A Second Life Wedding: Nytesong and Sorely

A very dear friend of mine for many years, Nytesong, got married last night and invited me along. Always nice to be invited to such things I think, it shows they genuinely want you around. Unlike an RL wedding where you sometimes have to invite people (like disliked relatives) out of a sense of politeness or to save hassle, you don’t have to in SL.

Occasions like this make me think again of the attachments we make in virtual worlds, there’s a lot of real emotions being experienced here. While there’s no legal commitment implications of an SL marriage, the emotional one is just as real. People that don’t understand would say it’s just pixels, it’s not real, sure what you see on your screen is made by computers, but the emotions are all too real.

I’ve absolutely no doubt Nyte was just as nervous and stressed as any bride before an RL wedding, wanting everything to be perfect. All the same things have to be done in preparation, from the Dress to flowers and photographer, pretty much everything except catering!


Of course there’s also that quiet bit where everyone is just waiting..that’s just the same in SL as RL too!

A very happy occasion they shared with friends from all over the world by the magic that is SecondLife. Congratulations and best wishes Nyte and Sorely!