What SecondLife is about for me

Last night I watched Mika Snow interview the inspirational Strawberry Singh, blogger turned Linden. Following on from my post yesterday, I’ve another fun dancing snap. As I said yesterday, to me SL is about friendship, it’s also about Fun!

How people have their fun in SL can vary considerably in a world where pretty much anything is possible, but me right now it’s these simple things.

Strawberry echoed this yesterday, when she said that as a newbie, this was mostly what she (and most newbies) did; Made friends, danced and partied.

Ava is now waaay beyond the newbie phase at age 7 in SL, but I still love a good party. So much so I recently took a hosting job at Ohana Rock Club, which is great! The picture above was taken at one of my hosting shifts by Tina Twine, who labelled it “Hip-Grinding at Ohana”. To twist a Forest Gump quote “That’s all I should say about that!”

Ohana arrival point: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ohana%20Cove/234/61/25 Region Rating: Moderate.

Featured on SecondLife Community Blog 24th November 2020.

Aluvyn skies

This interesting place I came across via a Discord Server called “Seeking Roleplay” where people can chat about roleplay and related topics as well as advertise locations. This is the description given:

Aluvyn Skies… In a world where everything hovers over an ancient Abyss, and one mis-step can mean death… or worse… how will you choose to find your fate? The floating isles of Aluvyn are home to a host of creatures, some familiar, some fantastic, but all are an integral part of the story, and we’re looking for you to join it! Come join us in this unique medieval fantasy world, and see where you fit in – or not… Perhaps it’s your time to make a difference instead of just ‘get along’… Both dark and light creatures fill this universe, and each has their own allure, but you won’t know where your place is unless you try.

It certainly sounded alluring so I went to visit. It’s divided up into a number of different areas, with intriguing names.

[07:59:02] Obibor's Spring: Obibor's Spring is is rich with the scent of rain and river mud. The grass is soft and damp, welcoming to the bare foot. The spring was formed by the God's as one of the ways for residents to claim water, and most wells in the world are filled from one of the springs that are spread around. This specific one is guarded by a Cairn named Obibor. He is gentle, friendly, but protective of the spring. Should anyone try to cause harm to this island, it is said he will remove them rather violently. The spring is open to all who need water....Ava Bloodrose
[07:59:52] The Stone Garden: The Stone Garden is the true geographical center of Aluvyn, as well as the religious center. This island is entirely neutral, no faction or island owns nor operates here. all are welcome to worship and contemplate the universe in the peaceful garden as they walk as close to the gods as one can get. The Stone Garden is thick with magic, and even the plants seem to exhale it. This place is for refreshing oneself, and replenishing the natural pool of energy within one's soul....Ava Bloodrose
[08:10:53] The Traps: The Traps sprawl before you, darkened by greed and a rather think layer of dirt. There is black market trading everywhere you turn, and you might just land yourself with something valuable once in a while. But be wary, you might end up on the pointy end of a blade if you cross the wrong person....Ava Bloodrose
[08:19:57] The Swamps of Vorst: The sound of cicadas, frogs, and the gentle buble of water greets your ears as you enter the swamps. The air is heavy, but somehow still cool in the shade of the cypress trees. Rare herbs and wood can be found among the Swamps, and though the residents of the Swamps are often hearty and strong, they do not prevent wanderers and visitors from traveling and gathering needed materials. You may find them giving sacrifice to Vorst in the depths of the Swamps, or having a cookout around a giant campfire in the village compound....Ava Bloodrose
[08:38:02] The Smog Islands: The heavy scent of incense and opium greet your nose as you enter the Smog Islands. The air is thick with it, and it's hard to tell if the ever lingering fog is a result of the constantly burning incense or if the air here just creates it endlessly. The island is busy with mine workers and traders coming and going, and you get a sense of authority and direction from the imposingly large building that stands over the docks....Ava Bloodrose

Usually I’d insert my images in-between those quotes of local chat, relating to each specific area. However since several times the messages weren’t always triggering when I landed but when I was leaving by the nearest TP arch, it wasn’t always clear which was which. So rather than wrongly organize the images, I’ve made a gallery of all the snaps I took. Of course doing it this way should also be more incentive for you to go explore for yourself.

Landing Point: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wild%20River/112/114/4000

Website: https://aluvynskies.enjin.com/

Fun with Friends at Shazzam

I realised that my blog that is supposedly “Chronicles of Ava’s SecondLife Adventures” misses out quite a lot. It’s become more of a Destinations blog, which is fine, I like visiting new places and writing about them. But I just wanted to show other stuff I do as well when not exploring, so here’s a snapshot from yesterday. Hanging out at a club with some great friends, which is one of the most important things about SL for me. Friendships. From Left to Right: Me,Sheree and Abby.

