  Maybe we need a campaign to reinstate it via Jiras for Feature Requests! We also saw some of the first videos that Strawberry made.

A Ballerina dance

YouTube link

The reflection on water effect was achieved by a particular Windlight setting, that one of the audience reporte as still being in the viewer, but I haven’t looked for it myself yet.

CatWoman in a Club

YouTube Link

Strawberry was apparently asked a lot where she got that colour catsuit when she released the video. Turns out it was actually Black with Materials enabled and it was the club lighting that created the fantastic effects.

A Bollywood Dance

YouTube link

Saffia asked if Strawberry had trouble finding Bollywood dance in SL back when the video was made. They weren’t very common and the one used was actually a different type of dance that just worked s well with Bollywood music added.

You can watch the recording of the interview with Strawberry HERE.

The Hunter in the Dark

Slowly the hunter creeps through the tunnels, looking down on the cavern below. This darkness is her home now, her appearance blending so well with the surroundings she’s almost invisible.

People think wearing black makes you invisible in the darkness, but they’re wrong. Black can make you stand out because darkness isn’t black, its just an absence of light. You just need to blend into the surroundings, with or without light, which her skin does well in these tunnels.

Outfit Credits:
Faire items:

Oh yes..the Boots, I love them! They come with 13 colour options for the boots and straps with 3 options for buckles. You can see them better in my last post The Explorer, but the HUD has just the right dark green to work for this photo too.

Other items:

Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sylvuselah/18/226/46


The Explorer

I always like to dress appropriately to the setting, for whatever I’m doing in SL, even if I’m just an observer. Yesterday was the first part of this years Children of Store Roleplay, which was no exception. So here’s some better photos of what I was wearing, which included a couple of Faire items that you should check out.

Outfit Credits:
Faire Items:

Other items:

Childeren of Stories Part 1

Each time the Fairelands return, the Childeren of Stories gather to solve a mystery and save the Fairelands from the agents of The Unweaver once again. This year it revolves around Huntros Mine. In tonights beginning of the story, Tepic, Star, Niki, Taylor, Freya, Winter, Lillith and others told stories of the historic founding and myths of the mine, as well as it’s Union of Sniffers (Magic miners). The stories also told of children having dream-like memories of other places and the Guardians of the Fairelands (references to previous roleplays), including talk of the Unweaver and it’s helpers, the Shadows.

The storytelling came to a close and the Children and onlookers moved to the town square where the Mayor of Hunros was going to make an announcement.

The news was not good. The Mayor told everyone that they would no longer be mining magic using Sniffers to find it, but with machines to mine directly from the source. The Sniffers would be “Re-educated” to use the machines when they were constructed. Obviously this didn’t go down well with the miners! Re-education begins tomorrow at 1pm SLT, so make sure you come along to see what happens next!

Of course you can’t do any kind of exploring without the proper equipment, so you can get your own at the camp:

They’re ACS charity vendors, 250L$ Donation.

Camp location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Hunros%20Mine/195/120/35

First day at the Faire 2022 – Teasers!

Last year I began my explorations at the region where the NeoVictoria Project was based, this year though since I’m also selling some stuff at the Faire, I’m starting from where my shared store is located.

As with any of my other Wanderings it was on foot, only resorting to flying when I fell off stuff. This way I feel you experience The Faire at its best.

I was awed each time I crossed into the next region, they are all so varied and beautifully crafted every year. Somehow this year I managed to make it all the way around the square the Faire makes on the works map, with just minutes to go before the Faire closed for pre-opening region restarts.

I’ll have plenty of FaireLands inspired stories for you over the coming weeks I’m sure, but today I simply have a collection of teaser photos.

You will find links to all the Regions on the Fantasy Faire Blog when the Faire is open.

Post featured on the SecondLife Community Blog on 22nd April 2022.

Preparing for the Faire

This year’s Fantasy Faire is going to be a little different for me, I’ve not only been accepted onto the blogger team again, I’m going to be a merchant too.

I’ve made a few things previously that I put on the SL Marketplace and a couple of items I made for the NeoVictoria booth at previous Faires. I’ve more items now though so I thought I’d try my luck at the Faire and someone has kindly let me share their store.

Preparing these items for sale though has been quite a bit of work. I don’t know if regular residents are aware of how much work goes into making that box with an item in when they buy it from a vendor. (If you do know,you might want skip to the pictures, since I’m going to explain the process a little.)

When you buy a full-perm mesh item for resale you can’t just slap your brand logo or texture on it and put in a shop, there’s usually terms and licences to be considered, so always READ them. Here’s the steps involved, which may vary.

  • Rez out a copy of the mesh for each body variant in the box (this will likely require more prim/land impact allowance than you think!)
  • If you didn’t create the mesh, it will have another avatar as the creator so you have to make a small prim and link it to each of the meshes so you so you show as the creatorSet the permissions of each mesh according to its licence, so likely Copy-Mod-NoTransfer or just Copy only. This is so the person that buys it can’t then can’t give or sell it on.
  • Apply your texture to all the meshes. If you’re going to modify the texture or create your own for the item, each change will be fresh upload of the texture image.
  • If you’re making a fatpack of different textures for your item, you’ll have to make a HUD (Heads Up Display) consisting of prims for each button, with corresponding scripts in the buttons and the mesh items to make it all work. (You’ll also need to set the permissions on the scripts to Copy Only, which you can only do while the item is rezzed because it’s inside).
  • Take each of the meshes into your inventory. Right click each one in your inventory and choose “Attach to” then select an appropriate point. If you don’t do this your item will attach to the Right Hand by default. While your item will probably look like its on the right place because most meshes are rigged to corresponding body parts, this will likely result in something else being detached since lots of people don’t bother with this step (which Really bugs me!)
  • Now you have your item ready to wear you need to take pictures of yourself in it for the box/vendor/poster.

Once you have your pictures you need to add text about what’s included (different bodies or sizes) in whatever graphics program you prefer.

  • Rez a new prim box and put all the meshes inside along with any alpha layers or additions such as an auto-unpack script people expect today.
  • Scale your picture to 512×512 pixels and save/export it as a . tga file and upload it to SL as a texture and apply it to your box.

That’s a very simplified list of some of the steps that need to be taken, that assumes a reasonable understanding of the SL building tools. It’s really just the final steps of the process if you were making the mesh item yourself.

Once I’d finished assembling and boxing my robes for sale I read that each Faire merchant also has to provide at least two items for donation only vendors. So I created a couple of extra variations:

Followed by my donation item for the NeoVictoria roleplay community booth:

All of this was very time consuming and I really don’t know how the popular creators and large stores manage it for large ranges of products.  So if you ever wonder why some things in SL seem to have high price tags, all this time is why. So try converting the amount back into your country’s currency. You’ll probably find that you can’t even buy a takeaway hot drink for the price of that item and the creator will likely have spent many hours working to create it.

The process made me realise how true this meme is:

Fantasy Faire 2022 opens on 21st April at Noon SLT, so put it in your calendar!

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