Reblog: The Company of Faire Folk welcome you

The Fairelanders of Fantasy Faire gather to explore other realms in Second Life. I shall definitely be attending!

Unfortunately the time was moved by 4 hours to 5pmSLT instead of 1pm so I won’t be able to attend.

Group Join Link : secondlife:///app/group/f2188696-a522-50e1-d790-475934558c30/about

The Fairelands have faded back into the Mists for another year, but the Company of Faire Folk will be continuing to ride out … or walk, fly, amble, swim, or otherwise navigate as you prefer. This year, we are planning a series of off-season Tours, giving the Company of Faire Folk a chance to meet […]

The Company of Faire Folk welcome you

Blogger Challenge: Why I Relay

This is the first time I’ve written something like this and it really is a challenge, so please bear with me.

This is my 4th year as a Faire Chronicler and I’m proud to be such, but this year is very different. I previously have done this because it’s a great cause to support, obviously I’d known people who had Cancer, but previously not lost someone close to it. My Aunt passed shortly before this year’s Faire and she is missed. She was not geographically close to me, so seeing her in person was pretty rare, but I knew she’d be there on the end of the phone. I probably took that for granted because I didn’t speak to her often either. This may bring up the question of “how were you close then?”, the answer is that she had a great impact on my childhood. My family would visit theirs  and many happy summers were spent with my cousins when I was growing up. I could always talk to her, usually back then to complain about my mum, as youngsters and teens are prone to doing.

Obviously later we talked about more adult topics, but it was those summer years that formed a trust bond you think will never be broken, but her cancer did that far too soon. She was a shrewd business woman that passed that know-how onto my cousins, who have become successful in their own right because of it.

So I Relay in her memory, in the hopes that fewer aunts and mothers are lost to the dreadful disease of Cancer. I’d never cried for her loss until I wrote this, I’m not good at showing my emotions, but putting these thoughts on virtual paper has allowed me to let them out. The thought of her not being there at our family gatherings makes my screen go blurry.

I was uncertain what I might use as an image for this post, if any at all, but then I remembered one of her wishes; she wanted people to dress in bright colours at her funeral and her favourite colour was Blue, so I searched the Faire for something suitable.


  • Dress: Constnace from UNA
  • Pose: Mist Magic 3 from Astalianda
  • Necklace: Portal: Rana Necklace

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Quest Beginnings.. and straight to The End!

So this year we have a very quaint looking village for our Quest location. It looks far too safe, it must have a dark secret, surely? After all our Quest is called “The Seven Layers of Joy”, which to me isn’t dissimilar from “Nine Circles of Hell”, perhaps the Unweaver can’t count. I’ll play along and dress suitably for the setting and wait until something unpleasant to see the Bard Queen!

Harvest Home

I wrote the above early last week,but then I got carried away with the Quest and forgot to take pictures as I went along!

As it turns out, the layers refer to those of a big cake, so whether it is Hell or not depends if you hate baking or happen to be on a gluten-free diet!

Fortunately since then the Quest Express HUD has been released. For a 5000L$ donation this will let you skip as much or as little as you want of the Quest. Since the Faire is now into Extra Time granted by the Lindens, it’s just in time for you to whiz around and grab all those prizes!

You can grab the Expresss HUD HERE at Fairelands Junction.

I suggest you enable the “auto-accept inventory” option in your viewer before going to the end, to save to having to accept around 139 inventory offers. You’ll likely have to relog twice however for all of them to arrive, due to them all arriving so quickly.


The Fairelands Masked Ball 2024

Yesterday was the second annual Fantasy Faire Masked Ball, as usual it was very busy. Held over two Regions there were over 150 avatars in attendance,all dressed in their best finery. As many will know it’s quite tricky to be in such an environment without computer stability issues. However I was able to capture a few images to show those that weren’t able to attend, or did attend but were unable to view the whole scene.

The Watcher in the Forest and the Taur Parade

It’s that time of year again, the Fairelands are accessible to the Mortal realm, she has mixed feelings about it though. They ramble all through the land wandering here and there, sometimes inadvertently trampling things in their haste to explore and purchase Faire trinkets.

The positive side of their visiting however is the energy they bring with them. From the little squeals and smiles as they see something they find beautiful, or the thrill of a purchase that brings them joy, all the way up to their noisy parties. All of this positive energy combined, by the time they depart, it will be enough to sustain the Fairelands until they return in a year’s time.

One of their regular activities she likes to watch is the Centaurs Parade. Although these days it’s not just Centaurs, they have a whole menagerie of creatures making up their numbers.

For a long time they stand, waiting as their kin gather and their numbers grow, ready for their procession through the Forest. She must depart before they do though, that’s when she might be spotted, by one of the Taurs or more likely one of the Mortal observers also watching.