New Frontiers

I was scrolling through the SL Destination Guide and I was finding lots of seasonal places, quaint Christmas themed locations and the like. Then I saw New Frontiers which looked much more my kind of place.

The arrival point takes you to a raised platform with a number of Staff and Management online status boards as well as consoles which provided links to online resources.

It also has the regions HUD vendor, but unless you knew what you were looking for, you might miss it.

The HUD vendor is grey, surrounded by other grey stuff and lost in Hovetext everywhere.

It wasn’t til I read the Starter Guide which has an image of the vendor located in a past incarnation of their landing point that I spotted it.

Anyway I carried on exploring without the HUD on my first visit. Down the steps at the opposite side of the platform, thier lore is quite detailed and there are a number of Factions your character can join.

There are TP doors to either side of the staircase, I took the one to the left at random.

I head into town to have a look around, the usual things are to be found, a bar and some other buildings as well as paths out of town.

Since the bar was deserted at that hour I headed out of town, which took me onto a forest trail.

After a short walk I came across a building that was clearly the headquarters of one of the Factions mentioned at the arrival point. So proceeding with caution I went to explore.

The Faction complex entrance

To the side is another building I thought I’d check out first, this seems to be some kind of meeting room, so on into the main building I went.

Clicking the red square in the middle of the main door takes you inside to a cave-like tunnel, which leads to a 3-floor lift.

I hit the button for the 2nd level to begin my descent. Finding nothing of interest there I hit the button for level 1, which was more promising.

Down to Level 1..

On level 1 there’s a locked door that obviously lets you into the Factions HQ proper. I’ve seen these locks in SL before, presuming this one is the same,the combination pad is functional and you need the combination to proceed. So that brings this particular exploration to an abrupt end for now.

If you like Sci-Fi roleplay this looks like a very promising place to try, or just to explore and photograph. I only tried one of the TP doors from the arrival room, so there’s plenty more to explore that I haven’t covered.

Landing Point: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Caymen%20Shores/172/189/2126

Wiki: http://www.newfrontiers.co/wiki/index.php/New_Player_Guide#Visiting_the_sim

(Note: going to the Homepage newfrontiers.co prompted a warning from my security software so I didn’t visit that part of the site.)

Hellas Crater – Watchtower and Bunker

I have an update to share about the Hellas Platina Crater Roleplay set on Mars.

So what’s new? After the expansion I wrote about  (and was featured on Secondlife Community Blog) at the beginning of August,a new RP area has been added. This consists of an office, a watchtower and a security bunker. Penny, who I first met IC (In-Character) during The Unexpected Delivery RP, showed me the new additions.

Penny and I at the new RP area

The largest of these additions is the bunker.

The Bunker entrance

Having a dedicated security headquarters,will give my character more of a functional base to work from rather than a container crate home. It was decided my character with her history of dealing with weapons (see The AMZ Delivery Lady) should take on the role of handling crater security and the bunker is where that will be run from.

With these additions, there have also been removals. The cargo container accommodations previously mentioned have been removed.

The storage container homes have been removed

These container homes are all very well as being a known story element location to refer to, but since most people don’t usually RP in them much, they don’t actually need to exist.

Penny reworked the area with some greenhouses once they were removed.

I’m looking forward trying out theses new areas in an RP, maybe we’ll need a troublemaker that needs dealing with. Come along and join in!

Landing Point: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kind/28/59/2949


Cocoon is a Cyberpunk Roleplay location, but with a slight difference, as you will see.

Arrival point
The story lore incorporates various races/beings
Don’t forget to collect a visitor tag before you leave the arrival point

Once you arrive in the RP area find the taxi, clicking it will give you a grid displaying various locations to visit.

The various locations are what you would normally expect to find in a place of this genre.

However if you choose the “Main Starport” option on the taxi board, this is where things get a little different. Because here you will find a couple of vehicles that transport you to slightly different themed places.

The Limo-style one takes you to a location referred to as “Luna” and is very clean and utopian in style:

The other transport takes you a considerably more run down location, apparently located on Mars:

There’s certainly a lot to explore here and plenty of scope for RP storylines with the various race and faction options to choose from. Drop by and have a look if Sci-Fi or Cyberpunk are your thing.

A note if you’re going along just to take pictures. The default windlight is quite dark as you can see, so choose a lighter outfit if you’re going to use it. You can see in the first pic my suit was black and found I had to change that as soon as I left landing area because I was pretty much invisible (good for roleplay maybe, not for pictures).

Arrival Point: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Esperia/236/163/4086

Website: https://cocooncorp.enjin.com/

Featured on SecondLife Community Blog 13th November 2020.