Watcher Outfit Credits:

  • Face Tattoo: PunkinBlend- Hatmehyt Tattoo Evo X (Green) – Faire Store
  • Skin Overlay: [Cubic Cherry] {Abyss} suit darkness JADE v2 (bom) – Faire Store
  • Skin: Druid [xx]+FGInc.+ Primal Spell (Event Item only)
  • Arm Tattoo layer: ~FHHS~ Growth- FLOWERS tint 100% – Faire Store
  • Clothing: Fairy Mermaid Outfit – Green – Crious Kitties – Faire Store
  • Necklace: Portal: Rana Necklace – Faire Store
  • Hair: Raven Bell – Nereid Hair –Faire Store
  • Pose: Astalianda – Moon Magic 2 – Faire Store

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The Wiki Wizzard of Whispering Pages

Apparently Humans have these things called “Wiki”s, they’re meant to answer basic or frequently asked questions about a particular subject, in theory.

This Wizards answers are always right however, though she doesn’t know where they come from. She just opens one of her books at random and the answer to somebody’s question will just be there, even if she didn’t entirely understand what they were asking. Sounds great you may think, she knows everything, but alas no. None of her books will provide such answers to her own questions or questions about her. This is obviously most frustrating, things like “Where will my next meal come from?” would be very useful to know for a wandering Wizard, so she doesn’t walk a day’s journey in the wrong direction. The books do seem to impose certain other caveats too, if someone wealthy asks “Where can I get gold?”  it’ll likely say “You’ve got enough!” if a person in need were to ask, it would provide advice for them to earn it within their capabilities. So they don’t always provide the answers people wanted, more what they needed. This sometimes resulted in angry people, or grateful people that would provide her with dinner and a bed for a night or two.

What question would you ask?

(Inspired by a comment by Amaya in the Fantasy Faire Discord)



Featured on the Second Life Community Blog on 29 April 2024

Faire Folk: Slick Salvage at Plankbarrow  Harbor

They call her “Slick” not because she’s particularly cool, fast or some shallow reason, it’s simply because her tail scales have a rainbow pattern similar to how the water goes when human boats pass by. It’s not a bad thing though, in a way it gives her an advantage. Her kin won’t swim near the wrecks of the human vessels for fear of getting their shiny scales stained. For her though that’s not a problem and it means she can search the wrecks for salvage in peace. Certainly the murky water of the old harbour isn’t pleasant, but the rewards of salvage can make it worthwhile. She’s heard a fresh wreck has been dropped in the watery junkyard, so it’s time to explore.


  • Tail: Zen Child Designs // Brine – Odyssey Mer Tail Maitreya 1.1 – Faire Store
  • Tail Texture: Brine – Nouveau for Odyssey Mer Tail RFL Oil Slick – Faire Store
  • Arm Tatto: ~FHHS~ Growth-Stems tint black 100% – Faire Store
  • Hands Tattoo: ~FHHS~ Growth- FINGERS tint black 100% – Faire Store
  • Shoulder & Body Tatto: [n.a.p] Leaves Embrace – Faire Store
  • Face Tattoo: [n.a.p] Wildwood Paints v2 – Faire Store
  • Bra: Chorrai – Acantha (Legacy body version worn on Maitreya which fits fine) – Faire Store
  • Hair: Raven Bell – Luxe Hair –Faire Store
  • Skin: Draco [xx]+FGInc.+ Silver PG. – Faire Store

Location: Plankbarrow Harbor

The Forest Huntress

Standing on the lip of the valley the huntress raised her arms wide, looking to the sky and prayed to the God of the Sun and the Goddess of the forests for a successful hunt this day.


(Note the Body Tattoo come in plain white for tinting to your choice of colour.)

Reflecting in The Old Tunnels

Swimming through these old tunnels always makes her think about all the people that must have passed through here before the water rose. Her people have seen the rusted remains of the vehicles that ran on the rails in ancient times past, it always makes her reflective of what the world was like back then. Where were they going to and where from? It must have been awfully noisy compared to the quiet stillness that fills them now. Now it’s just a safe playground for young Mers due to the narrow entrances large predators can’t enter.


  • Tail:Riptide Mermaid Tail (Maitreya) + {Aii & Ego} – Faire Store
  • Tail Skin: [Floro] Abyssal Tail Mod – Faire Store
  • Tattoo: [Floro] Abyssal Flesh – Arms Purple – Faire Store
  • Tattoo: [Floro] Abyssal Flesh – Chest and Neck Purple – Faire Store
  • Head: BeSpoke – Deep Sea Siren – Head (f) (EVO X) – Faire Store
  • Body & Head Skin: BeSpoke – Deep Sea Siren (F) EVO X – Andiron – Faire Store
  • Bra: :: ANTAYA :: Coral bra FATPACK – Faire Store
  • Hair: Azren Hair – Shaved –Raven Bell Faire Store